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Author Alternative News (5 months)
Stanley Meyer suppressed invention of the water powered car part 2 of 2.

Author Samuel Atkins (1 month)
IF Meyer had any brains at all he would of told the world he figured a way
to use hydrogen on a Nuclear level. No one other than a handful of Nuclear
physicist could prove him wrong. It would also make his arguments very
convincing. And it would be very believable when he states how much extra
energy hes getting back which is impossible to do with chemical energy.
As it is now, anyone who took chemistry in high-school and did well can
tell you Stan Meryer is full of sh|t. Oh YES! I am talking to the Guy who
posted this shit and to every dummy that gave this video a thumbs up.
Please go back to school. 

Author andrew hernandez (2 months)
This is sad... Stan Meyer was able to make a car run with water as fuel.
Unfortunately, that was too incredible to ignore and the government took
him out... 

Author RED6UA (2 months)

Author Mickey Smith (2 months)
I have had my own concerns too.
Jesus has shown me how to turn 12 volts into 10,000 - 15,000 watts.
However, I'm not going to work with the government.
I'm going to sell my invention on the internet, and freely offer plans
which will show how to make it.

Author Aeronautical (5 months)
I believe this is considered fringe science, that doesn't mean to
disregard, it just means that the scientific approach is unconventional,
the reason it isn't mainstream is because HHO aka brown gas is theoretical
to most scientists, it is H2O separated into hydrogen and oxygen and then
recombined in the same ratio but in non liquid form to make HHO. I don't
know but i think this guy may have figured out how to produce this, a lot
of discoveries were made due to unconventional methods or by accident.Some
people just have a natural understanding of science so this is possible ,
right? But remember HHO is a theoretical element as far as mainstream
science is concerned so expect scrutiny for even considering believing this
, I do. 

Author Bo McGillacutty (4 months)
Isn't this first guy from the same trailer park as the guys who captured a
bigfoot? Right next door to the dudes that have a little green (or grey)
man from another star system in the freezer? As long as it got him another
bottle of Jack.

Author Samuel Atkins (2 months)
Can anyone name one single good invention that was made public all over the
world that didn't take off like wild fire? Why wouldn't burning water in a
car take off and be something major . Its known world wide for more than 80
years. Only a few retards actually do it and lie about it working. This
invention if was real would pretty much top any other thing ever invented.
Anyone with a half a brain cell that knows history can see there is
something seriously wrong with this so called invention. Its like stagnated
water. its been around forever and never goes anywhere. All the richest
companies and smartest minds of the world with the most to gain wont even
touch it or even look at it. DOES SOMETHING SEEM WRONG HERE? LOL 

Author Aeronautical (5 months)
Right now the worst place to stand would be beside cockatoo. But still, I
agree and stand beside him.

Author jess malone (5 months)
Stanley Meyer suppressed invention of the water powered car part 2 of 2.

Author Samuel Atkins (2 months)
How many times do I have to state, water is not a fuel. Its nothing more
than part of the exhaust fumes that exist the tailpipe when you burn any
hydrocarbons in your car such as diesel or gasoline. That's right its an
exhaust and doesn't contain anymore chemical energy. Hydrocarbons such
as diesel or gasoline have a chain of hydrogen atom sand carbon atoms in
them and that is why its called Hydrocarbons. When oxygen atoms attaches
itself to the hydrogen or carbon atoms this releases energy that powers
the vehicle. Once the oxygen atoms attaches itself to the hydrogen or
carbon atom the water or CO fumes exit the tailpipe as spent energy.

There are lots of free water on earth and that is why this scam is so
poplar. people will try to make other believe its a fuel but in actuality
its spent fuel. 

Author Duncan MacKenzie (12 days)
Best thing to do with something like this is to share it with family and
friends but DO NOT tell Big Brother, if you know what I mean because then
big oil will hear about it and at that point the game's over.

Author RPdigital (3 months)
Don't trust the green men!

Author Bruce McBurney (5 months)
I have been trying to expose an answer to the mystery of the100 Miles per
gallon fuel systems. Yes 5 times the fuel mileage is possible but missed or
suppressed by oil companies for over 80 years and we have the patents and
the science to prove it, see the evidence we have now see at website (no
spaces) him acre search dot com other sites with similar info are Byron
wine dot com Rex research dot com More than vapor but refining gasoline
into natural gas and methanol yes 200 mpg 4 cylinder

Author Samuel Atkins (1 month)
1:02 Saids it takes around 22 gallons of water to drive from Los Angeles
to New York. LOL That is 2808 miles which means if water is 2 thirds
hydrogen it would have 16.5 Gallons of hydrogen in that amount of water.
This would mean he is getting 170 miles per gallon. unfortunately water is
not 2/3 hydrogen and what about the energy used to break the water in
hydrogen in the first place. It would be practically impossible to get 170
miles per gallon and when you figure the energy required to break the water
into HHO its way out of the question. Not only his process to make hho must
take absolutely no energy whatsoever he also needs to pull more energy from
somewhere else other than the water because 16.5 Gallons of hydrogen
doesn't have enough energy to drive any car from Los Angeles to New York.
No matter how you look at Stan Meyer's video spells fraud from front to
end. LOL 

Author vvyperr7 (5 months)
Once they said the Pentagon was "interested " I was like ahhhh sh*t, we
won't hear from him nor his/ this technology NO MORE!

Author neutrinos (1 month)
@ 4:17, how moving, no pun intended, to know that he was a believer in The
King, Jesus Christ.

Author edward fuster (2 months)
why! did they kill this guy!! this is our future!! why!1 why !! because of
money!! god gave us bible book!! satanas gave us money!! they love money!!
every one love money!! so they love satanas !!!!!!! 

Author Zack Perrez (4 months)
of course the USA government killed him they hate everyone that is creative
has fun and says no to then selfish greedy little well R.I.P 

Author DreMarcus R (1 month)
they are using it for the 2015 Toyota to come

Author Steve Centeno (5 months)
Earth...sigh.All the people walking around with there legs and faces. Myah,

Author osman akkoca (6 months)

Author Erbs'mhan weedeatah (2 months)
hey chrisbrown, dude we all know that water is not fuel but the content of
the water has hydrogen (H2O) right, and hydrogen is combustible...all you
have to do is separate hydrogen from oxygen 

Author Felipe Licon (5 months)
You need electric current in order to break down H2O into HHO. The energy
you put into the system is more than the output. End of the story.

Author St. Peters Dania (3 months)
Man Power

Author HookedOnJonics (5 months)
Why doesn't some one go through with this and spread it all over the world.
They can't kill us all...

Author Barry Fraser (1 month)
ok, so it takes way too many amps to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen
in order to make it efficient. Is it possible he broke the chemical bond
another way? Like the use of a higher frequency? Why was the pentangon
interested in the first place if he was just separating it the old way?
They wouldn't have been. It used to take huge amounts of fuel for a fighter
jet to go supersonic. Not anymore. They use way less fuel because they
found the technology to cruise supersonic. Thats a simple fact. Samuel
Atkins, you are approaching this topic from what you know about the old
science. Thats very narrow minded of you.

Author bryncomeaux (4 months)
operatiojn tiger dulles international ceo chief heads tiger group to
infiltrate north korea triggering a response that killed 3 million koreans
and left them with kim el sung painted into a desperate corner all efforts
at diplomacy were sabotageds. ad the gulf ofg tonkin lie, the genocide of
natives the slavery of afticans, the broken wing ploy at pearl harbortr
the missing 300 billion in gold under the world trade center and the fact
that 20 years of black ops and a missing 2.8 plius trillion diollars were
at stake the only record of which was you guessed it in the world trade
center and the part of the pentagon that got bombed. its not a conspiracy
theory if you can prove it its a conspiracy fact how long until they relaes
e a virus thats dedly unless you buy their drugs? drugs they hold out on
you if your not a good boy and fuck yourself over just to save them the
trouble? how long, less than 25 years my friend. 

Author Chris Brown (2 months)
murdered by govt, lol, this crap is as credible as a shitty CG UFO video

Author Steve Evans (3 months)
How can you make a stand against a faceless enemy with no accountability,
incredible power and limitless resource - no matter what is invented it
will be hidden if its detrimental to the oil companies and governments.
Plant earth RIP

Author Rainbowrider JT (3 months)
A friend of my Dad invented a special carburetor that brought the excess
gas that didn't burn all the way the first time and brought it back in to
be burned all the way the second time before going out the exhaust. It was
tested and patented. It was stated that you could put in on any V8 and it
would get no less than 30mpg and burned clean. in 1964, I believe, GM
bought the patent from him for 150,000 which back then was a lot of money,
but shelved the invention never to be used. We'll never get to have these
and many other gifts from these fabulous inventors as long as there are
greedy companies out there that want to control what you can have!! 

Author Ingrid du Preez (2 months)
God will be the final judge of all those who murder/ed those people who
tried to make this earth less polluted and easier for humans and animals to
live upon. Hell is going to be overflowing. How sad is that?

Author Bo McGillacutty (4 months)
Tooooo bad for THIS shmo--But WAIT!--You can purchase my fuel multiplier
today at a mere $999.95. All you have to do is attatch this clever rare
earth magnetic device to your fuel line and it will turn one gallon of
petrol or diesel into more then FOUR GALLONS. *Be the first on your block,
hurry, don't delay get yours today* before they kill me. 

Author Samuel Atkins (5 months)

Below is the reason why this you-tube VID and many others like it is
murder murder murder stories the ultimate scam argument.

But lets be a little more logical. Any super invention that would cause one
to be concern for their life would end in 2 ways. One, they don't tell
anyone and take their secret to the grave or 2 they would give the right
organisations the plan so if it had any truth in it would would spread like
wild fire. No amount of murder could cover it up. Anyone that even has
half a brain and knows anything about marketing will know how this plays

But for those that dont know, the dumb Dumber and stupid (934 thumbs up for
this video kind of idiots) I will give an example.

If I was intelligent enough to invent an engine that was 100% efficient or
used only water (which is impossible) I and was worried someone would try
to stop it, I would publicly release the plans to every auto maker and
die-hard environmentalist and maybe to every country in the world.

Now lets talk about how this would work marketing wise. Once the genie is
out of the bottle every auto company would have no choice but to jump on
it. If they don't someone else will and that will be a disastrous for the
companies that don't jump on it.

But wait, a dumb person might try to argue and say all the auto companies
will ban together. LOL do you think the auto makers would trust the oil
company who has everything to lose. The oil companies themselves will jump
on it. They have everything to lose if they don't. keep in mind these
motors can be used for anything that relates to energy. Its an absolute
fact that such an invention will take off and take off fast.

Also this doesn't stop any other well founded non auto company from
starting up a new auto company to beat out the competition with a better
product and trust me this would be every auto manufacturers and oil
companies worse nightmare. So again they have no choice but to jump on it
and be the first to produce such cars. Not doing so would be one of the
most stupid business decision one can make. A mistake that no one auto
company or oil company would dare make. Statistics clearly show this and
most people in marketing knows this very well.

No oil company or all the oil companies together could stop this or pay out
enough to entice the auto makers to agree. Even if they did they would also
have to payout to million of other companies that might want to get in the
auto business and all the oil companies would quickly go bankrupted. And

The value of such a car to millions of companies far exceeds the value of
all the oil companies put together. Marketing will play out to benefit of
the public. Why because the oil companies would be the very first to jump
on it. It's either their future or downfall and trust me those greedy
bastard oil companies would make it their future.

Now the dumber might think oil companies would kill everyone off. And
that's why you are dumber then the dumb. I wont even explain why cuz most
already know and those that don't you don't matter anyways. Just please use
birth control so no more idiots get born.

Now the stupids might think the government might try to stop it or get paid
off by the oil companies. But why and how?
by now its worldwide knowledge thanks to the die-hard environmentalist.
FREE energy in other countries?? This would be a threat to any country that
don't have FREE ENERGY.

Manufacturing pricing would go down for the countries that jump on
this FREE ENERGY. Do you really think the US government is going to want
others to compete against them with free energy? Of-course not!!

Laws would be passed to promote it. Everyone would want it.

So the hundreds if not thousands of self per-claimed great inventors of
free energy and super mileage cars all were too stupid to get their
invention out even though they have 100s of stories and examples of
inventors before them how not to get your invention crushed. Yet all these
genius inventors never learn. This goes against the very nature of
an inventor.

IT has to be true because free energy or cars that get 200-300 miles to
gallon still doesn't exist. Or maybe its not true and anyone who believes
free energy and super mileage cars are oxymorons.

Lets just say if there is any truth whatsoever to free energy and super
millage cars. Every auto maker and oil many other large businesses would be
researching it to make sure they could be the first to patent it. All these
companies know their competitors would do the same. Yet it don't happen.
All the best and brightest with the most money cant do it.

If they really thought it was possible do you think any
multi-billlion-dollar greedy company would let another greedy company beat
them to the punch?

Why is it hundreds of nobodies in the last 100 or more years making these
claims. Does this not spell SCAM?

Author john doe (15 days)
Didn't someone else invented this and they were murdered by Shell
operatives in the texas dezert?

Author PC Bob (3 months)
Water does not burn. Everyone knows that. But water is composed of hydrogen
and oxygen. You can get a tremendous amount of energy from those two
elements. Using electrolysis you can easily separate them and mix in the
injectors to burn it. The only exhaust you get is, surprise, water vapor!
It's being done RIGHT NOW! Do some internet searching and you will see. It
does not follow along with the current theories, but THIS is truly
sustainable and RENEWABLE energy! Why aren't we pursuing it? Politics?

Author stvlu733 (4 months)

Author Zoe .Marks (4 months)
+Joe11Blue Yeah and all the laws of physics are man made in accordance with
the wishes of the Government. You stupid clown.

Author nickswan212 (4 months)
The fuel industry hates him..

Author revengedoeswork (12 days)
this is depressing as utter fuck

Author Bob DiMarzio (4 months)
this is crap fraud bullshit and lies .

Author RussiaNukesAmerica3 (6 months)
It's actually quite simple, an electric current separates the the hydrogen
atoms from the oxygen atoms ( H2O ). Ever heard of a hydrogen bomb ?

Author Uber Malice (6 months)
Usually I don't approve of causing people distress. This is one of the
funnier exchanges I've seen on YT though. Way better then television. Well

Author B0ZAJ (6 months)
Like oil water isn't unlimited good idea though.

Author zzytrewq (6 months)
Do not flatter yourself. I never get upset on the Internet. Often appalled
and bewildered by the stupidity and obstinate nature of my fellow humans,
but never upset.

Author Mongo Lloyd (6 months)
please stop making sense. every word you speak makes me realize i can never
win, not against a power\government totally lacking in morality. the same
power that skews truth and forces pseudo law w\ lethal force. you keep
speaking truth, we're gonna have a blood soaked revolution on our hands....
we're really fucked, aren't we?

Author Mongo Lloyd (6 months)
i have conspiracy theories and a sense of humor. i'm implying the education
system failed little old you, tee hee. now. admittedly i think you're a bit
of douche, so i'm poking you. and (as expected) you responded (lovely).
however, let me perfectly clear. my post was 2 tier: offend to provoke
emotion (success!) then dismiss. you have nothing to offer other than to
say "nuh uh, you're wrong". no one has time for that, other than to poke
and dismiss. you understand now, yes? so smart you are.

Author Steve H (6 months)
zzytrewg; Quotes from you; (1)There is no energy in Water;=FALSE (2) NO ONE
has ever demonstrated a car working only on water;=FALSE. Now forget that
you have insulted a lot of people, you say it impossible to get out more
than you put in; Lets test it; Do the laws of physics apply to nature=YES'
So if a man puts his TINY seed into a Woman will he get more than he
bargained for Or Less?..If You plant a mustard grain (which is the Smallest
of grain) will you not get a HUGE MUSTARD TREE?

Author zzytrewq (6 months)
Whoever mentions Adolf first in the exchange loses. Wow, and it only took
you a few posts. You're an unpublished troll. Go talk to someone who cares.

Author ZoeMarksYT (5 months)
And there is all the proof we need that the education system has failed you.

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