Il Silenzio - Melissa Venema

Melissa Vanema plays Il Silenzio

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Author Allen MacCannell (7 months)
The original from which Taps was written. I believe she played this near
the American cemetery in Holland where 8,300 soldiers are buried (with
others of different nationalities)

Author Romeo Ninov (4 months)
Good morning World
Il Silenzio - Melissa Venema

Author Massy Biagio (2 months)
Music that touches Your heart

Author Alex Ava (3 months)
Il Silenzio - Melissa Venema
🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎇 🎇 🎇 👍👍👍

Author 40thegardener2 (8 months)
The touch of the Masters hand

Author alta resistenza (5 months)
this is truly a sight! compliments.

Author joel CARBO (5 months)
Super moment musical merci

Author Vincent Autenrieb (3 months)

Author Jim Marsh (1 year)
Probably been shared before, but this still makes me tingle.

I first heard this tune played at a Taverna on the island of Kalymnos,
Greece. It was played to gently awaken those having a siesta, and remind
them that the taverna was open for business.

Author Jasmine Zhu (1 year)
She plays really well. check out her other solos if you liked this one.

Author RICHARD WOLF (1 year)
Il Silenzio - Melissa Vanema

Author Jet Acker (1 year)

Author kmehta1936 (8 months)
' Il Silenzio ' is an Italian Instrumental piece written by trumpet player
Nini Rosso in 1965.Melissa Venema a dutch trumpet player was born on 12th
April 1995.She lives in Zaandam north west of Amsterdam.She discovered her
love for trumpet at age of 8 years.She is talented and hard working trumpet
player and practices four hours per day. She has won many competitions
among them 'Princess Christina' competition several times.She is an
aspiring star to watch.
Melissa you are great."ll Silenzio" is no easy thing to play.You are very
pretty and talented.Every day you are on my repertoire and I listen to you
playing.I wish you all the luck.

Author Michel Marc (3 months)
Please, from what country is she?

Author Tory Anderson (1 year)
Most of you have heard the song "Taps." You won't have heard it like this
before (unless you've heard this before :) played by an 11 year old girl.
The music is beautiful, the video of the audience mesmerized by the music
in that beautiful location is beautiful. #musicvideo 

Author aldo voltolini (5 months)

Author 'SABER+' (1 year)
Il Silenzio - Melissa Vanema

Author Greg White (5 months)
All I can say is wow. I only hope to play this good. I am going to buy this
sheet music. 

Author Lynn S (4 months)
I don't think she is actually playing this on the video. She may have
recorded it ahead of time and it is being played over the speaker system
and she is just faking the fingerings. A colleague of mine pointed this
out to me and I must agree. She is playing much to easily and hardly
taking in enough air. Watch a later video of her when she is 17, also with
Andre Rieu. She is gulping in big breaths, and the high C at the end when
she is 17 shows her with checks blown way out. In the present video, the
ending high C is obviously recorded ahead of time, Shame on you Andre!!!

Author Alex Michael (1 year)

Author Efisio masala (7 months)

Author Robert Bull (9 days)
Wonderful pretty..non pecocious girl everybodys dream daughter....had to be
from europe of course not usa who lost their way with kids long ago

Wonderful young lady wonderful music

Author Mark DC (6 months)
The vibration of angels

Author Augie C (4 months)
The story behind the song and its beauty brought tears.

Author Selcuk Aytimur (5 months)
Brava Melisa!

Author flierefluiter johnny (5 months)
Verry beautifull, im getting cold about this music. what a tallent,
belissimo. wunderfull. insane, unforgesslich.

Author Don Jones (3 months)
I've never heard this played so beautiful. Just wonderful.

Author Branca Moura (5 months)

Author Rhino Horns (7 months)
This is amazing and beautiful… 

Author majivantara (7 months)
This is an absolutely wonderful performance. Melissa, I hope you stick
with the trumpet, as you clearly have a musical gift. I admire your
clarity, your excellent intonation, your stage presence and focus, your
rhythmic ease, and the lovely beginnings of your natural vibrato. Brava!
Not many people your age have this much going for them. Not that many
people, period! Brava again!

Author Helene Levenson (2 months)
God bless the Dutch for remembering their liberators!

Author Peter Brewster (1 month)
God bless this wonderful young lady, and the production . Will be with me
for the rest of my life for sure. Many thanks

Author WatchWithCareOK (1 month)
Oh heck, I played that well when I was near her age-- HA! HA!

Author TheVerdad (1 month)
DIVINE Talent! we are everything! it just some others are better at it
than others but we all have same skills! this beautiful girl is amazing!

Author ThunderChords (6 months)
how can you dislike this? This is what a trumpet should sound like. So
refreshing to hear something different than the usual jazzy, rapid
tonguing, loud, screaming trumpets. Not that those types of music are bad,
it's just rare to hear the soft melodic trumpet. Very Nice 

Author sledge1960 (4 months)
This young lady gets a beautiful sound of that trumpet.

Author José Miguel Gómez (6 months)

Author Roy Cawthorne (18 days)
what a privilege to hear that music. and think of all those brave soles who
gave their
lives for us,god bless them.

Author Viva Vivaldė (4 months)
Ilgesys..,ankstus rytmetys..,

Author Grandpa Mike (2 months)
With Memorial Day in two weeks here's to absent comrades. Gone but NEVER
forgotten. USN Vietnam Veteran 1970-1972.

Author Ryszard Kostuch (5 months)
Cudowne, BRAWO

Author carlos alberto campos de almeida (5 months)
Magnifica interpretação...

Author Rich Smyth (5 months)

Author jac kitt (3 months)

Author Seongsoo Kim (4 months)
Sweet, beautiful...

Author Márcio Dias (4 months)

Author William Yunker (6 months)
Quite moving and beautifully performed! WOW!

Author Marcio Neiva (6 months)
LIndo demaissssw!!!!!!!

Author Hannu E K Nevalainen (2 years)
Great music from the other side of the spectrum.
Il Silenzio - Melissa Vanema

Author gruppo lascari (4 months)

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