Neil Peart Says Tom Sawyer is Difficult to Play Right [HD]


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Author Jere Greene (9 months)
Keep in mind that Neil's definition of "playing it right" is different than
the human definition.

Author RUSH Fan Page (2 days)

Author Alex Ginglen (9 months)
There you have it, straight from The Professor. The song is freaking
intense lol.

Author Mike Jordan (1 year)
You know what's hard to play right? Bleed by meshuggah. This song is a

Author Brandon Kincannon (1 year)

Author SuperMegaUberGenius (1 year)
not a grudge bubba
an honor
one of the 350 movie theatres was very happy to wish you well again

Author Chris Hollis (1 year)

Author MagnusD4Prez (1 year)
yea, if you're a part of the rhythm section an error becomes a flub in the
biological rhythms of everyone that can hear it. gotta keep it in the pocket

Author Aélcio Gonzaga (2 years)
esse kara é D+

Author HomesliceDrummer (2 years)
Neil is right. It is hard to play. However, there are many other Rush songs
that are much more challenging to play than Tom Sawyer.

Author greenbastrd (1 year)
La Villa strangiato.....just plain stupid hard.

Author Rawk4Life (1 year)
I take it you like trolling. Do something more productive with your life.

Author EZCreepin (2 years)
And really, there is so much music today that you cant really say who's
better than who, and it wouldnt be fair to the musicians anyway. If you get
a jazz drummer and a metal drummer together to do a drum off, you're gonna
find diverse tendencies between the two players and 100% of the time (or at
least it should be) people cant decide who's better than who. The jazz
drummer plays amazing jazz, but cant play metal, and vise versa. Same goes
for just about every other instrument :p

Author Március Veloso (1 year)
Finally some clever mind here...congrats on your words, pal.

Author granudisimo (1 year)

Author Phase42 (1 year)
Like karaoke singers who think, because they can nail a song at a karaoke
bar, that they're qualified to jump up and sing with a live band. And then,
when the live musicians don't sound exactly like the recorded backup
tracks, they get completely lost...

Author Nathan Odiorne (1 year)
Haha I just watched that video! It's crazy!

Author whateverman666 (2 years)
I've often thought Neil was 3 years behind the curve in terms of technique.
Right around the time the crazy jazz & fusion players were going Moeller,
Neil was doing what I was doing (but SOOOO much better): making his matched
grip as relaxed as possible. If he had a few more years to discover how to
make the stick work for him, Rush would have been a different band. He's
still damned amazing, and I wish I could buy that man as much scotch as his
influence on me represents.

Author Dancing Spiderman (2 years)

Author UselessShyte (1 year)
its a hard song. Any drummer knows that. If you say its an easy song to
play, you simply aren't telling the truth. Musicians like Neil Peart are so
far out in front of the rest of us that it is, in my opinion, and INSULT
for any of us to even attempt to critique his playing.

Author Dwayne Talkington (2 years)
I've seen many percussionist and drummers live. When I saw Rush the last
time Neil did a solo that was simply amazing and was playing half of it
with one arm while change sounds on electric drum pads. That alone was
impressive but then doing that with strobe lights and the drum kit on a
turn table spinning around. Just simply amazing. I've also seen him do a
jazz set with a 5 piece set and still sound just as amazing with a use of
different sticks and brushes and even his hands.

Author superdegus (2 years)
@ozzyisgood that just made my day XD

Author Ravenfitch82 (2 years)
@ozzyisgood lol

Author Tenebrius1963 (1 year)

Author BerserkerKaTaKlYsM (2 years)
Couldnt say it better, I'm a drummer myslef and I'm trying to learn it,
some parts sound easy, but it gets really complicated beyond half of the
song, not to mantion all the fills are hard to nail

Author lockstar169 (1 year)
Even though I'm an atheist, AMEN brother! So good, hahaha...

Author Camron Fritts (1 year)
he reminds me of Tom Hanks in the music vid. lol.

Author 2112iscoming (1 year)
Best. Drummer. EVER! Seen him break a stick, grab a new one out of a 5
gallon bucket, and not miss a beat!

Author Danjoker (2 years)
i just got mind fucked by this comment, haha

Author patorikku65 (2 years)
You, my friend, get it. Music isn't a sport, it is an art; there is no way
to define the best.

Author EmptyMindless Spectre (2 years)
max webster 2012 summer solstice

Author rk6314 (1 year)
As a kid, I played the guitar part pretty much with power chords. It
sounded *like* Tom Sawyer, but it really wasn't. I got a little more
sophisticated with my playing and picked up the killer voicings he uses for
those chords and that made all the difference. Though I'm not a drummer, I
can still hear the nuances in the drumming. The basic beat isn't tough, but
getting all those extra nuances in there is what makes it shine.

Author dave runner (1 year)
Hes a humble perfectionist... hard to find these days....

Author James Cairns (2 years)
cool story bro

Author EmptyMindless Spectre (2 years)
it's hard so is keith moon's rgor mortis so is remote viewing vhats your
point zsa zsa? thank i god host the gummy awards /watch?v=nPTvv_LV0ZQ seth

Author kc8ntp (1 year)
I am a professional bassist with 25 years at the strings, and the slightest
mistakes drive musicians nuts.

Author TheSquonk2112 (1 year)
agreed - posted some old shows on my page - check it out - more to come

Author Albert Juarez (1 year)
To think Neil use to sell souvenirs for a living. Go figure. ;-)

Author Tomas Tango (1 year)
Man he's a beast badass drummer!!

Author TruNordics14 (1 year)
yep Pert is in a league of his own as a musician. People argue a lot of fav
musician fanboyism, but the case for Peart is kinda irrefutable, he IS one
of the best drummers of all time.

Author chaoss610 (1 year)
I always loved that story. Kinda shows us that artists of that caliber have
to first please themselves before they worry about their audience's

Author Mountain gallery (1 year)
Lots of us can play it. He said "play it right" which is an important

Author dirtygirl1920 (2 years)
Makes me feel a little better about myself

Author Joseph De Vito (2 years)
THANK YOU :) joseph

Author MrNickdrummer (2 years)
Anyone can play Tom Sawyer. But only Neil can play it RIGHT.

Author Rudy Baaten (1 year)
The hard part of it is the creation, not the playing!!!

Author SuperMegaUberGenius (1 year)
SALAMIdentityCrisis /watch?v=8UL_rhTjsQ8 moon over crescent bourbon over
blue turtle

Author ms80sRocked1 (2 years)
neil you fucken right it is!!!!

Author HeyDrummah (2 years)
Eraserhead poster FTW

Author lowedt (1 year)
I couldnt play it right with 2 extra arms and legs

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