Black Ops 2: GOLD DSR 50 Free-For-All (BO2 Sniper Gameplay/ Commentary)

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Author Ryan Mackay (6 days)

Author Steven Robertson (3 months)
You use sound as an excuse for
All your deaths

Author marco follese (1 month)
Whats your sensibylity? 14?

Author Will Rawlinson (3 months)
I have got that diamond dsr50 

Author Brenda Hilario (2 months)
Some are like level 11,5,and13

Author Astro Gaming (4 months)
got it diamond

Author DeathBlockUniverse (3 months)

Author tnt maniac (5 months)
10 to 12 is the best sensetivity

Author isiah marinas (5 months)
2 more bloodthirstys and gold

Author Brenda Hilario (2 months)
Look at what level he is killing the people

Author tnt maniac (5 months)
I suck at spelling crap

Author BlackOpsIIDominic (1 year)
Why is every person not even prestige yet? And you got a GOLD dsr? LOVE YR

Author Jack Buckley (9 months)
Got the gold DSR today, looks nice

Author mastamika90 (1 year)
Ps3 *

Author Joshua Lluberes (1 year)
Mine is Suicidal Din9o

Author MyRainingBlood (11 months)
I got my first gold pdw a few days ago

Author JoseGoneGaming (8 months)

Author McSwaggins (11 months)
Revers booster

Author ThwProp (11 months)
I got 5 bloodthirstys, 5 more and I unlock Diamond camo

Author Ruairidh Sutherland (1 year)

Author Harry Simpson (1 year)
I use 14

Author 370zfan (9 months)
I personally like the gold dsr better than the diamond I like the diamond
ballista though.

Author NyanScout (1 year)
I use 13-14

Author TeamBYI (1 year)
always 14 sensitivity cuz i like to trickshot

Author Luie Ayala (1 year)
Gamertag Ps3- Ludyn_ anyone want to get tjat 1v1 invite me

Author Jamil Bhatti (10 months)
Fifa is crap Loser

Author Cordell Harris (8 months)
I got that gold in 4 hours

Author jesse konttinen (1 year)
I use 11

Author SpeczGaming InTeMpO (1 year)
Are u Scottish because I am

Author Rafie (9 months)
I only need 4 more bloodthirsty and I have the dsr gold

Author xxWeeDTitaiNxx (7 months)
i don't know y but i like people from irelanr or that are scotish or irish
i just do!!

Author xxshootkillwinxx (1 year)
I can't play FFA or S&D, I think it is a lot more difficult, so I'm just
sticking with my ground war!! :)

Author XiteXRay (1 year)
You need diamond camo for snipers it's sexy

Author SoooKrisspy (1 year)
Gold Doesn't Look That Good In Black Ops 2

Author mastamika90 (1 year)
Invite me yo play 1vs1 my name pse is onlive

Author Stephen Armstrong (1 year)
What was the point of fmj?

Author Tomas Awesomee (1 year)
lol its impossible to quick scope on BO2 they made the ADS really slowly,
maybe they'll fix it in a patch, hopefully

Author PlasmaGypsy (1 year)
I'm eating a Callipo.

Author js alencastro (1 year)
Search and Destroy is so fun, I don't like ground war because it's a noob
game mode.

Author mastamika90 (1 year)
My name greece 4ever

Author ballislifewc55 (1 year)
use awarness

Author Neelesh Shikotra (1 year)
I only need 2 bloodthirsty to get DSR-50 Gold!! I got 6 Bloodthirsty's
yesterday in raid and merciless :)

Author Z5REDLIGHTNING (1 year)
your voice reminds me of the movie brave

Author Channel1983ify (1 year)
I use 14 sensitivity

Author marlon cuna (1 year)
Of course it's hard your using a sniper ! Lmao

Author vonderhaarfans (5 months)
CoOl QwikScopazz

Author Teqzahh (1 year)
@3FinRun 6 for me -_-

Author cesar santos (1 year)
Ur ment to be a sniper

Author Louise Westlake (5 months)
Add monkeyface12303 as friend on Xbox live I have gold dsr-50

Author Spidey Spider (1 year)
How do you put iron sight on the dsr 50

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