WWE Raw 11/26/12 Full Show - Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Interview (The Shield)

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WWE Raw 11/26/12 Full Show - Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins Exclusive Interview (The Shield)

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Author TheAndreagon29 (10 days)
this is the first interview with Michael Cole

Author Roll A Kush Blunt (2 months)
Fvfvg gb b b b nsefgbybybhniko

Author dianne gomez (3 months)
roman and dean is sexty

Author Matt the pro gamer (3 months)
LOL nope

Author jessica Levesque (4 months)
Nope the famous nope

Author THESHONUFFOFNBA2K (5 months)
ahhh thats the question micheal ..thats the question you should be asking

Author JokersWifeforever (6 months)

Author Vamp boy (6 months)
"Nope..." By far one of the top 5 most funny responses that Dean has ever

Author Brad Gaines (6 months)
If you're looking for the NWO, go buy the Awesome!

Author Frank Drasal (6 months)

Author Callum Nicoll (7 months)

Author Litzy Escamilla (7 months)
I love it how dean ambrose says nope

Author Dire Wolf (7 months)
Dolph Ziggler gets the next push....then these guys

Author qureaux12v34 (7 months)
Roman Reigns with that quiet confidence

Author WWESuperstar512 (8 months)
Explain that Dean

Author Teelanda Morgan (8 months)
Roman Reigns>>>>

Author WWESuperstar512 (8 months)
Seth Rollins was the first Triple Crown Champion in FCW. And he was forced
to defend his FCW Title against 3 guys he had already defeated.

Author The Frazzle (8 months)
Welcome to the shield of justice....

Author deshotgunner360 (8 months)
Lol this guy is butthurt

Author Boricua Moneé (8 months)
The shield you guys really got on my bad side for the last few weeks you
guys have been doing what you want when you want somebody is going to put a
stop to you guys man I really hate you people so bad I am so glad that Seth
Rollins and Romien Raniens got there Tag Team Titles taken away from them
because you guys really suck you get under everybody's skin even mine and
the wwe superstars to so enjoy what you are doing in the wwe because every
thing will be so wrong for you guys ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Austin Camarena (9 months)

Author fred (9 months)
God the Shield has made one year of an impact.. Hope wwe doesn't break
them. But by the looks of it I think wwe had planted the seed on Roman,
meaning they gonna make Roman baby face and force the shield to break :( 

Author fred (9 months)
A year of an impact!! 

Author Gabby Hickman (11 months)
Roman is just omfg.

Author KalvinEllis (1 year)
Well not the same type of promos, but simply well-written material for his
character. Or just let him come out there and run his mouth like he used to
do before. He proved he can be entertaining if he's allowed more creative

Author Troy McClung (1 year)
Dean Ambrose is a future champ

Author Hafsa Gurey (10 months)
So this is where "Nope" came from.

Author Kalisha Townsell (1 year)
omg, ikr? <3 Seth Rollins.

Author Dean Ambrose (11 months)
At all phones arena on the 30 of November all us shield members will be
there entry fee $18. picture $15 autograph is free

Author Joeasa MW (1 year)
Some of the best wrestlers of all time has those infamous moments.This was
defiantlyone of Dean Ambrose's.

Author Avery Buchanan (10 months)
Dean ambrose is sooo good on the mic it's scary he doesn't talk in typical
promo fashion like Rollins and most of the wwe he speaks like what he's
saying is really what he's thinking

Author Adrienne Lieuca (1 year)
I love them!

Author The Real Chris Jericho (1 year)
Who are you? I'm talking to the Jackass Lawrence.

Author ifavictory (1 year)
the miz vs dean ambrose

Author RunaVolkina (1 year)
Ambrose is fucking killer! His body language and the way he speaks is just
perfect for this role.

Author lockervet (1 year)
many people?? who are these people?? Dean Ambrose is too good

Author chrystalclark85 (1 year)
Omg 3 ambrose from lexy ur fan

Author Manterasu (1 year)
Dave Neos is way better fitting for that role.

Author tj14792 (1 year)
Roman and his fiancee broke up btw.

Author An Hua (1 year)
finally the wwe booking decent

Author Sam Bazinga (1 year)

Author Bottlebum1 (1 year)
Ambrose is such a boss

Author мıšтaяellš (9 months)

Author Waldo WarMachine (1 year)

Author Khadija Maria Musa (11 months)
a very straight and forward.....NOPE

Author mizfan1ful (1 year)
believe in the shield

Author The Pope Mobile (1 year)
He could never pull off the punk character of 11 but he could drop some
great pipe bombs. Not on Punk's level but great nonetheless.

Author The Pope Mobile (1 year)
Dean ambrose isn't the joker though. He has some of his mannerisms (Heath
Ledger's anyway) but I guess his promo work speaks for itself in fcw. He is
an entity all on his own. However, if Paige joined the shield I would mark
the fuck out regardless.

Author Vincent Is Valentine (10 months)

Author Silver Mercy (1 year)
I agree the shield are awesome heels, but to me they really aren't heels
even though it isn't fair when they interfere in each others' matches. Most
of the time I think they come off as neutrals. They could swing either way
on any given night. The possibilities of what The Shield could do is
endless. I think it is also commendable how Dean is challenging others for
matches having title matches made even for the guys at nxt. He is bringing
the us title back. I have total respect for the shield.

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