JWS - JoMo Vs. Sin Cara Promo

So I originally wanted this done by Jan 27, but it won't be then. I want to take my time and if you saw Ep. 2 Parts 2 and 3 you can tell I didn't put enough time and effort into it to really make it good. Give me time with this to make it the best it can be. Thanks.

- UPDATED Jan 13, 2013

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Author FoothillMonkeys (7 months)
JWS- Extreme Rules(Full) isn't available in America

Author Tribute King (8 months)
Can u do a collection vid 

Author WoodysBaglos (2 years)

Author mickell Grant (2 years)
Jwsowner you are awesome

Author Mason Peterson (2 years)
Hey JWSorner when is the Extreme Rules ppv......????

Author AeizZkie GD (1 year)
Starship Pain ;3

Author jwsowner (2 years)
haha. Thanks, man!

Author joseph135rules (2 years)
wtf up with promo music

Author Mia Garcia (2 years)

Author jwsowner (2 years)
Yeah, and I can give target dates for the matches, too.

Author WWExtreme25 (2 years)
your match card graphic is so cool.i love it :) So realistic! great promo.
Looking forward to the ppv. The work rate you put in is so evident in all
your episodes and im looking forward to this ppv especially good job :)

Author HashTag33 (2 years)
That was the Siiickest Promo Ever

Author MC136 (2 years)
whens extreme rules and what about royal rumble

Author angel lazaro consuelo (2 years)
1 27 13 in royal rumble

Author Trash Bulb (2 years)
Can't wait till 2013.This is gonna be awesome!!

Author dogglockerpunk (2 years)

Author jcoxbeast (2 years)
LOL at the Doors for John Morrison's part of the promo. Jim Morrison is a
better singer than John, though...

Author MAHAWWESERIES (2 years)
hey man ur amazing how do you do it i want to know im starting my own show
too except i have rey mysterio miz and cm punk then the rest is flexforce
can u also tell me how u made ur ring and the logo u have

Author 54wwecenation (2 years)
I wish I was a good animator like u bro! keep up the awesome work check out
my animations tho. im a subber.

Author castritomarin (2 years)
Boom yhea finally

Author MC136 (2 years)
whens extreme rules

Author bachambers1199 (2 years)
1/27/13? Crap we'll all be dead by then! JK

Author Jackson Worel (2 years)
Im suprised there arent any haters like " WOW U STILL PLAY WITH DOLLS U
BABY" but sereasly keep it up these are great and I don't Evan watch wwe
any more

Author kkdarden (2 years)
I cannot wait!! Can you PLEASE upload on the 30th (my birthday)? It would
mean SOOOO much!

Author TheXtreme106 (2 years)
Umg first >:3!!! Nice promo!

Author Wrstling1231 (2 years)
Come on John Morrison !

Author cenation646 (2 years)

Author steely200 (2 years)
Botchers gunna be botching

Author EddieTheShow (2 years)
i love it can't wait to see some high flyin' moves

Author sillySUPERPOP (2 years)
Fuckin awesome promo, welcome to TEAM NAILED IT !!!

Author Alex Mccluskey (2 years)

Author eddy coronado (1 year)
you're the best

Author lamont ward (2 years)
I can't wait that is going to be awesome

Author ED (2 years)
What a promo!!!!!!

Author ChampionshipSlam (2 years)
Please answer my message

Author HashTag33 (2 years)
l0l you had my hopes up l0l good One

Author Joseph Gustafson (2 years)
isnt john morrison your favorite superstar?

Author David .Kent (2 years)
what sin carra figure is that?

Author Eli Truth (2 years)
did you watch the whole movie?...

Author Adrewtwo 827 (2 years)

Author CamFNSharpe (2 years)
I would, cause then they'd go :lO upon logging into Youtube.

Author wrestlingSHOWOFFman (2 years)
when you make anis do you make a script or do you wing it????

Author MrWWE14Fan (1 year)

Author Ralph Regis (1 year) many WWE mattel figs do u got?

Author Ac3 (2 years)
Cant wait!!!!

Author kyle p (2 years)
can't wait for now JWS ROCKS

Author esteban lomas (1 year)
omg i subscribed to both of you guys, you guys are awesome!!!

Author jwsowner (2 years)
I started with blue before I got the white, but I will use white Cara in
all single ani's of him.

Author Jamie Price-DixonSkates (2 years)
Would you like me to send u a Elite 15 cara

Author omarseif2000 (2 years)
Cant w8 :) , one question do u make all the match in one day or u keep the
figures steady for another day ??

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