Rev Bertrand Bailey Jr Preaching!

sermon "A Real Friend" Reverend Bailey preached!!
please rate and comment (to order the dvd you can call 202-483-9400
or toll free 1(800)564-4314 Cathedral Ministries, Washington DC, we also have the cd available

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Author Jeremy Ashton (11 months)
He can preaching

Author thereisakinginyou2 (4 years)
he in my city little rock right now n man my God he dumped the house this
preacher is soooooooooooo powerful i could listen to him all day

Author revb11 (5 years)
preaching at its best preach bailey

Author bmsnurse (3 years)
In my opinion, this preaching is very encouraging, and the humming (or
whatever this is called) is usually designed to cater to one's flesh. It
makes the person listening to it feels good. The problem I have with it is
that: 1- It focuses on the preacher that's doing it. The #1 constant Focus
should Always be on JESUS!! Brag on JESUS and not on this earthly man.
(Please stop overly exalting your leaders, Pastors! This is Fleshly! 2- Is
preaching drawing people to Christ or man?

Author Brandon Nichols (6 years)
i see he still doin it like its his last time; where is he pastoring at now

Author Joseph Williams (1 year)
I"m glad that I'm able to call this man my friend, as well as a teacher to
me, always encouraging me to stay with the Lord.

Author Bishop Terrance Rogers (5 years)
Leroy Elliot all over again, where did this pastor come from, this man is
beyond awesome, God always has someone the world has never heard of, that
will out preach the greats. Members of his church should know you all have
the best.

Author Christopher Bryant (5 years)
He quoting the Seven Way King by SM Lockrigdge

Author mcmillion216 (5 years)
man of GOD who is that and where can i get it

Author Stefon Simmons (5 years)
Yea I feel ya on that! Sound jus lyke him tunin! He musta caught a glimspe
of him b4 he preached diz one... LoL!!!

Author lashermanv1 (2 years)
Truly ordained.. This man of God is trying to tell you something. Whether
you except his delivery or not, LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE!! He brings it so
plainly, that anyone and everyone that has a relationship with Jesus, will
be blessed!! As my Grandaughter would say, "HE IS BEASTING"

Author thereisakinginyou2 (4 years)
@luckyguys7 yes i agree he studied Elliot but man he done added to it this
negro lol threw the holla up n hit it wit a baseball bat when he caught it
preach doc preach

Author BerThaddaeus Bailey (6 years)
Amen, Amen! That's my brother!!!

Author liljamacia (6 years)
This man of God is awesome.

Author MRBRYANT01 (4 years)
It really doesnt make it any sence the way this hegro preaches he is one of
the best whoopers i have heard in a long time

Author mrintellectual1 (3 years)
well if you follow preaching and truly saved you kno that its an art
form.whom ever your pastor is the reality is that in these fleshly bodies
we battle being spiritual always which questions if every time he or she
comes b4 you if they are fully in the spirit or not .for the most popular
prechers today recycle sermons and the whole nine but to the just of this
topic whooping engages thats it thats all ! if you like it or not simply?it
if u like but please put not your mouth on any man of God

Author COGICKID87 (5 years)
this is leory elliot all over>> yess!!!

Author preachit2me (4 years)
Rev. Bertrand Bailey Jr. will be in revival this week for my Pastoral
Appreciation June1-3, 2010 at The Greater Siloam Missionary Baptist Church
Greenville, Ga. AN OUTSTANDING PREACHER !!!!!!!!!!!

Author rdytogo123 (4 years)
Rev Elliott is my uncle and a legend in the preaching community, but I have
got to give it to Dr Bailey, this boy is a crazy sick preacher. Keep on
preaching man.

Author Young Laster Jr (4 years)
Please give me some contact info concerning this Preacher Please! e-mail me
at Pastor Young Laster Jr.

Author Dion Brooks (4 years)
this preaching machine tore Van Buern Baptist in Gary up during our
citywide Simultaneous Revival in april

Author hollis walker (4 years)

Author nacdragon07 (6 years)
greater bibleway baptist church mt pleasant texas

Author e3914x (4 years)
Preach preacher. Bless his word i know this man and what a friend he is to

Author michael Cooper (2 years)
He in Milwaukee, WI this week and every night he has blessed us thus far
thankful for a man of God who takes preaching to a new level

Author iknowhm2 (5 years)
Bertrand, this is Lewis in Memphis....Give me a shout man; I want to bring
you here. Peace...901.238.1275

Author Preacha Tim (5 years)
It ought to be a crime to put it down like this!~!!!! Do it man!!!!

Author owow101 (6 years)
i hear some leroy elliott in this man!

Author COGICKID87 (5 years)
dude this is hooping at its best! take lessons

Author pb613 (5 years)
I heard him preach in person last week in GA, and this guy is a monster
when he preaches. He blessed my soul both nights I heard. Hey if u have not
heard him in person u missin a real treat. The video is good but in person
is even betta

Author hollis walker (4 years)
@crazedcomic27 Iwas there every morning and I went to hear him on friday
and thursday thinking of going to TEXAS to find him GOOD GOD,

Author bigregreg (4 years)
pull it doc pull it

Author e3914x (4 years)
preach preacher. Blees his word i know this man and what a friend he is to

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