Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales

A tribute to the new ultimate spider-man series. I own no rights to the comic book or the song in this video.

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Author oODark__KnightOo (3 days)
Peter Parker was better Spider-Man...

Author RGDrewGaming (7 days)
0:37 special guest appearance by Tech N9ne

Author Slendatroll (5 months)
People hating the new Spider-Man just because he's black. Hmm, seems legit.

Author RobotShlomo (5 months)
It had nothing to do with his race, for the first couple issues Miles
Morales was an effeminate, whiny, little bitch. "BOO HOO!! I don't want
super powers!". I have no idea where the character has gone, but
introducing him with those character traits completely turned me off to the
character, and after two or three issues I said "Done!". 

Author Kidastro123 (2 months)
I think he should be part of Earth-616, cause we all saw Galactus in the
new Hunger arc of Ultimate Spider-Man

Author Scott Mercer (19 hours)
is anybody know song?

Author Slendatroll (5 months)
1:13 The fuck does this have to do with Deadpool?

Author Daniel Sergent (1 month)
I like miles morales:ultimate spiderman the comic book series is really

Author Mike Rm Rivera (7 months)
I'm fine with a Black/PR Spider-Man. I mean, they already have Spider-Man
2099 & in DC they have several versions of Green Lantern Superman,so why
not a Black/PR Spider-Man

Author Chandler Yarber (2 months)
What song is this?

Author JoJo Madara (9 months)
Wow. People really can't let go and handle the fact that Peter Parker is
dead in the Ultimate Marvel universe.
I think Miles Morales makes a damn good successor as the next up and coming
Spiderman. It's good to pass the torch on to someone every now and then.

Author Marco Junior (3 months)
Spiderman will never be dead. Other people will be him !

Author GMReviews (5 months)
I did a review on the miles morales movie on my channel.

Author MoMo AZ (5 months)
you cant always have one fucking person playing it... seriously robin and
flash have been through so many incarnations.. Its just another progressive
movement and I like it.. Quit being so close minded >.> 

Author Daniel Gibson (6 months)
Thats pretty fucking cool, but guys spidey is still alive in the normal
universe so don't freak.

Author DrewYetti (9 months)
People are more upset that the ultimate peter parker died because he was
more relatable to the fans than the 616 version. I didn't think they had to
kill off Peter Parker, especially at a young age. 

Author Tight Thread (9 months)
Not a big fan of the new spidey, not gonna lie. And it has nothing to do
with him being black, because I'm black. I'm getting kind of tired of all
the spideys being damned little kids with no meat on there bones. Gets
kinda annoying having your childhood idol being....that..

Author notecages25 (6 months)
LOL, people should know that this is the "Ultimate" Marvel Universe and
happened a whiiiiile ago. The ultimate universe has different story lines
than the regular marvel universe. Even in the ultimate universe Peter
manages to come back. The only people that think this is lame are people
that have never read this comic. The stories are actually really good, and
the kid is just as likeable and easy to love as Peter. Plus this sends a
great message to kids of color. My fellow Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and
Cubans that have black ancestry will understand. We are marginalized even
in our own races because we are "too dark", so it is great to have this in
Marvel. Anyway, marvel has always been great about having main characters
of various races, with the exception of DC's black Green Lanter, who is
actually the best one so far, but that can also be debatable:). Point is to
just enjoy it man.

Author Bir Türk Yapımı (7 months)
I hate Miles Morales

Author thebatmanover9000 (2 months)
I would not mind if they rebooted the Peter Parker character as a black
person but I hate the fact they changed his identity all together.

Author Octavio Ordaz (10 months)
People are fuxking racist man... :( 

Author leesquad $$ (3 months)
What's the music called

Author volikoto (11 months)
did they just made a black version of spiderman? :|

Author Sebastian Bloom (8 months)
So like him being mixed is the issue is it......fuck that just like all you
fucking im 1/8 Irish and whatever else you maybe have an issue....we all
are mixed with something. ....yes him being a kid is annoying but everytime
a childhood fav had children they die ......

Author xboxgamersydro (7 months)
Honestly, I think this will be pretty good. a change of character isn't bad
at all. Yes it's sad peter died, but look at "the amazing Spiderman"
genesis he died and then reborn "loooonnnnnnggggg story". so maybe just
maybe they may bring him back , and we'll have a team Spiderman thing going
on, and if they don't, then that's fine this will be a good story.

Author syren windsor Smith (8 months)
but but but!!!.. its good to have a american kid!!.. just like peter is..

Author Swanny1883 (8 months)
Most of the people who hate Miles are the ones who have never read his
books. Miles is a fantastic Spider-man, plus Peter is coming back to 616 in
april. Sooo let Miles stay Spidey in 1616. 

Author jhonny razer (8 months)
For fuck sake miles is not black is a fucking latino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Sebastian Bloom (8 months)
So like him being mixed is the issue is it......fuck that just like all you
fucking im 1/8 Irish and whatever else you maybe have an issue....we all
are mixed with something. ....yes him being a kid is annoying but everytime
a childhood fav had children they die ......

Author almeida selva (9 months)
eles estão acabando com a infância de todas as crianças do
mundo,principalmente a minha

Author King Noprom (10 months)

Author Joe Young (9 months)
Its kinds stupid that people are freaking out, from what I've read Miles is
epic, he's not Peter and has his own struggles. Not only is this a nice
change of pace, the ultimate universe is supposed to be a sand box, and a
testing ground. If Miles gets traction we may get to see him in more then
just the ultimate universe and I think that would be amazing. To all you
haters out there quit your bitching cause this is just a what if story, and
its good so far.

Author val154 (10 months)
I cannot wait until this gets animated. 

Author finsoto (8 months)
Morales is hispanic not afro-american. Not racist..,ok. Ignorant yes.

Author joed acilo (10 months)
bullshit this sucks replacing peter parker 4 this black version spiderman
.. well if peter dies this spiderman will suck .. dont kill peter in the
movie ..

Author Eckounleashed1972 (10 months)
Fuck the New black kid he sucks 

Author Terencebriones (5 months)
It feels like the Spider Man thing will be passed on generations for a long
time. c:

And this kid is proving it. (?)

Author alexanderdelix Felix (11 months)
Peter Parker is the true spiderman. I think that most people around the
world got disappointed about Parker's death. He is part of my childhood and
these motherfuckers can't fuck it up

Author Christian Raya (9 months)
It would pretty cool if they made this into a movie

Author Adrian S.H (10 months)
you can see the death of spiderman at insertnamehere85 you can watch it.
there are voices i cried. :(, but the new guy is awesome :D

Author Jonn Rey (9 months)

Author finsoto (8 months)
Spider-man has a huge hispanic base

Author Adrian S.H (10 months)
i like mile morales and the new spider suit its awesome :P. i cried when
peter died you can see the comic book voice narrator at ign i think

Author jackson howell (11 months)
for all the people who dislikes ultimate spider man because hes black
this message is for you!STOP IT!!!STOP being raciest i had enough with the
mean comments about the ultimate spider man you guys need to quit it!!! oh
and FYI i am black. 

Author Jonn Rey (9 months)
I cant breath peters dead

Author OLA K ASE (11 months)
My name is Miles Morales and my job is about steal the Peter Parker´s
personality, here in Discovery Max!!!!

Author Master4Bionicle (1 year)
best comic book kid in the world!

Author DrMonkeyBoyJr (1 year)
no miles better

Author AMARIS SHADDING (1 year)
R.I.P. Miles Morales AKA all new ultimate spider-man issue 1-28. I'm
calling it now because of the upcoming "cataclysm" event that is going to
destroy the whole ultimate universe.

Author link reincarnated (1 year)
Nvm I feel stupid now I said that before I watched

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