Cabal Online EU Wizard LvL 160 War Channel 24 Procyon vs Capella (Episode 2)

Wizard lvl 160 cabal onlie eu mercury hunting caps on ch 24^^ by frontside...

All Rights Belong To Their Respective Owners

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:18
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Author Soius7 (5 years)
what level are you skills

Author Freens1 (5 years)
polak nareszcie

Author koziol072 (4 years)
stary kosisz ja pierdole...

Author Slave Of Souls (5 years)
It's a Frontside-Nadchodzi Koniec best regards

Author F3D3R4L (5 years)
SlaveOfSouls, anciao and gm what |v| ?

Author piku213 (5 years)
Zajebisty film i tak dalej PL rox

Author Spirit0fWarrior (5 years)
lol ownage XD

Author Mihai Alb (3 years)
Thank you for your videos , you are a great wizard ;) ....

Author Sollag Onig (4 years)
PRoc owns capella :))

Author Kvuz13 (5 years)
what orb u were using?

Author Slave Of Souls (4 years)
@blavello123 Każda postać ma swoje przeznaczenie;D..wizek zamiata na
massive pk,TG i freestyle pvp bez apelacyjnie;D..przynajmniej wymiatal nie
wiem jakie teraz macie patche na cabalu:D ale slyszalem ze duzo sie
zmienilo;D..mam nadzieje ze polacy dalej rzadza na mercu!!:D...pzdr

Author kaorl4 (4 years)
szkoda ze EQ nie pokazales ;)

Author tomkoren (5 years)
i cant wait till there will be a war channel on Cabal Global.. it will be

Author zomgomgomgz (5 years)
what's your items? want to pvp?

Author Roman Milewski (4 years)
Omg stary suuper, wymiatasz... Pozdro... :p

Author G0dS1ze (5 years)
damn proc pwns like allways ^_^ ch24 BI is some kind not hospitable for
caps ;D keep going soul 5*

Author liserg19 (5 years)
i wanna see ur video vs rota ^^

Author Stojceski1991 (5 years)
nice dmg wath items you have there

Author GUNIT907 (5 years)
No kurwa...bardzo ladnie ;D Ten filmik udowadnia ze Wi rox !

Author brandon cody (3 years)
lol they all suck im a 143 wa n i can 1 hit her prob bm2 bloody spirit n
fury shout n she would be dead she lvl 160 to bad iw asnt there proc

Author G0g3taPL (5 years)
a slave takie pytanie czmu nie uzywasz lance? tylko z canonow napierdzielasz

Author Alkhaine (5 years)
O ja pierdole...

Author Slave Of Souls (5 years)
Hahaha good for ya...but u dont know the lyrics:P...maybe if u translate It
u will change ur mind :D

Author bovornpot thaosiri (2 years)
what song is it ?

Author 1995Kristy (5 years)
how can i use dash in cobo?

Author Slave Of Souls (5 years)
Frontside - Nadchodzi Koniec \m/

Author Franco A. (5 years)
how can you do combo while using dash skills and combo while changing
targets... hmmmm nice.. teach me

Author szymoner19 (4 years)
szkoda ze to było dawno i nie widać jakie levele mają procki :P No aje
ładnie wymiatasz :) Szkoda ze grasz na Mercurym :( bo sprubował bym się z
tobą na PvP :)

Author chiledu (5 years)
im a wiz and space collapse for the win^_^

Author RafaelBatgol (3 years)
name y song ?

Author xawery81 (5 years)
hej fajna piosenka no i twoja gra:) mam takie straszne noobowskie pytanie
jak używać tego combo bo mam problemy z tym pomożesz? a po której nacji gra
najwięcej polaków?

Author Erverse (4 years)
He's above 160, so think what level skills can he have ; O

Author Bartłomiej (3 years)
@SlaveOfSouls Siemasz :D Oczywiście że polacy wymiatają . Przecież tak było
od zawsze :) Kiedyś się grało . Pozdro , 3maj sie :]

Author Troos1996 (4 years)
Nie... no.. Brawo :> Przekonałem się co do Wiza :> Dam 5 Pozdrawiam,

Author xGIKERx (5 years)
proc- no0o0b

Author Slave Of Souls (5 years)
dzieki ziom:D..nie to jest bar na mass pk tylko i wylacznie jakbys mial
jakies problemy z combem pisz na priva teraz musze spadac:D pozdro

Author ciachowski666 (5 years)
ownisz chlopie! nie ma to jak dobry wi na war ;]

Author Slave Of Souls (5 years)

Author JV Gamgee (5 years)
waaa ur a gurl now ^^

Author sascha30000 (3 years)
hi may i know what's your weaps and set and access?ty : )

Author TriNi7Yyy (5 years)
pochwal się setem :)

Author TheMonkey951 (3 years)
I wish my wiz could do dmg like that .-.

Author Cedweller (4 years)
Try to hunt me on Jupiter server it will be more difficult that those noobs

Author Lonelyming (5 years)
i am wiz also wiz high damage but hp 2 low hard win keep using hp pot

Author piku213 (5 years)
mugbyy ktos powiedziec tytul tej nuty

Author spiritofpein (5 years)
love ya crits

Author Slave Of Souls (5 years)
No baaaa:D

Author glaciesraptor (5 years)
Nice man you are a pro :) wizard owns thats the true :)

Author saiyan888x (5 years)
nice, pwn them all! ;D by Serpenera

Author Slave Of Souls (5 years)
yeah I was tired of being the man ahahahaha

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