Minecraft With Cupquake Ep.55 "Suicide Fish"

Starting to build my aquarium

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Author Josée Boissoneault (2 months)
Everybody unsubscrib to cupquake she sucks do it

Author LPS lovepaw (3 months)
make the little pond in the butterfly garden 2 deep

Author violetag68 (3 months)

Author KickIceNHL (8 months)
Stop flying

Author BRYONY GREEN (7 months)
Do it 2 deep!

Author Chideya Jones (10 months)
Umm I hope all the people commenting know that this was two years ago(yes
two years not three for the "Know-it-alls") and also that this is over. She
started a new one call ed Minecraft Oasis.

Author Rhythm Koski (7 months)
Make it two blocks deep 

Author vandy ciballos (8 months)
Make it little more deep

Author AnimalJamParadise (11 months)
poop mouth?

Author Hillary Davis (5 months)
I mean too shallow

Author Anna Dang (8 months)

Author Hillary Davis (5 months)
she gives meh the OCDs soooo bad the reason the fish committed suicide is
because it is too deep!!

Author Jodie Kline (9 months)
Just make it deeper

Author Alyssainfinity1 (10 months)
And for the slabs use a pickaxe

Author Neil Morrison (10 months)
poor dollfin i love dollfins

Author Alyssainfinity1 (10 months)
It can jump ONE BLOCK

Author Hannie Hendroffe (10 months)
Mate your horse

Author Melanie Rojas (1 year)
she needed to make the little pond smaller

Author TheMarcyCarcy (1 year)

Author jadechamberlain2 (1 year)
You have to make it deeper for the fish stop going crasy

Author nathdog555 (1 year)
The lake has to be more deeper

Author CupquakeRainbow (1 year)
ya it has to at lest be 2 deep you need to put glass over the place where
the candles are

Author Crystalheart luk (1 year)
Make the pond deeper dude

Author Shauna Martin (1 year)
Her home is awsome

Author Sadie Parker (1 year)
disable the sharks

Author Curtis Willey (1 year)
He DIED because it's to HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author anthony miles (1 year)
The pond in the garden is to shallow ! so you can't add fish coz they jump !

Author Ihascupquake2 (1 year)
Don't be sad I like your let's play.YOU ARE MEAN WHIONA I'M ONLY 9 AND YOU
talking about you I'm your biggest fan luv your let's play my favrites on
youtube.I luv your oasis let's play I am one of your subscribers sorry I
got mad about cats yesterday I was sad that you killed it.It's ok later I
will go back and like it +1

Author Angelika McDonald (1 year)
Dolphins are mammles so they breth ari

Author jelly496 (1 year)
The pond wasn't deep enough that's why

Author Amy Davis (1 year)
The pond in your garden room where the fish were dying its to shallow it
needs to be to me at least 3 blocks deep I think that would work

Author caoimhe carrie (1 year)
Disable the sharks

Author Craftgirl T.J (1 year)
The pond is to shallow

Author Allison Price (1 year)
U need to use a pic

Author roverjesse (1 year)
It's bottom to top

Author hm00bmuas1 (1 year)
Pote glowstone all around the a qareym

Author Ling-Ling Smith (1 year)

Author Corey J (1 year)
It has to be deep

Author ourdream1007 (1 year)
You have to use a pickaxe to break the slabs

Author mad misi (1 year)
It's fun watching u setting the water

Author delark2000 (1 year)
you have to make the watter deper

Author CHM ArticJungle (1 year)
Make it deeper

Author sharly Barago (1 year)
Omg omg!!! Kill the squids they eat your brains and the butter king will be
mad if you wont kill that butter king is Skydoesminecraft

Author Florence Achuo (1 year)
It's because the thingy needs to be farther down

Author Brownilandagain (1 year)
U r so nice to dolphins

Author Italiby Ortega (1 year)
it needs to be deep

Author crayfish384 (1 year)
ur mean

Author luis heraldez (1 year)
stay close to the fish eggs and they wont despawn if you stay close to them
they will hatch much more faster :)

Author jenny smith (1 year)
We're studying coral reefs

Author momo3322111 (1 year)
You need to use a picax to brack halfslabs

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