Custom Lego Figures Part 2

Here is the part 2 video of my custom lego figures. All lego creations in the video are created by me. I hope you enjoy and like it! Feel free to comment, rate and subscribe. 【ツ】

Click this link to see Part 1:
Click this link to see Part 3:

To see more lego creations made by me, you can visit my other accounts at:




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Author Cameron S. (25 days)
sas operative is in mw3 mission called mind the gap

Author TrappedP0tato (2 months)
This is unacceptable you only have 3,926 subs no no no you should have

Author TheJoysickGaming (3 months)

Author suberon is bro (26 days)

Author GAMEPLAY STREAMS (2 months)
like russia))

Author AnimeOps and Ends (6 months)
where do u get those small ropes

Author Milk and Brownie (3 months)
the Soviet Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko is classic

Author Blimperz (3 months)
REALLY good job :)

Author Milk and Brownie (3 months)
the music is from medal of honor frontline 

Author Sheri Yessler (5 months)
My son loves the navy seals minifigure

Author Kasey Young (8 months)
U.S didn't join the war during ww1

Author Milk and Brownie (3 months)
i like the ww1 german stormtrooper and the us mercenary soldier one word
like it .

Author VERTIG0 (5 months)
What's the music called? I know its from MoH, but what's the actual name?

Author Ethan Lu (5 months)
Modern u.s. soldier in desert camouflage is my favorite

Author Robert Cain (9 months)
Where did you get that desert eagle from? Was it from brickarms

Author Nic Buckley (9 months)
Classic awesome

Author Kormákur Jónsson (5 months)

Author Clewz13 (10 months)
If you would not mind, colonelghostman, what did uses as the belts and
weapon holsters, it is elastic band please do tell me!

Author jurij jere (10 months)
sas is the best

Author Cameron Groom (10 months)
Tutorial tutorial tutorial

Author lois hopwood (10 months)
dude best lego designs i have ever seen well done 

Author Campbell Kaselak (11 months)

Author Jake Jackson (9 months)
I like random guy with desert eagle pistol XD

Author Primal9000's youtube acc from roblox (9 months)
your Vietnam US. Shotgunner looks cool

Author Matt Stormer (10 months)
1 word awesome

Author Matt Stormer (10 months)
Random guy with a desert eagle XD 

Author Zekrom 1056 (1 year)
the d.e.a agent looks like the swat guy from mortal kombat right guys

Author GameCreeperMC (2 years)
iii... i can say only word about this: EPICAWESOME

Author SF DELTA (1 year)
how did you do the british SAS gas mask??

Author arlo McNally (1 year)
i love the navy seals

Author Wiggle McJiggle (1 year)
Really nice custom figures. You should try doing some modern Russian
military operatives if you ever get the chance. Nice job, man!

Author Shauwn White (1 year)
Dear santa.....

Author thefallenbricks (1 year)
Awesome minifigs :D

Author Andrej Romic (2 years)
soo cool

Author TheCastledude1 (1 year)
weapons are from?

Author Cullen Ah Soon (1 year)
The hunter was cul

Author Barney Miller (1 year)

Author LegoArtsStudios (1 year)
I'm changing myn to the modern navy seals guy

Author Bomb Brick Studios (1 year)
how do you make the gas mask?

Author john czedrick reyes (1 year)
I like the S.A.S. soldier i'm working on it by the way

Author mike broady (1 year)
Do You Use Rubber-Bands?

Author littlecrafter01 (1 year)
How you make the face by u.s special forces operator ??

Author TehPainCSO (1 year)
these weapons are from Brickarms a company which sells custom made
minifigure guns but they are not made by Lego

Author Akif Aizal (1 year)
Some are made some are from Brickarms

Author Harrison Zeiders (1 year)
How old are you and I think the mercenary's fav should have been diffrent

Author Izzy Chan (1 year)

Author Willeo3 (1 year)
cool soldiers man

Author Barney Miller (1 year)
what are the straps made of

Author rick howard (1 year)
cool video ever

Author Erick Figueroa (1 year)

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