Live from Dodgers Stadium!

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Author montecarlostar (2 months)
I could play a better solo. And I don't play drums.

Author Russell Reilly (3 months)
peter criss couldn't carry eric cars stick bag ! there I said it........

Author Hernan Rios (23 days)
puaj !! estaba mirando Bateristas...este parezco yo vestido de payaso.....

Author Diana Burnwood (1 month)
he doesn't deserve those drums. this is crap

Author deztroyer76 (1 month)
Embarrassingly bad. 

Author Derrick Feral (2 months)
Dude. How the hell can that be Peter Criss? He left KISS in the 80s because
Eric Carr joined in the mid 80s then passed in the early 90s and Eric
Singer has been with them ever since. So, a bit moron uploader much?

Author Jay Bing (2 months)
He loved what he did and I always respect that but I also find it funny how
his bio and KISS history always says he as a "jazz drummer"........come
one......Jazz IS the drummers holy grail and in some ways as it's the most
complicated and free-form. Criss - while cool for what he did, wasn't much
of a drummer and he did that 4/4 time - on the 2 and 4 - on every single
song KISS had and even the songs that maybe called for some other rhythm.
He played the same on everything. There isn't a jazz lick anywhere......

Author vibearato (4 months)
you can always count on this faggot to fag up the venue with a shitty drum

Author kissarmyrules (3 months)
To all the naysayers,

Peter Criss couldn't have been that bad if 1, KISS hired and rehired him,
and 2,the crowd cheering him on

Not every drummer is going to be like Nicko McBrain, every drummer has
their own style and speed

With that being said:
Peter 1
Morons 0

Author Ilovecheaptrick (2 months)
Long live the REAL Catman!

Author Paul Price (2 months)
8th notes and 16th notes on snare, then on toms, back to snare, then just
on cymbals. Pause... prompt audience to feed ego with applause, then
continue on separate set of toms, then back to the snare for a furious
finish of triplets all while beating out the same bass drum part. Ok...
Paul and Gene look rested when they come back on stage so the solo has
that going for it also. Note to all drummers, hook up with a lead singer
with a very distinctive voice.

Author cbh440 (22 hours)
Some knucklehead out there will say this solo influenced them to play the
drums. And he'll grow up to be a poor drummer, with no chops.

Author Robert Boure (16 hours)
he should be embarresed

Author leo1891 (7 days)
And where is the solo??

Author larry garville (3 months)
stack him up against neil peart or keith moon or buddy rich or john bonham

Author duck2dodger (2 days)
That's a solo? 

Author Carlos Austi (8 days)

Author Jose Ayala (13 days)
Gato viejo!

Author Ruth Ann Doyle (21 day)
the best drum solo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Nicholas Crabb (16 days)
worst solo ever

Author Keep it simple stupid. (3 months)
Pete and Ace walked , there would be no kiss without the greedy jews lol

Author TheBolinfan (17 days)

Author Jayden Dobson (21 day)
I would love to see this drum solo in real life

Author Chribba Roth (23 days)
Fuck you Monte Carlo shit`s for brain.....

Author Jason Craig (3 months)
This sucks

Author Curt Landis (24 days)
Peter Criss was essentially a Jazz drummer...Drum solos do not really tell
how good the drummers are...playing for the song does! If you can't hold a
pocket pattern or even stay steady...the solo doesn't mean a thing! It's
KISS...thats all that matters...glitz and glam..and rock and roll was their
goal!...I like the stuff..a a listener,yes!

Author ShaZAM514 (4 months)
Man can play a triplet.

Author Kody Kotarba (1 month)
if you listen and dont watch the video you would think it was a high school
talent show try out with a cheer track dubbed over it. kiss fucking sucks.

Author chaosaj3 (27 days)
Peter criss on the cheese !!!!!

Author lastcall170 (3 months)
Why is that many people need to express that Peter Criss wasnt the best
drummer? Its getting old and surely immature. Its pure enjoyment just
watching peter play after so many years of commitment. Yes I said

Author Tracy Mallon (29 days)
You are ALL JEALOUS IDIOTS!! Peter Chriss IS the ORIGINAL KISS member! Give
him a freakin break!!! Dude was in major frickin PAIN!! Beth put Kiss on
the airwaves!! The rest is HISTORY...

Author David Geraghty (28 days)
Cmon people.. It's rock n roll. don't call yourself a kiss fan and then
expect techincal perfection. They were great and the masters of the big
rock show being bigger than what they could deliver. Having more
proficient musicians wear the make up and get it better on stage dosen't
actually make it better. Are you hearing me Gene and Paul?

Author eatme douche (6 months)
....and for all of you that think you know something about drumming and say
that Peter Criss is even mediocre at best, why don't you go listen to Gene
Simmons, in his own words, it is right here on youtube. He says that Peter
Criss "was tone deaf, didn't know what a bar of music was, to this day
doesn't know what a 2 and a 4 is, and was not a very good drummer. One
producer didn't even think he was good enough to be on a KISS album." That
comes from the band themself !

Author Hernan Rios (14 days)
Fernandito, en serio,,,!, estaba viendo bateristas y aparecio este Ronald
Mc Donald sentado en una bateria.....

Author brucethedrummer (29 days)

Author randy cable (1 month)
Not too bad but you want to see and hear a real drum solo look up Neil
Peart the god of drummers

Author airforce262able (4 months)
what kind of drums are these I have drums they don't sound like this

Author J Ro .InAnch (3 months)
One name; Terry Bozzio

Author William Templer (1 month)
Kiss rules they will always be one of my favs, it just goes to show drugs
and alcohol don't mix with music it makes you look like an idiot long live

Author I.R. H. (1 month)
My dog's wagging tail is better than that.

Author Guy TELLEZ (1 month)

Author dohboy7500 (1 month)
This is exactly what KISS fans want in a drummer. Driving beats, booming
sounds, a cannon for a snare drum, all played by a cat. I think this is

Author KISSfan98 (4 months)
KISS is the best band ever.

Author Ninja Flips (1 month)
Wow. I didn't know that PC really can't play. :( I loved this guy as a
kid, and this is abysmal. 

Author jacksdrums1 (1 month)
putting it nicely Dog Poop 

Author Blitzpunk de (1 month)
With this light setup I could do a fart solo and it would be awesome

Author Livetowin65 (1 month)
soul and feeling this is Peter Criss style of drumming. love it.

Author Ryan Allen (4 months)
In his book, Paul talks about how they had triggers so that when Peter hit
certain parts of the drums, there would be a prerecorded sound to make it
sound like he was doing a lot more than he was. The running joke was that
he "just had to sneeze" and he'd get through the solo. 

Author cliff curtis (1 month)
That was pretty weak. Guess he needed replacing and good thing he was. Eric
Singer much more talented.

Author gungor1985 (1 month)
best drummer kiss ever had its never all about being a technical wizard
just being original drummer with great feel peter criss was that people
shouldn't hate on the man just enjoy the music

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