Sarplaninac vs Pittbull

Sarplaninac vs Pittbull

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Author Joseph Kool (7 days)
Sarplaninac's are Serbian livestock guarding dogs. Their job is to protect
the flock and fight off wolves coyotes or anything else stupid enough to
challenge them. They've been known to kill wolves as well as lose to them
on occasion. Make no mistake about it though these dogs are some of the
strongest and fiercest canines in the world. If you read this and think
you're going to buy a sarplaninac and raise it in your apartment like you
would a pit bull forget about it. By the time that Sarplaninac is 6 months
old it will have killed you and your whole family. I'm not kidding. These
are very special dogs that have been bread for centuries to fight. They
need to guard and fight something or they go crazy. My friend breeds them
and is very picky about who he sells them to. I saw a Wyoming state trooper
use bear spray on one because the animal control guys were afraid to get
near. It just pissed it off more.

Author David Kodzic (8 months)
Funny idiots this is Serbian dog SARPLANINAC <3

Author Selajdin Topojani (5 months)
it's albanian sar=town in kosovo 

Author Murga Joksimovic (5 months)
Sarplaninac is a Serbian dog :D

Author Andi Ibro (8 months)
is not yugoslav shepherd dog but Illyrian shepderd dog

Author GoldenDawnNow (1 month)
Write this one youtube "Pitbull vs qen sharrit" and you wold se a video
fight betwen them and see who will win, ofcourse that dosent mean that he
will win all the time with other dog,but this is a proff who is stronges(i
dont want to tell who win becouze si it self)
But i dont know why people fight his owen dog, fight your owen fight
fucking subhuman monkeys

Author Miri Restelica (29 days)

Author larrybeetree (4 months)
as the great American philosopher Rodney King said," Why can't we just get
along". These are special dogs no matter where they came from. These dogs
can teach a human how to act. Not many breeds can do that.

Author stephen-du-fake-name lionheart (4 months)
sarplaninac won by a country mile it is meant to fight against wolves and
bears pitbull are house trained and sweet little dogs that are super

Author Nevaeh Jones (4 months)
Pitt bulls win and if you have a problem with it then think about the way
people train them. people think they are mean bit it is the way they are

Author Nutsako Shoshitaishvili (8 months)
:D it is not serbian not is caucasian shepherd and
originated from georgi

Author georgij100 (5 months)
Sharplaninec is MACEDONIAN dog from the Sharplanina mountain

Author driton rexhepi (4 months)
The breed was initially recognized by the Fédération Cynologique
Internationale (FCI) in 1939 as the Illyrian Shepherd Dog

Author Peter Lankton (3 months)


Author edon denion (3 months)
Illyrian Sheepdog this [Ilir Deltari] or feral dog is dog indigenous to The
Black Hole , in Illyria antiques. This dog is known for a long time, and is
mentioned in the history of Illyria where known Dardan dog .

Author srdjan spasic (2 months)
sarplaninac srpski lav

Author Danijel Bajic (6 months)
Kosovo i Serbia.Get back to Albania you terrorista!!!Fuck Tito who
colononized you bastards!!!

Author edon denion (3 months)
Yugoslavia has been the whole Illyrian land later they came here other
people with the help of Russia Illyrian land have turned into their land as
sodium Crimea in Ukraine

Author Dragan Blazeski (5 months)
Sarplaninec e makedonski kuci ako ne veruvate postoi Wikipedia :D

Author шоне србин (8 months)
Sarplaninac is a Yugoslavian dog, forever ! Sar planina - Sarplaninac,
Serbia !

Author Sefer Krasniqi (8 months)
it's Illyrian shepderd dog ( ALBANIAN DOG )

Author Eduard William (5 months)
saplarnic or sharri dog is a albanian dog from a lot of years
the yugoslav recute this dog form the north of Albania

Author Andre_Rapper (6 months)
OMFG Albanians are jealous coz we got the Sarplaninac and how the fuck is
the Sarplaninac an Albanian dog it DOESENT even have an Albanian name it's
pure serbian muddafuckers

Author Inna S (6 months)
You can give any names possible to this dog but it's very closed to
Caucasian Shepherd and anyway all those mountain dogs are interbreeds,mixes
originate from Tibetian Mastif . So what's a point to argue all the time
about the names? Each country can give the dogs on its territory the name
the country wants... 

Author Macy Zvegor (3 months)
Od kade be sarplaninecot srbski ???? ne ste zdravi vie be !!! Kaj e
sarplanina u Srbija da ne e ??? Sarplanina e vo Makedonija !!!
Sarplaninecot e MAKEDONSKI

Author david cruzan (8 months)
The little pit bull would not stand a chance.. It would be torn to pieces

Author hackamaniac (1 year)
almost identical ... they are both molossoids .

Author shadowdance4666 . (11 months)
Nice 70's music but no moving video!

Author xlordxboris (1 year)
most of dogs in video r not pits but staffs and american bullies...
Sarplaninac is very good dog and serbian pride,but he is not made for
fighting but other purposes... its not very smart to compare him in
fighting with dog who is made for fighting .only...

Author TheAnimalDen (1 year)
sarplaninac was bred to fight Animals more dangerous then a 40 lbs dog
where a PitBull was only ment to face a 40 lbs dog in a pit. sarplaninac
would Eat a pitbull :p lol

Author 3err0 (1 year)
cry bitch

Author Albaniann warriorr (11 months)
Huh Yugoslavian dog?, Its an Albanian mountain dog Albanian farmers got
these its Albanian breed.

Author Dave Macias (1 year)
What a slutty picture...

Author El Rey (1 year)

Author Klaudio Mukaj (1 year)
kosovo is albania and albania is ILLYRIA and ILLYRIA is PELLAZGJIA fuckin
serbian with no history

Author GoldenEagle0007 (1 year)
Sharr mountains. Not shar stupid

Author marcujura (8 months)
Where from do you have the picture at the 0:38 minute?

Author MrAssassinKS (1 year)

Author Kristian kiki (9 months)
Sar Planinac is YUGOSLAVIAN DOG!!! FOR EVER <3333

Author SrBN22 (1 year)
Go on wikipedia and write in Sarplaninac and you will your answer.
Moreover,I seriously doubt you are a teacher but if you are then I am
deeply saddened at the fact children are taught false. I am from Canada,
have a Masters Degree in History, got my PHD and teach at a University
level. If you ever read any book on the matter then you would know your
statement is false, good day to you sir.

Author TheLazy Cat (1 year)

Author Jani PEJA (1 year)
kqyre bre rrobt e shkive qka kan bo qysh na kan marr qenin ton RROBT JAU

Author gameboy929 (1 year)
is that sarplainac and caucasian shepherd same dogs....

Author Dominick Lawler (11 months)
I had a 2 year old 80 pound fawn pittbull extremely athletic and tuff as
fuckin hell. I also have a Ovcharka who is 160 pound 5 year old male and
extremely aggressive and territorial. Hats off to the Ovcharka!! Way to
powerful and just too ferocious for another half their size. I still love
Pitts but everybody knows what would really happen.

Author Dino Dinic (9 months)
Nasi kosovo was in forner yugoslavia for ur info. Sar mountain. And its a
one tough ass dog

Author TheKingAlbin (1 year)
man fuck you kosova is a own country !

Author doncimaglia (1 year)
this dog is similar to the caucasian shepherd

Author munda manipuriya (1 year)
This is not a Caucasian Ovchakra now is it eh?? , The dogs that are on
these clips are Sarplanic dogs , also called ilyrian dogs from Serbia ,
Macedonia and the dogs origin is from Kosovo and like the Caucasian
Ovchakra "which is a totally diffrent dog but very similar in size and
temperement comes from the caucasus mountains and are kept in the Russian
army aswell and it is a georgian breed from Georgia Dagestan,,, Armenia,
Azerbaijan and its origin is Circassia. (hope this info has helped) !!

Author bratic80 (1 year)

Author Klaudio Mukaj (1 year)
fuckin serbian. this dog is THE ILLYRIAN SHEEP DOG MOTHERFUCKER! you can
search everywhere on the net and you will read that this dog i Illyrian. do
you know what "illyrians" are? ILLYRIANS ARE THE OLDEST RACE ON EUROPE
BITCH! and this dog is albanian you fuckin theaf!!!

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