How to Make Futsal and Soccer Goals

step by step instructions showing how to make durable, portable futsal/soccer goals for indoor/outdoor use at a fraction of the cost of manufactured goals. Made from PVC pipe

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Author Gordon Johnson (7 months)
What site could I use to find the right net?

Author Almost_a_Miata (4 months)
Why not pvc glue cement instead of duct tape

Author Gordon Johnson (8 months)
Armando, when you purchase a standard futsal net it drapes over the goals
and fits perfectly. 

Author jon jon (28 days)
Why not cpvc? Harder to break.

Author Armando Digiacomantonio (8 months)
What site could I use to find the right net?

Author Armando Digiacomantonio (8 months)
This was helpful, but how do you put the net on?

Author Filipe Azevedo (10 months)

Author Elliot Rucka (10 months)
Lol this park is like 8 blocks from my house

Author Brendan McHugh (10 months)
how much does it cost to buy all the materials to build it

Author Attila The Lunn (10 months)
is this a standard size goal? Like would a normal futsal net fit on it?

Author Minh V (10 months)
Its gon broke when u kick hard

Author Petra Gorgi (2 years)
thanks for that Video, we started a Team Handball Club last year.... and
now we need some goals....where do you get the Net from...?

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
you can make it with a longer cross bar, you probably would need to
reinforce it and it wouldn't be as portable.

Author soccerstarkabineh (2 years)
Last question sorry if all the pieces are 2 inch diameter how do they

Author Tara Johnson (1 year)
I can't convert all those for you. suggest to get a tape measure with
centimemters is the easiest thing to do.

Author WinkV3NoMSniping (1 year)
Better than buying a normal one at the store and this is cheaper

Author David Becker (2 years)
Do you have the measurements in feet and inches?

Author Kody Cunningham (1 year)
Thanks! Im planning on making one soon.

Author dicksquadpr0ductiOns (2 years)
how much total 100?

Author Aloe H (1 year)
Hi love your from the caribbean (St.lucia) was thinking how i can
get a goal for my boys,but now i know.Just wanted to know what the size of
the net.I want to get one on ebay.tks very much.

Author Will Wimbish (2 years)
Which net did you use?

Author Gordon Johnson (1 year)
it moves a little bit, but you can weigh it down with sand bags if you like

Author diezy7 (1 year)
It's actually supper sturdy, I use it to practice with 21+ year old players
and the goal takes hard shots like nothing. Doesn't tip over, haven't had
it break or chip. VERY DURABLE, I'm going to try extend it to be 21' to 24'

Author datnap1 (1 year)
how much did everything cost?

Author diezy7 (1 year)
Do your think if the goal is cut right in the center and add a T-Post on
the back at the top and bottom and add another post in going down the
middle at the back will work?

Author soccerstarkabineh (2 years)
hello i loved your video and sorry for asking this question but at 5:23 is
that all the parts of the goal put in a more portable version

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
unfortunately, I do not have measurement in feet and inches. I used metric
because that is the standard for 5v5 or futsal goal size. 2 meters high and
3 meters wide. GJ

Author Gordon Johnson (1 year)
If you search the internet for a standard "futsal net" that will tell you.

Author Marky Galang (2 years)
what is the dimension of the soccer goal in the "Golazo at the Portland
Barefoot 3v3 2012" found it in your website.

Author tedjanes123 (2 years)
dude!!! this is sick!!!! I made mine just today, it works so well! thank
you so much!

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
can you take a picture and send it to us? we will post it on
email digital image to

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
the best deal  I found in the US is at soccerone (youtube doesn't allow me
to list the website but it is dot com) their "futsal net" is $40 and very
good quality. (no financial connection) GJ

Author 246Taqi (2 years)
whether it is strong pvc ball when hit?

Author saeed saud (1 year)
from where you find the pieces

Author Gordon Johnson (1 year)
Alwyn, great to hear you are making a goal for the children. the net needs
to be 2 meters high and 3 meters across and about 1/2 meter deep. If you go
on ebay search for "futsal net" also can get old net from fishman if you
wants a cheap one. please send us a picture when you make your goal. gordon johnson

Author Gordon Johnson (1 year)
home depot or hardware store, plumming supply store.

Author Amelia Ingersoll (1 year)
Great video. I am planning on making a goal for my son and want it to be as
tall as the one he plays with for club. Would it be okay to extend the
height to say, 8 feet?

Author Fermamdo Rojas (2 years)
Where do i bye the net ??

Author Tara Johnson (1 year)
the best deal I found was at soccerone standard futsal net.

Author runtcjm4 (2 years)
what dimensions of the net and where should we look to purchase it from?
When you attach net to poles is it open on the bottom? Thanks for sharing
we are in the process of building frame but not sure on purchase,
dimensions and attaching of the net?

Author Brett Jones (1 year)

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
I think you would have to use a much larger PVC and it would be hard to
find it 21' long.

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
please send us a picture and we will post it.

Author Tara Johnson (2 years)
great, snap a picture of your goal and send it to us, I will post it on our
website. send to

Author Gordon Johnson (1 year)
2 inch PVC pipe.

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
the pipe doesn't crack (if you got good quality pipe. sometimes the joints
(the connections between the pipes crack) that why I cover them with duct
tape to help reinforce the joints.

Author Gordon Johnson (2 years)
you are very welcome, send a picture to if you haven't
already, I did receive one nice picuture from the Philipines.! GJ

Author Matthew Rosales (1 year)
doesn't it move ? if hard shots hit the bar or posts? if ever this happens cam this be fixed?

Author Marky Galang (2 years)
oh! thanks :)

Author Harry Gooner (2 years)
where is the net?

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