Flip Wilson - 'Ugly Baby' routine

Flip Wilson tells his famous 'Ugly Baby' joke.

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Author Alan Andrews (1 month)
Thanks to +Terence Towles Canote for reminding me that today is the late
Clerow "Flip" Wilson's birthday. He was always one of my favorites, and I
had many of his routines memorized.

Here is Flip's "Ugly Baby" routine, performed on the Tonight Show.

Author Steven Chappell (19 days)
This is Flip's first of a dozen appearances on the show- 9/30/65. 

Author Vanessa Klinger (8 months)
See its shows when you speak well and educate yourself with how to talk,
your gift will make room for you.. What's your gift.. know how to talk..

Author snowrocket (2 months)
Flip was terrific! I loved him as a kid in the '70s. If you made Johnny
Carson laugh like that, you were GOOD, AND you got invited back!

Author Karl Rauchfuss (1 month)
If he was so funny why didn't Johnny invite him over to the couch?

Author Jay El (6 months)
How is this so old but funnier than
90% of comedians out today?? 

Author Rnickey Lidack (1 month)
he's got a little bit of a Lenny Bruce cadence going.............

Author Paul Kirby (4 months)
I saw this in the summer of 1965 while living in Cleveland, It was so
funny I stayed up another hour to catch it on the Toledo channel again.
Looks like Johnny didn't invite Flip up to sit on the couch though. I
think this might have been Flip Wilson's first appearance on the Tonight

Author TheColkevin (4 months)
Man Oh Man A Class Act. Love that Period.

Author martin buck (10 months)
sad... Carson was that amused and didn't invite him to the couch... hmmmmm

Author nao b DJ (11 months)
It was Beyonce on the train hahahahahahahaha that baby is the ugliest thing
I have ever seen

Author noneymouse (7 months)
hmm i guess this was edgy back in 1965 when people were proper as fuk, this
is just another joke in the 2014, easily forgotten in less than 10 minutes,
my how the world has change

Author Malaine Gill (11 months)

Author William Wilson (10 months)
Smoking on, things have changed.

Author Anna Hall (5 months)

Author James Wester (1 year)
*I wanted to be Flip Wilson*

When I was a kid, Flip Wilson was my idol. Not sure how I ended up on this
YouTube video this morning, but thought it worth sharing. Bonus: a very
young Johnny Carson (another idol).

Author Ruby Lynette Turner (1 year)

Author Michael Fullerton (6 months)

Author Rod Thorell (1 year)
One of my favorite jokes of all time.

Author (1 year)

Author gildman busterboy (1 year)
google "truthcontest" and click on THE PRESENT

Author brotherman10 (2 years)
That was a funny routine. Timing, timing, timing.

Author e37a (2 years)
The greatest storyteller I ever heard! I idolized Flip Wilson....r.i.p....

Author Gregory Clark (2 years)
i used too listen to this but on 8 track much dirtyer lol

Author SusanRandy (2 years)
Too funny!!!

Author Themaddprof (1 year)
Standards went down Clerow (Flip) Wilson never finished high school, having
spent a miserable childhood in foster homes and juvenile detention centers.
He joined the Air Force as a way out, and educated himself through
extensive reading and listening to educated people speak. Self-reinvention
in a positive way.

Author Tysons Accosta (1 year)
It's amazing that within 5 years of this appearance, Flip would go on to be
the biggest name on TV. From 1969 to about 1973, no one could touch him.

Author John Sessoms (3 years)
@lakerfan2390 Could have been one of those appearances where the guest had
to leave right away to get to wherever he was doing his show that night and
didn't have time to stay and talk.

Author latortugalatortuga (2 years)
comedy was so classy and tame, no ass or sex jokes

Author Cynthia Mccrea (1 year)
why can't most folks speak clearly anymore??? This man was educated in the
30's/40's and speaks well. What's going on now? lil jon, T.I., etc.

Author meanwiddlekid (1 year)
The original tapes from all early Tonight Shows were taped over by NBC to
save money. Only kinescopes of some highlights exist.

Author Steve Matthews (2 years)
What a funny guy! Love his style. So many black comedians use their colour
as a way to get cheep laughs. They even get away with racist humour that
white comics would be condemned for. It should work both ways. I'd like to
think Flip Wilson never resorted to that level.

Author ECO473 (2 years)
Not too many comics could put Carson on the floor, but Mr. Clerow (Flip)
Wilson did just that!!!

Author Steve Jump (2 years)
This was one of FW's best stories. Sometimes he seemed to be a supremely
gifted storyteller who demonstrated his powers by working with a lack of
first rate material.

Author JazzAnswer99 (1 year)
Johnny walked over to shake his hand. I agree with Steve Urban's reply. It
was good show business for Flip to cut out after the punch line. And, he
did peer out for a curtain call just at the right moment. And Johnny gave
him a great review - laughing his head off after Flip had left.

Author Brit Stormy (1 year)
Like the rest of life & progress in America, the video is also moving
backwards in history >.<

Author Sid Fumbanks (1 year)
I totally agree. Who would have thought that speaking ignorantly would pay
off? It breaks my heart that this stereotype is being applauded and pushed
to the forefront. It sells, and that is the bottom line, no matter how
degrading it makes the artist look...

Author lakerfan2390 (3 years)
shame johnny didn't call him over....he should have

Author tripjet999 (1 year)
This was originally in color. What happened?

Author athroughz0t9 (3 years)
This joke never ceases to be funny.

Author Shayla Fuller (1 year)
gotta Love Flip. He is the Best

Author JD Straw (2 years)
I agree, but I applaud Mr. Carson for even having him on his show in those
times back then. Mr. Carson was funny himself, and he enjoyed humor from

Author Joe Postove (1 year)
It's a black and white kinescope. There is probably no color tape of the
show, although it was prerecorded in color. NBC either lost in a fire or
taped over almost all of the Tonight Shows from the Paar (who began taping
in 1958) era through the first ten years of Carson (1972). What a shame and
waste. However it is my understanding that a reel of hour 2 inch tape back
in those days cost upwards of 750. dollars, I can understand the
motivation. Too bad NBC didn't kinescope these shows.

Author Karen Lacey (1 year)
Johnny is practically on the floor...

Author CycoWarriorx (2 years)
Classic... And this was a tame Flip Wilson... Lol

Author TribecaSam (2 years)
Had a rough day today. Thanks Flip

Author Sam Mann (2 years)
He had a huge influence on the smarter, hipper humor from the 1980's on.
God bless.

Author Cynthia Mccrea (1 year)
wow, you totally misread what I typed. FLIP was educated back in the day
and spoke just as elegantly and clear! What the heck happened that so many
folks are speaking like T.I. and Lil Jon with the thick country, 5th grade
education? And it's totally fact so accepted that those guys
are making BIG BUCKS. Most folks who folks who speak well are struggling
(like our educators). so sad.

Author Robert Gelfand (1 year)
That's Myron Cohen

Author Jack Martin (2 years)
A comedy classic

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