Dicky Overby with Amber Digby

great steel playing by the best in the biddddness, Sir Dicky Overby. He played a Sho-Bud LDG

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Author Herb Walker (3 months)
Is she singing through Monitors??? Dang, PA is MUDDY!!

Author Percy oved (10 months)
now this whan country iosall aboput 

Author John Wood (4 years)
If I remember right Dicky has played Steel for many Stars on the Grand Old
Opry back in the day

Author roundrocktx (4 years)
.....well then I'd recommend you to listen to Miss Leslie and Brennen

Author slimphotog (3 years)
lol ... "Oh, maaaan, listen to that!" Took the words right out of my mouth.

Author big MAC (2 years)

Author rwlollis (4 years)
Pretty good?? how bout one of the 2 best steel players of all time!! Played
for Faron Young, Connie Smith and Ronnie Milsap. Plus many other major
country artist and studio work, not very many players out there like Dicky!!

Author jimwalker2009 (5 years)
Dicky is one of my biggest heroes. His hands create a tone like no other.
He makes the sounds that made me want to become a steel player.

Author country .picker (1 year)
this is what i call country, just real good stuff , thanks

Author IronHorse210 (1 year)
I've been fortunate enough to be on stage with Dickie several times and he
is BY FAR the most emotional steel man to ever hit the business. He plays
what he feels in the moment, not what the song or the phrasing is saying.

Author DonHenryJr (3 years)
Thank goodness we now have Sho-Pro steel Guitars to bring back that classic
Sho-Bud sound in a modern design, but you still can't beat the original
Sho-Buds. Love Emmons too.

Author racknwalk (4 years)
yes! yes! yes!

Author Edward Hylton (1 year)
I think that was guitar ace Jimmy Capps playing backup. Hey Randy that's
kinda like showing a mountain your rock collection...hehe...good job y'all

Author 10string1 (3 years)
my opinion SHO-BUD. put them all on the map.

Author Hedgehog's Right of Passage (3 years)
When Buddy Emmons plays,it might be virtuoso,but he's so darn smug & happy
with himself I just can't stand to listen.I have a full list of only steel
pedal music.BUT that's my opinion only. Dick Overby makes me feel that his
playing is alive, not "look at me I know I'm so good"

Author CrackerKen1 (5 years)
Better than anything on so-called "country radio" these days. I love it.
The boiling hot pedal steel guitar picking of Dicky Overby is great. Thanks
for posting this.

Author roundrocktx (5 years)
Aw,Man Listen to that!!!

Author Greg Harms (2 years)
I saw them at Pearl's in Fort Worth. It was worth the 12 hour drive from

Author Charlie Brown (5 years)
Awesome !!!!!!

Author 2bwhiteproud (3 years)
@rwlollis Sorry Bud I been around Jeff Newman,Doug Jernigan,Buddy Emmons,
Paul Franklin,Tery Crisp I meant pretty good Dickey plays a lot of nice
stuff,that Sho Bud just has a Sho Bud sound,the wilburns were on yesterday
Hal Rugg of course played a S Bud on the show, Charlie Prides Steel player
had an Emmons game over that push pull BLEW the Sho bud off the stage Sho
Bud went out of business for a reason, Building JUNK!. If one likes the
sound thats great,I don't

Author roundrocktx (4 years)
@roundrocktx :'What???

Author Lonnie Zsigray (4 years)
That ShoBud is what steel guitar is supposed to sound like in the hands of
a pro.EVERY company has made a "less than perfect steel".I'm sure this one
has had a complete makeover.Seen a few Zum's take a dump on stage.ShoBud is
the one to copy, in my opinion,for a great steel sound.

Author kimeytonk (5 years)
So glad to see some more Amber Digby on youtube!! Her new song sounds
great. Way to go Amber!!

Author EbenezarGold (2 years)
So many guys lack that center tone in their playing, that little bit of
sizzle that binds like molasses. Mr. Overby and the Moon, these guys come
to mind immediatley. They got it.

Author Greg Harms (2 years)
I just realized that was me at Pearl's enjoying this great music.

Author drmountebank1 (1 year)
Pay close attention to the old gray haired guy in the back"sitting in",
none other than Nashville legendary Jimmy Capps. This is just great music.

Author lovdanig (4 years)
Steel player is pretty good that Sho Bud like most Sho Buds has a REALLY
whiney sound. I had an LDG 1000 bought it new in 1983 had it about 2 or 3
months was playing it on a gig the knee lever hit the stage on my ride,I
SOLD it the next day ordered a Franklin,Had the Franklin over 20 yrs STILL
plays like new,Of course Sho Buds are a famous name but they were really
bad Steels unless you got a pro 3 or one of the Older ones before they quit
making them. But I love Amber & all those Texas pickers

Author pro3tlb (2 years)
Dicky is showing why he is in the Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame...

Author latokatn506 (3 years)
dicky is the best of the best steel players in the world.And he make's a
Amber's good voice that much better

Author Greg Harms (5 years)
What a joy to hear these two. Also Drew Covington on fiddle knows what to

Author DixielandBaker (3 years)
i sure hope dickey and amber keep on recording they make a great sound

Author mrfiddleman (4 years)
She is the Savior of Country Music as we knew it and as it should still be.
Dickey Overbey is her stepfather, by the way. I have to listen to a little
Amber every morning to start my day and a song or two every night.

Author KernriverMerle (5 years)

Author mrfarmerjimbob (3 years)
Dickey Overby, the KING of the steel guitar ROCKS no matter what brand of
instrument he plays. He takes a back seat to NOBODY!!!! When he plays for
Amber you get a really true country sound!! Music as it should be, but so
often isn't these days.

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