Il Silenzio - Melissa Venema

Melissa Vanema plays Il Silenzio

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Author alexandervanferguson (1 year)
excellent. very good performance..

Author metalass1979 (1 year)
dank je wel, dat jij het instrumet overneemt van mij opa, ik vind je top ,
en zet deze mooie muziek voort

Author sproutcentral (1 year)
Thanks for the share Butch. That was pretty special.

Author grauerflieger (1 year)
Wunderschön !!!!

Author Fu Sion (1 year)
j'aime écouter cette musique magnifiquement interprétée un vrais délice
surtout quand on est seul

Author fjbutch (1 year)
Brought a tear to my eye. Wish my Dad and Granpa was still alive to see
this. !!!!! just don't know what to say after seeing this ~~~~

Author Gilberto Nery (1 year)

Author dinocop1 (1 year)
ta ai...... isso vale a pena.... como as coisas bonitas nos fazem bem...

Author Edson Ramos (1 year)
Melissa que Deus te conserve esta embocadura tao linda. Um som brilhante

Author Magda Donckers (1 year)
Mooi enkel genieten

Author cricoumerkel (1 year)
Pour mon grand père paoupa Paul qui l écoutera de la haut Salut.

Author Alnilam2306 (1 year)
I cried, very very beautiful: '(

Author iceskatingfan100 (1 year)
never tiring of listening

Author hiago Almeida (1 year)
Adorei o video

Author Anna Liza Mayer (1 year)

Author Manuel Correia (1 year)
Em memoria dos BOMBEIROS falecidos. Paz às sua ALMAS

Author Mohammed Guerrouj (1 year)
Nice ....que dieux la bénisse........

Author IN NEMESI PAX (1 year)
This is an ancient Italian military march, don't you realize by the italian
title "Il Silenzio"?

Author Alfonso Forner (1 year)
escalofriante sin palabras

Author giuliana matthieu (1 year)

Author GamerDude9004 (1 year)
Sure she's really good but her embouchure is horrible

Author Mike Callister (1 year)
Truly a gifted & talented young girl with a bright future. You cant help
but tear up on this performance. Beautiful.

Author Jazz Fox (1 year)
hmm cool, it looks like she favors one side of the embouchure more than the
other. Neat me too!

Author enriquersalazar (1 year)
Hija de su madreeee, impresionante!!!

Author Osni Andrade (1 year)
Osni andrade simplismente maravilhosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Author Flora Mantovani (1 year)
un segno di pace e rispetto

Author Alfonso Theis (1 year)
molllllllllltoooooooooooooooo bbbbuono!!!

Author Heinz Roesch (1 year)
very nice

Author Mary Hansen (1 year)
Truly Magnificent... Such a learned and gifted child.

Author Holger Gabor (1 year)
Ich werde mein Papa morgen das Letzte geleit erweisen

Author François Duc (1 year)
une musique céleste et si magnifiquement interprétée, BRAVO PETITE,tu ira
loin,très loin et avec un prof mondialement célèbre comme André Rieux, ça

Author R Gimminez (1 year)
super perfectie dit is een Natuur talent

Author Lurdes Zuzarte (1 year)

Author Béláné Hornyák (1 year)

Author BobbA Louie (1 year)
She's from Germany and this isn't our Taps (USA Military), we play a
shorten version.

Author Pincho Arenas (1 year)
Hermosa melodía, que interpreta esta bella joven

Author Marcelo Silva (1 year)
Sem palavras. Genial

Author Gustavo Berti (1 year)
Dios que bello...

Author natalia schippelhut (1 year)
piel de gallina! impresionante

Author Maria Clelia Dezan Roque (1 year)
Emocionante!!! Dá uma saudade!

Author Marc Chervin (1 year)
seems to work for her. and the "best" embouchure in the world don't mean
shit, if you can't do what she does with it.

Author guitartec (1 year)
No, I didn't, but now I do. Thanks.

Author terenia422 (1 year)
Świetne wykonanie .Jestem pod wrażeniem Tej młodej dziewczyny,

Author peter bain (1 year)
I thought it was just me...I too cry, think I need to see a doctor....

Author pangui27 (1 year)
I could die in peace listening this music, leaving my body in peace to
enter in the next dimension, thanks, Namaste.

Author andrea daverio (1 year)

Author E Moley (1 year)
Really Beautiful

Author FrankieJay2010 (1 year)
I am humbled by the grace and beauty that this young girl plays with. Bravo!

Author Mary Hansen (1 year)
What an awesome arrangement Mr. Rieu>>>Second to none

Author Giorgio Maggi (1 year)
E da cosa lo si deduce, da 3 o 4 messaggi contro di lei?

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