Trussed up like a Turkey - My first Dark Souls Invasion

If this doesn't scream (har har) thanksgiving, I don't know what does

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*Read*Im not the guy in this video okay,its the other guy in this video,not me... I finally finish video,thank god. I hope you all enjoy this...


Author BatmanAndHisPuppies (5 months)
Best video ever.

Author travision009 (1 month)
Yes! I've found the Waldo Dude scream that xcal uses in his livestreams!

Author playstationextremist (1 year)
Well, I wouldn't say its NEVER fair, but it does get annoying that
everyone's always going for backstabs, and if there's lag it can be very

Author Defiance (1 year)

Author MostUnorthodox (1 year)
Dang he was glowing red

Author 54Cymru (1 year)
Your videos always have the best intros

Author iStaLLionZ (1 year)

Author Veetay (1 year)
Nah, in places besides the forest, players invading and players being
summoned will only be available to people about 10 levels behind. For
example, at level 100, they will only be able to help/invade people up to
level 90 (or something close to that.)

Author TheSaderV (1 year)
Well, that's kinda obnoxious. Some random asshole coming into your game and
killing you.

Author PrinceThePauper (1 year)
absolutely great

Author Giygas the Destroyer (1 year)
You attacked when you should have parried, GOD DAMN IT. Was fun to watch
even a second time, happy native pillaging day everyone!

Author BlackeGordon (1 year)
Best live stream moment ever!

Author RummerChan (1 year)
46 is how much you hit him for, he's likely higher level than that. lol...
I can't stop watching this video; and it's making it ever clearer that we
need a Waldodude scream/laugh soundboard.

Author Anders (1 year)
He definitely put it in your butt

Author 8youngone8 (1 year)
wow he went balls deep from the back O_o

Author PianoJZB (1 year)

Author CaligoIllioneus (1 year)
Hello… I don't think we've met. I am Knight Lautrec of Carim. We are both
Undead. Perhaps we can help one another. Keh heh heh heh…

Author Trips (1 year)

Author Sammehpwnz (1 year)
Dark spirit..calaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ahahaha i fucking love

Author MonkDoGzAlex (1 year)
happy gobble gobble to you too

Author MrrBondPS3 (1 year)
And he goes right fo the backstab, typical. On a side note, happy Turkey
Day Waldo D. Dude!

Author lIIusiveMan (1 year)

Author THEee1000 (1 year)
Fantastic waldo scream. Love it

Author Sigurd Langås (1 year)
trade mark scream :D

Author BatmanAndHisPuppies (1 year)
I miss you.

Author TehSassyNinja (1 year)

Author againstmemusik (1 year)
Level 32 and still no pants. I like your style

Author ImTheSlyDevil (1 year)
happy turkey day brah

Author ShuToshio (1 year)
That scream is worth a thousand Likes.

Author wattrocks (1 year)

Author RummerChan (1 year)
LOL that scream when he comes up the stairs. Holy crap Waldodude, amazing.

Author XxChromeRavenxX (1 year)

Author Ben Wang (1 year)

Author capedcrusader39 (1 year)
I love how he was begging to be invaded at first and then when it finally
happens he flips out and gets one hit back stabbed.

Author Nightfallwarrior (1 year)
Happy turkey day waldodude

Author walshygel2 (1 year)
gangraped by one man

Author Kev27GTO (1 year)
LMAO!!!!! the best

Author Camryn Hatges (1 year)
He dinks all the things.

Author goavs332119 (1 year)
You too Wally

Author NJXCJOEY (1 year)
happy waldogiving everyone

Author shabadabet (1 year)
Fuck that, let him figure out the stuff on his own unless he specifically
asks for help. Much more entertaining that way.

Author CaligoIllioneus (1 year)
I'm level 20, full upgraded Armor of Favor, Chaos Shotel +5 on right hand,
Lightning Shotel on left hand.

Author dizzydank6 (1 year)
"hes 46?? IM 32!!" lmao u said that so matter-of-factly lol priceless!

Author TheH8Train (1 year)
Sliced N Diced!

Author sk1m1k1ll3r (1 year)
how thoughtfull of you

Author Solidhatzi (1 year)

Author DRum886 (1 year)
Looks like Waldo D Dude is no longer Duel Champ...

Author xElemental96 (1 year)
Daily dosage of waldodude man screams has now been delivered

Author LarryNoir (1 year)
You got twinked. A guy with gear from later in the game invading at low

Author Saint Ziggy (1 year)
Oh Waldo knows a thing or two about twinks, as he spends all day at twinks
dot com =P mnyeheheheheeeeeh (P.S don't actually go there, feel free to
google it though!)

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