Tamagotchi ID L English Version

A detailed look at the new ID L English Version + News on Tamagotchi P!

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Author RaTamaZone (6 months)
@Merkki liity: I believe so.

Author Janice Lee (25 days)
I finally got one of these and they are sooo fun! :D

Author Aleasha Rowe (2 months)
Is the new p version in English? 

Author Muhyiddin Yusoff (1 month)
can we use pencils to poke the things or hole fort he batteries?

Author Andy Roque (2 months)
What is the prereq to allow access to the Matchmaker? I just realized that
being an adult form alone isn't doing it. Do you have to get the 48 hour
happy symbol to be able to marry?

Author Sabrina Kitty (1 month)
TaoBao is an overseas site, right?

Author Vivian Clifford (2 months)
my english id l will literally use up the battery in a day and i dont even
know why😭 i tried different brands of battery and its still the same :(

Author Muhyiddin Yusoff (1 month)
where do you get it?
@mishayusoff;follow me

Author Jimmy gummy (6 months)
do you think english version can connect with ID station ?

Author Sarah Lol (4 months)
Does this ship worldwide ?

Author Peachylicious Peaches (1 month)
Where did u get this? 

Author Anna Alamartimo (3 months)
That tamagotchi has colors, I have only black and grey :O

Author Lunatic Reimu (6 months)
Will the ID L downloads from Tamazone work with the english version?

Author supersisters1230 (11 months)
where do you buy the English version idl from?

Author Carlos David Gomez Guzman (9 months)
love your rings

Author yeah no (7 months)
is this like the english version of tamagotchi plus color?

Author Jennifer Delbol (10 months)
I've bought a pink one for 63 euros. Pretty cheap, no? :) but I'm so
looking forward!

Author Lexiiiiii Lou (11 months)
Oh my, that looks so hot. I want one O:

Author sweetdrag0n (11 months)
I love the IDL if you download the extra files I think from tamazone or
tamamtalk I forget which, that you can download the king and visit him
unlimited times and he'll give you gotchi point up to 2012 points mostly
200 thou. Yaayy loot the king lol

Author Akita Saito (11 months)
Hi, how long do you think think the color LCD will last?

Author Savvylee (1 year)
so you can't find it in a store in the us?

Author Tammy vlogs (1 year)
Can u buys them in stores??

Author Emily Summer (1 year)
Tama iD L or tama P's? 

Author Lauren Thew (8 months)
Why are these so much money.. I WANT ONE GOD DAMN IT

Author Calztchi (1 year)
@JOVENPAQ you can't. A translated version was released in some countries,
including England, countries in Asia and countries in Australia.

Author Kymberlee Crosley (1 year)
RaTamaZone: I've been absolutely thrilled...**say's in a monotone voice**
Me: XD I can tell!

Author JOVEN PAQ (1 year)
It can be set to english?

Author David artevk (1 year)
hi, Have u download other games in a english version of tamagotchi id L? i
am about to get two of them. on for my niece and other for me i would like
to know if there are english file to download for english versions and if
japanese staff is compatible with english verion of tamagotchi idl . thanks

Author Morgane De Vos (11 months)
Where you get this from

Author ShifterEclipse (11 months)
That link of yours doesn't seem to work

Author JOVEN PAQ (1 year)
How did you change the language to english?

Author TheDeeba2 (1 year)
Hey Ra, Do you know how to unlock the secret location under the matchmaker?
Also, could you please tell me what are Makiko's four favourite things? So
far I've got 3 (eclair, rice bowl and this snack from Tama Cafe). The last
ones supposed to be a makeup bag but when she played with it I didn't get
the sticker.

Author nam sadanan (1 year)
i have just bought my tamagotchi IDL. Im really like it. can you tell me
where can i download items for my tamagotchi?

Author RaTamaZone (1 year)
Are they English ones though?

Author Chibi.Hoshi (1 year)
Where in the Philippines please?! I come from Iloilo.

Author RaTamaZone (1 year)
Since they are no longer being produced, they have become very pricey on
eBay on the rare chance that they show up. Best of luck with your auction!

Author RaTamaZone (1 year)
Definitely the P's, b/c it has the most features to date. Also, thanks to
its port entrance, instead of needing to buy a whole new unit with every
little change, they are simply releasing pierces that you attach for new
characters and games etc. Which makes it all much more economical and fun!
I have a full review on my channel on the P's if you'd like to see all of
its details. :)

Author Moira Denise (1 year)
I got mine in our toy store ( I live in the Philippines) :)

Author RaTamaZone (1 year)
Tamagotchi P's.

Author SimplyAWitch9 (1 year)
You can

Author Beatrice Viado (1 year)
I saw one and it cost less $73 at toy kingdom

Author Beatrice Viado (1 year)
How much one tamagotchi id l?

Author snwangl (2 years)
It's cool, but DUDE, seriously, I don't want to be a dick, but you handle
this thing as though it's made from diamond! It's a plastic toy, reborn
from the 1990's, hold it like it's a toy, because it IS a toy, although
it's pretty cool compared to the original tomagotchi, Nano pets, and giga
pets. Just wanted to state my opinion.

Author RaTamaZone (1 year)
Right. As I said before, "patience" is the key here. If I remember
correctly, nothing will happen up until at least your 4th generation.

Author Sophie Young (1 year)
Can you get coulor in Canada because that's we're I live

Author DeltaHero787 (1 year)
Hello can I have the link where you buy this and how much did it cost?

Author divinusintellectus (1 year)
Saw some for sale on amazon between $45 and $70.

Author Thierry Pierre Fernand Beslard Murguia (1 year)
hi ra. im form mexico and im very interested in buy a tamagotchi idl in a
english version. but even i can find one on ebay. can you please help.
saying me where i can buy one. mi mail is

Author ZephyrsBell (1 year)
anyone know where i can buy an english version i cant find them anywhere

Author RaTamaZone (1 year)
eBay is definitely safe to shop from. I've pretty much bought the majority
of my collection through eBay and I've been using eBay for years. That's
your best bet.

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