PBIC: Indonesia vs. Thailand

Before the game, Indonesia was the crowd's favorite and Thailand was the underdog. The outcome? Watch and enjoy! Many think that this was the most close and fierce match of the day.
Copyright by OnGameNet.

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Author Blues Fams SWAG Dance Crew (5 months)
thailand really sissy game .. hahahaha
nobody dare attack at home ....
if daring attack dong hahah fuck you
usually base themselves in the area of ​​basic hahah CUPU Loeh

Author FarizANP (28 days)
lol indonesian player sucks at this game
well they better go play counter-strike or csgo with full competitive mode
not this shitty casual online fps game

Author Janne niore (1 month)
thailand copo .. teronya ngedeff . fuck , cacat loh ,

Author Rafael Cops (17 days)
thailang copo ayo by1 ama ane 

Author Rizky Ramadhan (5 months)
I N D O N E S I A 1st the real of POINT BLANK thailand not perfect lah copo

Author lionel snock (8 months)
Indonesia olso very good to play but you must to know Thailand win this
match !!!

Author chan hirunsri (2 months)
Indonesia noob!!!

Author mamung mohamad (5 days)
thailand mah sm gw dulu aja dasar cacad tailand

Author Miftahul Ma'ruf (11 days)
thailand maina bucah

Author walderson snoky (2 months)
ajaujdmkmjusoiefmj,sp eifmsgóiskgmsdkgnhsjkdgnyuiamnrijawnfmaopfjao


Author imam distinct (8 months)
by 1 sama gw yu thailand

Author dani anggara (5 months)

Author Naufal Mahardi (22 days)
Indonesia Ga Pernah Sabar Main Maju Aja !!

Author Arif Saputra (7 months)
Thaild ga bsa MAen Tolllol

Author Joko Cahyono (8 months)
Pangkat aapa lou

Author Kirigaya Kazuto (7 months)
for ramadhany aja
(fuck your!!!) It very bad!

Author miftah sidik (4 months)

Author Budi Eko Haryanto (2 months)
Asli gal nine

Author Surya Adnyana (7 months)

Author dan dunne (2 months)
thailand vs thailand haha

Author rulee s (5 months)

Author yudi kuteu (2 months)

Author King Hentai (3 months)

Author park sora (7 months)
Thailand main baci gk berai maju

Author Kamalz Alexandria (6 months)

Author Hey Zaper (2 months)
Menang hoki Thailand

Author Rian Sanjaya (5 months)
Thailand ccd

Author yayan jamesbarker (3 months)
indonesia mah kbanyakan car doang

Author Rian Sanjaya (5 months)
Thailand ngecit

Author Zulfikar Ramadhan (4 days)
Pakek cheat kalo ngak bisa ngalahinnya

Author Jonathan Tho (11 days)
Indonesia is a Good player Thailand is Good add Technic

Author Anusa Gilang (23 days)
Pb tu gak ada guna.aaaa

Author Fajar Ramadhan (1 month)

Author Muhammad Lutfi (1 month)

Author nuttapong punya (2 months)
Junk team Indonesia

Author Ade Wedhar Puji K (5 months)
Tehailand maen bocah!

Author Donny Croz (8 months)
thailand by 1 ama gue yuuk 

Author wifki leonardo (10 months)

Author Rasyad Muhammad (1 month)
Ini mah Thailand VS Thailan-_- Indonesia yang maen mukanya gitu smua

Author rido penjokiterpercaya (1 month)

Author lamya tenny (3 days)
Thailand Maen NyaBoman Mulu!!

Author ramadhany aja (7 months)
For thailand fuck you!!!!!

Author SHNostar panyawan (9 days)
Thailand of PB

Author jho zainuddin (1 month)

Author rizky apandy (1 month)

Author Rizal ahmad (2 months)
Thailand cacat kok kalah bikin malu

Author Master pointblank (2 months)
KZSR community anak haram

Author muhammad alpan (2 months)

Author Acuy Cuy (6 months)
Good Job Indonesia i love you full hahahahahaha :D

Author Zombikiller Son (3 months)
lol ive never even herd of it. It looks like a counter strike/ call of duty
rip off !

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