Metallica - Whiskey in the jar

As I was goin' over the Cork and Kerry Mountains
I saw Captain Farrell and his money, he was countin'
I first produced my pistol and then produced my rapier
I said, "Stand and deliver or the devil he may take ya"

I took all of his money and it was a pretty penny
I took all of his money, yeah, and I brought it home to Molly
She swore that she loved me, no, never would she leave me
But the devil take that woman, yeah, for you know she tricked me easy

Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da
Whack for my daddy, oh
Whack for my daddy, oh
There's whiskey in the jar, oh

Being drunk and weary I went to Molly's chamber
Takin' Molly with me but I never knew the danger
For about six or maybe seven, yeah, in walked Captain Farrell
I jumped up, fired my pistols and I shot him with both barrels

Yeah, musha rain dum a doo, dum a da, ha, yeah
Whack for my daddy, oh
Whack for my daddy, oh
There's whiskey in the jar, oh

Yeah, whiskey, yo, whiskey
Oh, oh, yeah
Oh, oh, yeah

Now some men like a fishin' but some men like the fowlin'
Some men like to hear, to hear the cannonball roarin'
But me, I like sleepin', 'specially in my Molly's chamber
But here I am in prison, here I am with a ball and chain, yeah

Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da, heh, heh
Whack for my daddy, oh
Whack for my daddy, oh
There's whiskey in the jar, oh, yeah
Whiskey in the jar, oh

Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da
Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da, hey
Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da
Musha rain dum a doo, dum a da, yeah

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Author Jelena Misic (11 days)
*Metallica, Whiskey in the jar* (Thin Lizzy)
Metallica won a *Grammy* for this song in 2000 for *Best Hard Rock

#metallica #thinlizzyrocks #heavymetalmusic 

Author dcone53 (6 days)

Author Radmila Đorđević (2 months)
Sipajte mi još jedan whiskey ;)
Metallica - Whiskey in the jar

Author Dianne Day (1 month)

Author Joseph Paris (1 month)
Apparently YouTube says the song came out back in 2008. (Uploaded) iTunes
says the album came out in 1992. I believe iTunes. Copyrighted songs,
albums, etc, is on there. (Mostly) all. 

Author BangGoesThePistol (2 months)
I dont mean to offend Metallica but i was certain this was Black Veil
Brides when i heard it on the Radio. Holy crap.

Author Paulius Jankauskas (1 month)
this isn't metallica that i know. why did metallica turn into some pussy
shit poprock they released the black album and then they went down the

Author MrShepperson (3 months)
Whoose playing the Penny Whistle? 

Author Tecky Tec (1 day)
\w/ he'll yeah!

Author Ronald Stevenson (2 days)
This song is awesome

Author Virginia Davies (3 days)
This is good sh*t-kicking, carousing music- yeah, Thin Lizzy did it, but
this is a traditional Irish folk song from a hundred years ago or more !
I can imagine the whole freakin' pub belting this out and slamming their
tankards down to the beat !!
Good on Metallica !

Author Angel gonzaleZ (4 days)
just pour the crown and lets get fucked

Author Dean Anime (3 months)

Author EurynomeEclipse13 (10 days)
I don't like Country music but if its Metallica! ITS AWESOME!!!

Author Geli Kössler (12 days)
yess :))

Author Adolf Hitler (13 days)
Ohhh it not that bad , but what happened to thrash metal? Nah , I going
back to their older stuff.

Author Vero Lazcano (13 days)

Author glenn wahlen (14 days)
Whiskey in the jar

Author Erol Rahim (15 days)
Whiskey ... or what ever , Great Rhitam & Song for Good Metal
Mood !!!
Поздрав до сите кои слишаат Рок и Метал !!!

Author Thrakerzad (4 months)
mandatory metallica for the day

Author ferrell manes (16 days)

Author Pol M.R (20 days)
Metallica - Whiskey in the jar

Author Archie Laird (20 days)
get the Jar out

Author Flassh81 (20 days)

Author herbert knapp (21 day)

Author daniela corpus mares (22 days)
Me encanta :P

Author Chris Ramírez (22 days)
Metallica for my Google + Friends.

Author константин дитрих (22 days)
Охутильно, чессслово!

Author MY BARON (4 months)
Cool story

Author Jay Masters (25 days)

Author chuck hein (26 days)
thin lizzy did it first and was better 

Author Tecky Tec (1 day)
I love the Guitar rift in this song :)

Author kamisza202 (29 days)
I love Metallica <3

Author Mari Pellegrino (1 month)
Is it weird that I am a huge Metallica fan but prefer the Celtic Thunder
version? lol

Author Mizz Kristy (1 month)

Author GamingGamete (4 months)
can't beat the Dubliners Original

Author Pedro Hernández (4 months)
aguante river

Author Vicky Banerjee (1 month)
cool version

Author DanneyX2 (1 month)
Great cover of Thin Lizzy, thanks Metallica.

Author Jennifer Friedman (1 month)

Author Notmyrealname (1 month)
Thumbs up if you knew this is a grateful dead song.

Author Alfie Walker (1 month)
Listened to this track over a 1000 times gets better every time but still
can't decide which version is the all time best?????
Metallica's or thin lizzy????

Author Alexander Hell (1 month)

Author John Anderson (1 month)
estoy gordete :3

Author Anton Davis (1 month)
kd in the jaro lol

Author christopher perry (1 month)

Author Gandalf The White (4 months)
This song got me through high school!

Author maro XXL (2 months)
ciary na plecach

Author qby (2 months)
Metallica are great but the original is better.

Author David Coquillon (2 months)
Trust Metallica to do an awesome cover of an old Irish song. My countrymen
and I thank you

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