Black Ops 2 Spongebob Emblem Reactions

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Author Jeremy St Ours (1 hour)
I personally like it can you someday teach me how to make it it would be
really kind of you If you would 

Author Bailey Cobbs (8 days)
That is a fuck up ass spongebob

Author 2Awesome15 (8 days)
so many people are dicks on xbox.....

Author Elsa Acuna (25 days)
Dont worry Delirious those ppl just talking shit dont listen to them.
They're. Saying that because they have nothing else to do dont worry im
sure alit ppl appreciate you for all the funny things you do with vanoss
and your friends for us!

Author Jack Comely (8 days)
F**k those guys h20 your awesome

Author Jy'kerrian Bates (1 month)
Why would people take time to hurt one person's day? I don't care if this
was staged or whatever, but knowing that sim people can be that cruel on a
game, just makes my skin revolt!! );

Author Daniel Palis (8 days)
Why in the world are people so stinking rude. It's horrible how people can
act. #AmericanDream <- please don't go hating me because of this.

Author Shawn Bishop (2 days)
Your spongebob is AWESOME

Author Jonathan Maza (17 days)
That SpongeBob was terrible but the video was funny when the guy figure it
out that SpongeBob there so people know it was SpongeBob lol XD

Author Evangelo Lebron (29 days)
They just mad there not that talented dude dont worry

Author Giovanny Cruz (15 days)
jy ur rite and that is agreat spngebob

Author Desire-HeXicgaming TM (14 days)
That looks just like spongebob

Author Michael Mason (17 days)
why are you staring at the girl superman emblem

Author cyrus iniguez (18 days)
Can't wait these people see the video

Author Melissa Higginbotham (4 months)
Out of everyone I seen that has a SpongeBob emblem yours is the best h2o 

Author Grey Johnson (9 months)
2:29 who else heard delirious jerkin off LOL

Author Airbow106 (1 month)
Its funny how they say that it bad like they could do better 

Author Noel Spoljaric (23 days)
its a god spongbop beaches!!!!!

Author ClassyFlims (27 days)
WTF that's the best spongebob ever 

Author GamingWith Ruby (20 days)
OMG I can't breath lol 😂😂😂😂

Author Jonathan Maza (17 days)
/the SpongeBob was good to more than terrible

Author Blue CS:GO (3 months)
I like how people in this video didnt know who delirious was because he had
about 18.000 subs lol and now he's at 3000000+ i bet they know him now lol

Author BarrackOsama JongUn (26 days)
People are so violent

Author Morad Laamel (21 day)
2:57 look is SoaR Lynn. :D

Author Andreas Mølmen (1 month)
That is the coolest spongbob ever!

Author Yvette Hale (1 month)
dotnt be a ass hole

Author Doua Vue (22 days)
that a good spongebob 

Author Mark Root (1 month)
Dude u could of made a comeback wean they were making fun of his pants by
saying it's the 1 from the beach episode or somethin

Author Rhett Hoegger (2 months)
During the whole video I could only think "I'm ugly and I'm proud"

Author Rileyj Howard (4 months)
Is judy delirious girlfriend im confused

Author Demonic Soul (2 months)
Dont listen to them xO its a good spongebob! Better than i could do -,-

Author Galaxy Gold (1 month)
1:46 No This Is PATRICK!!!!

Author Maria Hernandez (1 month)
Mi joven gran GWh

Author Giusseppe Giusti-Williams (5 months)
Its cool so does ritards talking about your spongebob are retarded that is
a goid sponegebob :)

Author Leon Renemon (4 months)
At least he diddnt use youtube 

Author Matthew Nauta (3 months)
Those who didnt like delirious's spongebob they are really messed up and
they suck

Author Scorpion20012001 (3 months)
K the young kids wer the most mature in that whole video they actually
joked and went along with it but then the older guys have nothing better to
do than talk shit about it wich is pretty fucked up 

Author dave rombaut (3 months)
do im the only one but evrybody voice is gay in thad video

Author Rayquan marchbanks (27 days)
What dicks

Author Aaron Sanchez (16 days)
I realized that people can be a real dick on bo2

Author jamiiehuynh (3 months)
It's funny because they don't know who H20Delirious and if they did they be
like OMG

Author Noah Bumpers (3 months)
damn those guys fucking faggs

Author princesssavanah aj (3 months)
thats a better spongebob then i ever made XD

Author Love hate and sing (2 months)

Author That Shotgun Guy (5 months)
H20 ur spongebob is very cool not lie i like it tho and u stupid people
dont be messed to him

Author Haddon kearns (4 months)
It has to be scripted.... Who talks that much shit about a spongebob? There
is no point 

Author Taz Blacklist #14 (4 months)
Why do this people talk shit on one of my favorite YouTubers? Must. 360.
Noscope. Them.

Author MLG BRO77 (2 months)
There is a Malloy emblem

Author Noel Spoljaric (23 days)

Author Tessa Cook (6 months)
That's a beautiful spongebob H20.

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