Water Fuel-Cell Inventor Murdered by Government

The Sad story of American Inventor Stan Meyer who came up with a fully functioning engine system that fully powered our automobiles with any kind of water, that would have given every one of us freedom from fossil fuels for a one time charge of $1500. Never needing maintenance or repairs, and used about 22 gallons of water to drive across the entire US from NY to LA. and the deal made with our Government, and the outcome of that deal.

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Author FeelTheLack (1 month)
If this was true, do you really believe it would be on youtube? Come on

Author FaFa FoFo (1 month)
these hydrogen fuel cell stocks are starting to move. There are 3. People
love the technology but everytime the stocks begin to gain momentum
orchestrated short seller attacks knock them down hard enough to scare
investors away. they knocked plug power from $11 to $3 in less than a day
with no news. This is the future that has been oppressed by oil interests
for almost 2 decades. you'll find this video interesting. read the quotes
near the end.

Author Adam Wilson (1 month)
Wouldn't do that next thing you know water will go up to $4 a gallon and
lots of americans will die from dehydration.

Author Samuel Atkins (6 months)
Can anyone name one single good invention that was made public all over the
world that didn't take off like wild fire? Why wouldn't burning water in a
car take off and be something major . Its known world wide for more than 80
years. Only a few retards actually do it and lie about it working. This
invention if was real would pretty much top any other thing ever invented.
Anyone with a half a brain cell that knows history can see there is
something seriously wrong with this so called invention. Its like stagnated
water. its been around forever and never goes anywhere. All the richest
companies and smartest minds of the world with the most to gain wont even
touch it or even look at it. DOES SOMETHING SEEM WRONG HERE? LOL 

Author freshpootube (2 months)
Why should we believe anything in this video is fact?

Author ccryder1149 (16 days)
Another BS story about the convicted fraudster. He invented nothing other
than another way of scamming people out of their money. He died of a
cerebral hemorrhage while trying to scam two Belgian businessmen. His so
called invention did not do anything new or improved. Period. End of

Author RED6UA (7 months)

Author Lasse Saikkonen (12 days)
I don't have the required education in chemistry to assess the veracity of
his claims about water engines but apparently there seem to be some
examples of working engines available on the net.

I am talking more about his other claims and claims about an international
conspiracy. I watched one of his lectures but could not comment there
because the comment section was closed. I listened to the first 15 minutes
of the lecture and I could already tell he was a kook. The way he talked
about the aftermath of Chernobyl very clearly indicated he did not have
science backing him up when he described how the bible told him millions
would die. According to the latest medical research almost 30 years after
the accident indicates the total number of deaths attributed to Chernobyl
is about 5000.

Author Rockguitarnow (3 months)

Author susan kirwan (1 month)
sad...we need more people like him ...he is an american hero...

Author Alternative News (9 months)
Stanley Meyer suppressed invention of the water powered car part 2 of 2.

Author 787966go (1 month)

Author not shure (2 months)
Um go to www hydrogen engine center com & you can buy a motor or
generator... PS H²+H³-> He+n+ 17.6 MeV smh man ppl are dumb...

Author 787966go (1 month)
Iwant one

Author Jerome Lagasca (2 months)
brothers, pure hydrogen fuel generator is easy to make. the media
brainwashed us and made even the jet engine look so complicated with those
useless cords and connections. jet engine is now made in garages and used
by roller skaters and airline jet engine is only kerosene. so when you see
videos like this and they show you how to do it, that's it. do it your
self. download the video because it is so hot to the government. copy the
diagrams and pics. you just have to understand that the bubble in the
negative electrode/plate is pure hydrogen from H2O. you just have to find a
way to separate it from the oxygen bubble from the + electrode/plate with
something like coffee filter. bubbles can get through it but water can. you
can do it with ordinary plastic gallons and glue gun. connect the hose
directly to the carburator and see. the electricity must not come from the
battery. it must be connected to the headlights which is lighted by the gas

Author not shure (2 months)
Um go to www hydrogen engine center com & you can buy a motor or
generator... PS H²+H³-> He+n+ 17.6 MeV smh man ppl are dumb...

Author jess malone (9 months)
Stanley Meyer suppressed invention of the water powered car part 2 of 2.

Author Jessica Bixby (3 months)
Due to what details are out there that's why my husbands Capri which gets
20 mi per gal can now get 3x that. I have to say I naively didn't know a
thing about Tesla. I thought hew was some modern day myth being used in
movies. That is how suppressed Tesla was. 

Author Aeronautical (9 months)
I believe this is considered fringe science, that doesn't mean to
disregard, it just means that the scientific approach is unconventional,
the reason it isn't mainstream is because HHO aka brown gas is theoretical
to most scientists, it is H2O separated into hydrogen and oxygen and then
recombined in the same ratio but in non liquid form to make HHO. I don't
know but i think this guy may have figured out how to produce this, a lot
of discoveries were made due to unconventional methods or by accident.Some
people just have a natural understanding of science so this is possible ,
right? But remember HHO is a theoretical element as far as mainstream
science is concerned so expect scrutiny for even considering believing this
, I do. 

Author Mickey Smith (6 months)
I have had my own concerns too.
Jesus has shown me how to turn 12 volts into 10,000 - 15,000 watts.
However, I'm not going to work with the government.
I'm going to sell my invention on the internet, and freely offer plans
which will show how to make it.

Author Dror Sapir (3 months)
He died from a cerebral aneurysm

Author truthaddsup always (6 months)
This is sad... Stan Meyer was able to make a car run with water as fuel.
Unfortunately, that was too incredible to ignore and the government took
him out... 

Author Samuel Atkins (5 months)
1:02 Saids it takes around 22 gallons of water to drive from Los Angeles
to New York. LOL That is 2808 miles which means if water is 2 thirds
hydrogen it would have 16.5 Gallons of hydrogen in that amount of water.
This would mean he is getting 170 miles per gallon. unfortunately water is
not 2/3 hydrogen and what about the energy used to break the water in
hydrogen in the first place. It would be practically impossible to get 170
miles per gallon and when you figure the energy required to break the water
into HHO its way out of the question. Not only his process to make hho must
take absolutely no energy whatsoever he also needs to pull more energy from
somewhere else other than the water because 16.5 Gallons of hydrogen
doesn't have enough energy to drive any car from Los Angeles to New York.
No matter how you look at Stan Meyer's video spells fraud from front to
end. LOL 

Author josh taylor (2 months)
America wants oil and gas water doesn't make billions and trillions kill
bush sr and jr then america will get out of recession 

Author Dror Sapir (3 months)
Btw, recreating the water fuel cell from the his original design is easy...
Its not a secret lost to time. It doesn't exist today because it never
worked... The energy input from the batteries will always be greater then
the energy output from the fuel cell. No one has ever demonstrated
otherwise, including Meyer. When he tried conning an independant group of
scientists, they immediately realized that there are hidden batteries in
the vehicle. Much more power was going in to creating hydrogen than Meyer

Author Duncan Mac (4 months)
Best thing to do with something like this is to share it with family and
friends but DO NOT tell Big Brother, if you know what I mean because then
big oil will hear about it and at that point the game's over.

Author Mark D (1 month)
Wow. Next time say no thanks to the dinner and proceed with the patent

Author neutrinos (5 months)
@ 4:17, how moving, no pun intended, to know that he was a believer in The
King, Jesus Christ.

Author Samuel Atkins (6 months)
How many times do I have to state, water is not a fuel. Its nothing more
than part of the exhaust fumes that exist the tailpipe when you burn any
hydrocarbons in your car such as diesel or gasoline. That's right its an
exhaust and doesn't contain anymore chemical energy. Hydrocarbons such
as diesel or gasoline have a chain of hydrogen atom sand carbon atoms in
them and that is why its called Hydrocarbons. When oxygen atoms attaches
itself to the hydrogen or carbon atoms this releases energy that powers
the vehicle. Once the oxygen atoms attaches itself to the hydrogen or
carbon atom the water or CO fumes exit the tailpipe as spent energy.

There are lots of free water on earth and that is why this scam is so
poplar. people will try to make other believe its a fuel but in actuality
its spent fuel. 

Author Dror Sapir (3 months)
Stanley Meyer was a conn artist... Have you ever tried reading his patents?
Pure bullshit that breaks the laws of thermodynamics... He was convicted of
fraud for his "invention".

Author DreMarcus R (5 months)
they are using it for the 2015 Toyota to come

Author Bartholamew Francis (5 months)
ok, so it takes way too many amps to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen
in order to make it efficient. Is it possible he broke the chemical bond
another way? Like the use of a higher frequency? Why was the pentangon
interested in the first place if he was just separating it the old way?
They wouldn't have been. It used to take huge amounts of fuel for a fighter
jet to go supersonic. Not anymore. They use way less fuel because they
found the technology to cruise supersonic. Thats a simple fact. Samuel
Atkins, you are approaching this topic from what you know about the old
science. Thats very narrow minded of you.

Author Bo McGillacutty (8 months)
Isn't this first guy from the same trailer park as the guys who captured a
bigfoot? Right next door to the dudes that have a little green (or grey)
man from another star system in the freezer? As long as it got him another
bottle of Jack.

Author Lord Jock (2 months)
Murdered because of the mighty god MONEY

Author Erbs'mhan weedeatah (6 months)
hey chrisbrown, dude we all know that water is not fuel but the content of
the water has hydrogen (H2O) right, and hydrogen is combustible...all you
have to do is separate hydrogen from oxygen 

Author jukumari iramuri (2 months)
big oil corporation never will allow this inventions after all they rule
the world.

Author Chris Brown (6 months)
murdered by govt, lol, this crap is as credible as a shitty CG UFO video

Author edward fuster (7 months)
why! did they kill this guy!! this is our future!! why!1 why !! because of
money!! god gave us bible book!! satanas gave us money!! they love money!!
every one love money!! so they love satanas !!!!!!! 

Author Ingrid du Preez (7 months)
God will be the final judge of all those who murder/ed those people who
tried to make this earth less polluted and easier for humans and animals to
live upon. Hell is going to be overflowing. How sad is that?

Author Aeronautical (9 months)
Right now the worst place to stand would be beside cockatoo. But still, I
agree and stand beside him.

Author RPdigital (8 months)
Don't trust the green men!

Author St. Peters Dania (7 months)
Man Power

Author Steve Evans (8 months)
How can you make a stand against a faceless enemy with no accountability,
incredible power and limitless resource - no matter what is invented it
will be hidden if its detrimental to the oil companies and governments.
Plant earth RIP

Author Rainbowrider JT (8 months)
A friend of my Dad invented a special carburetor that brought the excess
gas that didn't burn all the way the first time and brought it back in to
be burned all the way the second time before going out the exhaust. It was
tested and patented. It was stated that you could put in on any V8 and it
would get no less than 30mpg and burned clean. in 1964, I believe, GM
bought the patent from him for 150,000 which back then was a lot of money,
but shelved the invention never to be used. We'll never get to have these
and many other gifts from these fabulous inventors as long as there are
greedy companies out there that want to control what you can have!! 

Author Pat Kempen (8 months)

Author setsebbati (3 months)
What a surprise they murdered this poor guy. Others who have invented
similar kinds of engines or carburettors have been declared mentally insane
and or disappeared ! It really is disgusting that a government would kill
people in this way just to keep oil as out primary source of fuel. Of
course when you consider the "Petro Dollar" being Americas real power, they
certainly will kill or make people disappear by whatever means necessary,
just to hold onto their power though oil. Then of course they go on about
"saving the planet" and "global warming" like they are really bothered !!!!
The only thing any American admin along with their European counterparts
care about, and that's making themselves very rich.

Author Shawn Williams (11 months)

Author Zack Perrez (8 months)
of course the USA government killed him they hate everyone that is creative
has fun and says no to then selfish greedy little well R.I.P 

Author Asiatic Naga (3 months)

Author jim jam (4 months)
called it

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