Pick harmonics Pinch Harmonics Lesson Pick Harmonics, Pinch Harmonics with easy to understand Slow Motion close-up section.

If you want to know hot to play squeals like Zakk Wylde, Billy Gibbons, Eddie Van Halen & many other guitar players, you'll find this lesson explains it very clearly.

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Author Mike Goldscheitter (11 months)
I've been trying to do this consistently for years. This is a pretty good
demo, but my question is and always has been:


PLEASE HELP! I have no happiness until my guitar squeals ON COMMAND.

Author Andrew Rhone (3 years)
@ChantingBee Thank you very much good sir

Author Sara Verhagen (3 years)
@Racewayelko it does, it only sounds different because you probably don't
use distortion on your guitar, I tried it it worked

Author guitarcomplete (4 years)
I replied twice so please read both. I had the same problem when I first
started playing pick harmonics, but worse! I couldn't play them on the two
thickest strings, or, on the thinnest string. I was doing both things I
mentioned to help you consistently wrong. It took me about three hours to
get my first pick harmonic to squeal out & about six months to play them
consistently. I just kept trying & finally got it. So things could be a
worse. I learned slow. I bet you will learn much faster!

Author Andrew Rhone (3 years)
@ChantingBee My bad :p

Author guitarcomplete (4 years)
OK then, you're serious! If you can play pick harmonics on the thinner
strings, E, B, & G you have the technique down. So this should be an easy
fix! A lot of the time, the thicker strings, D, A & E only have to be hit a
little harder than the thinner strings to get harmonics from. 1. So try
smacking them with a little more humph. 2. You might be changing the
position of your hand, the pick, or both. So look at how you hold your
hand/pick on thinner strings & duplicate it on the thicker strings.

Author guitarcomplete (4 years)
OK, are you talking about the top three strings as the thick strings or the
thin strings? When I know exactly what you are asking, I'll be able to give
you a better answer to help you out. If you get back to me today, I'll get
back to you within a day. Fair enough?

Author Nero Oren (1 year)
I thought he was yngwie malmsteen on the thumbnail...

Author Andrew Rhone (3 years)
@ChantingBee Sorry :p prolly should have looked at your name, or would that
be sexist? XD

Author guitarcomplete (1 year)
They are cool.

Author Nero Oren (1 year)
Done ;)

Author Steve Lovett (5 years)
I've been workin on my pick harmonics and thought I had em down pat, but
where you demonstrated the different pitches from the same fret has opened
up alot of tones for me. Thanks alot for your post. Your's in the blues.

Author guitarcomplete (1 year)
Now that's a great question! Yes, the amp effects the sound but you can get
pitch harmonics out of ANY AMP or even on an acoustic with NO AMP! Using a
lot of distortion helps to make the harmonics scream & howl more. Here are
examples to check out with varying amounts of distortion: Listen to ZZTops
"Le Grange", Monty Montgomery covering "Little Wing" or most anything Zakk
Wylde plays. You'll see it's possible no matter what and that it's YOUR
HANDS that make it happen regardless of the amp.

Author guitarcomplete (5 years)
Cool! Thank you very much. Honestly, The camera guy I have helps a lot to
make my videos better that I could alone. He's a really good guitarist and
pro videographer. In fact, (no lie or BS) He shot the video for the
Sevendust song 'Driven' . His help is immeasurable! I have to give him a
lot of credit for videos I post on YouTube and the ones on my site. Just
search for "guitarcomplete" if you want to see the site. Thanks again for
the comment. Very cool of you.

Author guitarcomplete (2 years)
Great. Glad it helped.

Author nickinmn (2 years)
Thank you for the tuitorial and detailed explanation

Author Brian Soo (1 year)
I need help here , I tried this and I'm able to do pinch harmonics ,
However it does not sounds like the guitar is "screaming" like how
squealies should sounds like , I'm using a 10w Ibanez amp ..Does the guitar
amplifier effect on the sound of the pinch harmonics ? Thank you :D

Author Steve Lovett (5 years)
A question. Do you find this easier with a thicker pick?? I do. I've tried
a few different picks and find that the thicker the pick the easier this
is. Come to think of it, I have found that I don't like thin picks.(2mm
minimum). I like the way thicker picks seem to roll off the strings.
However I do use thin delrin picks if I want (sorry, need) to be quiet. By
the way man nice axe. Is it a normal LP Trad???? My teacher has one and its

Author Bruttar (2 years)
I could made it in 1 hour =D

Author hjalmarBuoi (2 years)
i found that using a jazz 3 pick made it much much easier, also the gain
must be cranked and distorton as fuck ! :P awesome !!

Author JacJavJac (3 years)
Out of all the videos on how to do this, I DEFINITELY find this one the

Author MasterTsukimaru (2 years)
my progress after watching the tutorial: .watching video .5 minutes later:
got my very first pinch harmonic .1 hour later: each 3/7 right notes .3
hours later: each 5/7 right notes .8 hours later: all 7/7 right notes .1
week later: a total mastery ALL THANKS TO YOU!!!! EPIC TUTORIAL :D

Author guitarcomplete (5 years)
Pick size can be a factor and yes thicker picks do make it a bit easier to
play pick harmonics for many people. As you use pick harmonics more often
though, you'll be able to do them with any old pick regardless of it's
size. As for the guitar, it's an aged 2000 Gibson Historic 57' Gold Top
Reissue with a real late 1950's PAF pickup.

Author guitarcomplete (2 years)
@ncorrieri Your very welcome :)

Author guitarcomplete (3 years)
@337camo, Yes it's absolutely possible on bass. You can do it the exact
same way with a pick, or just buy touching the string with a finger &
plucking it with another one using the same hand.

Author guitarcomplete (1 year)
Thanks about the video. I always thought there had to be a better way to
show people how to play pick harmonics. It's such a simple technique, but
it's so hard explain with just words. Even in a video, unless people SEE
the pick hand up close, it's still hard to explain. Did you "get it" after
seeing this video? BTW, Feel free to subscribe the channel.

Author guitarcomplete (1 year)
Thank you! If you have a Facebook page, Twitter etc... feel free to share a
link, or if you have a web site & want to embed any video here, go for it.
These videos are out there to help people & the more people they can, the

Author Black Hole (3 years)
@guitarcomplete Nice cool deal, i'll have to give it a try. how does it

Author guitarcomplete (2 years)
@MrWebon Big thick picks do help to make it easier. A ridicules amount of
gain helps too. The thing is, when you really get it down it won't matter
what you use. You'll be able to play harmonics with a tire iron or a
feather, laugh as you play them and make you neighbors wish you were dead
if you're loud enough!

Author Sara Verhagen (3 years)
@Racewayelko hihi I'm a girl XD

Author GGYlenol (5 years)
very useful lesson, great job man : )

Author westbohan (2 years)
its about the great tone and fingers!

Author 2222Ruud2222 (2 years)
i get a harmonic sound but not as loud and clear as a normal harmonic. how
do you get so much sound out of the pinch harmonic?

Author Sara Verhagen (3 years)
@Racewayelko no it's not sexist haha, I just didn't want a name with
numbers and well I was thinking about this in an inst

Author guitarcomplete (2 years)
@MasterTsukimaru Absolute great to here :)

Author MrWebon (2 years)

Author Andrew Rhone (3 years)
now does this work on acoustic?

Author Nero Oren (1 year)
The small you kinda looks like yngwie. Great vid btw, I have been playing
for almost 8 years and never quite got how to do pinch harmonics.

Author eduardje3 (1 year)
Perfect just perfect

Author guitarcomplete (3 years)
Great. Glad it helped. if you'd like more tips & free videos to check out,
please visit my web site guitar complete dot com. I think you might like
what I offer there.

Author Deceptikon121212 (1 year)
I won't sleep till I learn this!!!!

Author Black Hole (3 years)
this is a great video. i'll have to try it out next time iam around a
guitar. i know this question may seem retarded, iam no musician, but is it
possible to do this on a bass?

Author guitarcomplete (5 years)
Great! Glad it helped you.

Author MrFloKaefer (2 years)
wow. after watching thousands of videos about how to play pick harmonics it
finally worked after yours. thanks man :D

Author guitarcomplete (5 years)
Great! I'm glad it helped you.

Author rui guerra (2 years)
90% of the sound is on your fingers, but the guitar pickups also matter xD

Author gibberooster (3 years)
This helped a lot.

Author guitarcomplete (1 year)
No, not Yngwie, but that is me in the thumbnail.

Author Joe W (1 year)
I am able to do pinch harmonics no problem, but maybe I have an issue with
my guitar. On the g, b and e (lightest) strings, I can do them comfortably,
But on the D, A and low E strings they are difficult to accomplish. And
even when I can accomplish them, the sound is empty and no where near as
loud and effective as yours. My friend who can do them tried my guitar and
he found it extremely difficult to do as well. Any ideas?

Author Quentin Hamilton (2 years)
u kinda look like eddie trunk

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