WWE Randy Orton destroys Sheamus

The Viper Randy Orton destroys Sheamus!!! RKO 4 ever!!! =)

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Author Cenation Derrick (1 month)
the viper strikes

Author kostas papadopoulos (3 months)
Guys I randy ortons fun from greece how can I buy t shirt

Author Dan Awadh (4 days)
I love this randy orton

Author Iskandar Mat Rozi (24 days)

Author Yuda Gaming (1 month)
HE IS jg?

Author Supa Copper (1 month)
This is the Randy Orton I like the most.(Legend Killer also not bad)

Author jochen jochmans (4 months)
Angry orton is the best

Author jean jacque (2 months)
WWE Randy Orton destroys Sheamus

Author Dyllon Freeman (8 months)
Randy's the best

Author icegirl71388 (8 months)
the viper more like a great white shark, try more like a t-rex,RKO

Author Himanshu Patel (8 months)
do not attack the viper

Author Roel Ruiz (11 months)
Now this is the randy orton we love not the face orton or current orton
that can't beat anyone by himself

Author laassila omar (9 months)
I miss this Randy Orton

Author Chris Clegg (10 months)
This is the Randy Orton I miss

Author Glorfinniel (10 months)

Author Sfanky Galanida (7 months)
this is what the real randy orton is!!

Author Alvicia Yazzie (1 year)
Randy is so awesome and I wish he would stay Like this

Author Maoriboyswag317 (1 year)
I only just realized

Author JkRs marley (1 year)
Randy Destroy : Sheamus,Cody Rhode And Wade barrete

Author RAVI BAHUGUNA (1 year)

Author AceShadow (10 months)
How many times has Michael cole said "I have never seen randy orton in this
state of mind" haha 

Author Justin Allen-Jones (1 year)
He should have stayed down

Author randy200000zz (1 year)
im the 1000 one to like this

Author Jonathan Ayala (1 year)
Fast forward to 2013, and these two are tag team partners...

Author yantirawk (1 year)
Randy is a king

Author devinmuldrew (1 year)

Author carlos roberts (1 year)
isso e o mamimo;

Author iPadAir (1 year)
Randy orton heel now.

Author mgunvanti2314 (1 year)
Fuckin edge

Author aa52f579711 (1 year)

Author Raf Rae Jepsen (1 year)
thumb!! who want ,randy orton destroy cm punk"

Author EMIN3M JNR (1 year)
what happend??? u goin loopy turning on evey1 except HHH after he raids ur
huse what a retart if u ask me.. watch HHH vs Randy ortan at his house...
lol he gets throun out the window lol

Author Sammy Yazgi (1 year)
Never interrupt randy

Author JohnnyMrC (1 year)

Author regidixon1990 (1 year)
Best in the wwe

Author terelia2005 (1 year)
Boo sheamus

Author MOHD SAARI MD YUSOF (1 year)
this is the viper heel mode awsome

Author khkkarine (1 year)
Trop bien

Author shailendra theboss (1 year)
rko rockzzz

Author Mohinder seresh (1 year)
At 3:26 Randy is thinking: "Why the hell didn't my music play?!" And runs
back to Sheamus! Haha.

Author ringo star (1 year)

Author Jacob Bennett (1 year)
When you watch these back after a few years randy orton looks a bit naked

Author ALLSTAR SUFF (1 year)
Its over 9000

Author Rodrigo Filho (1 year)
ou e isso ae randy tem mais e q da uma surra nesse troxa

Author Maria aa (1 year)
randy what happened why are u mean

Author Luis Sanchez (1 year)
thats what sheamus gets

Author Abdullah Qadri (1 year)
too much of voices in his head

Author Dean Ambrose (1 year)
Fucking crazy!!!

Author Snake .SS (1 year)
And people wanna turn around and say that Randy Orton is boring bitch please

Author bridgeluvdakidz (1 year)
Randy orton is the beast

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