♥ Epic Moments - #50 SPECIAL!

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I decided to do a 7 in 1 type of special for number 50 in the Epic Moments series! Drop a like if you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more :)
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Outro music done by Vudvuzela:

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Author SpecialGamer (2 months)
bronze, silver, gold?

Author Timo Marti (1 month)
Never forgetting... its not racist if its positiv

Author Ali Umut Elmacı (1 month)

Author SuperXceol CXALIANTE (1 month)

Author Leon Beckner (3 months)

Author Simon Långström (5 months)

Author Dragos Andrei Bitlan (2 months)
What programs do you use for editing and recording the video's\replay's

Author Ian Hall (2 months)
AD soraka too good first pentakill on classic

Author SpecialGamer (2 months)
wich league is he?

Author DJ Zendyy (3 months)
i count 4 right there :3

Author CraftingHD Table (4 months)

Author Kratho (8 months)
i am afraid that you are ill... the dooitz at the end sound fucking creepy

Author Kevinofrepublic (4 months)
The noc kill was the best thing ever

Author The Crumbling Cookie (5 months)
dat manly "DOOOOOOOOOOITS":).

Author pingstar186 (5 months)
funny how it's now at 94, and he found 50 really special :D

Author Isay Badger (5 months)
does ryven have his own utube channel or something?

Author Preda turdz (5 months)
4:10 why i miss old heimy

Author Γιαννης Παπαδοπουλος (6 months)
only amumu and kennen were usefull in this clip with their ultis 

Author 2 Syndras 1 Cup (6 months)
u r awesome man, wanna play a game with u lél

Author DILLIGER90 (6 months)
ahahahahah it 's like that noc tripped on something lmao!

Author Kyzrath (7 months)
Man.. I remember when this video came out and I was all "holy crap this is

It still is.

Author Sverre lala (7 months)
WTF, that voice 8:00

Author alex lonneborg (7 months)
5:42 LOL

Author Alex Win (8 months)
i dunno... but you look like douchebag without glasses... just my opinnion
innit mate? :) :D

Author Spiral Haze (1 year)
HAH! Nocturne tripped!

Author Srsly i am High (1 year)
Okay - who the fuck is disliking this vids???....

Author bennejk (1 year)
@2:11 sp4zie, ew..

Author Ed Ellring (1 year)
Peepwood is a genius

Author Steve Vertongen (1 year)
I really enjoyed this one

Author MegaSoapGuy (1 year)
"he was far too in" thats what she said -.-

Author SapphireGemss (1 year)
I like getting 35-0 with mf ^ ^ but hen I learned a real champion

Author alexander anqvist (1 year)

Author dylan babin (1 year)
ad raka isnt as fun after her rework. shes to serious now

Author Kostas Spith (10 months)
song at 8:04

Author RobinSoup (1 year)
Well i wanted the video not to end.

Author Zergonfilo (1 year)
Wingardium Levi-Go-Away-Sa*

Author BiggestDyrusFan EVA (1 year)
03:59 That nunu name.....

Author MrHostileTomato (1 year)
Lol! I watched this video soooo many times but I still read Odyr as Udyr :D

Author The name is Pete (1 year)
6:58 "YES!... NO!!"

Author pieroog (1 year)
lol at dude's name at 03:57 - roughly translated into "shit into ass"

Author billamponga (1 year)
Circles of doom

Author hardstyle542 (1 year)
cyborg v7!

Author Kerksit (1 year)
7:20 you liar you didnt finish nr.50 at that moment cuz we see you saying
this in this video which means you were still editing it

Author Valdo Monteiro (1 year)
xD YOur last DOoitz was soooooooo weird! xD Like, comic-character weird.
And that AoE Team of D00M! <3

Author Defalt47 (1 year)
your nerdgasm reminds me of wingardium leviosa :D

Author alxhy (1 year)
You are not a real League player if you don't get killed by the BANANA OF

Author richard clark (1 year)
napoleon :D

Author MinecraftFreaker100 (1 year)
Music at Game 2? Jax Marathon

Author Sebastian Leukhardt (1 year)
Å kära nån D:

Author Yowzahz (1 year)

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