Hactivate & Jailbreak 6.1.3 On iPhone 4 & iPhone 3GS


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Author DarinHudson (4 months)
Here is the archive of all my Jailbreak Guides!
*JailbreakiOSNow. co m*
you should read this 

Author Robyn Rudman (5 months)
I did this and my phone won't switch on now? Help please ...

Author TooGoodTooOwn™ (9 months)
Dont work no matter what for IPhone 3GS fake!

Author max aslan (6 months)
Hi pls halpe me l make this it Was ok but l dowlend ios 7.1 and it dont
work how l Can make for iOS 7.1 pls helpe me 

Author Beazley Johansson (7 months)
Did anyone try attiphoneunlocking? Are they trustworthy? Well, I guess I
must take a look myself.

Author Владислав Береза (7 months)
exploid failed

Author Dave S (7 months)
Many many thanks for helping me get my iphone activated .... now I need to
know how to change the baseband from 6.15 to a lower one.

Anybody and everybody should be able to follow your video, well spoken and
the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Thanks.

Author Jason Guzman (7 months)
do you need to put the firmware plz respond quick trying to hacktivate my
dad's iphone

Author seyhan ali (7 months)
when i jailbreak it stops at "Waiting for reboot"........can some one help

Author Keya Gemechu (7 months)
after 7 hours of youtube searching yours finally worked fully thanks!

Author Mohamed Mirsan (7 months)
alhamdulillah i fixd
add ipsw6.0.0 to redsnow
dont add 6.1.3

Author Jerry Jones (7 months)
not working my Boi i try it on iphone 3gs 

Author Eden Diaz (7 months)
I was able to hactivate my iphone 3gs 6.1.3 with this but when I try to
install cydia and go to dfu mode. redsnow was stock with "waiting to
reboot" so I disconnected my iphone from the computer. I tried to connect
it back but it was not detected anymore. I got black screen and stock on
dfu mode. please help.

Author Влад Сирота (7 months)
you put custom firmware without itunes????

Author James Man (8 months)
i hacktivated my iphone 3gs from ios 6.1.3 and the iphone worked,but the
next day the iphone restarted and said activation required,so i tried to
follow the steps again but it didn't work,it said error in the jailbreak
data downloading part,so i went to itunes and it said restore needed,then i
clicked restore but it said error(-1).
please help?:(

Author Максим Молокоедов (8 months)
реальный способ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author souhail mabrouk (8 months)
are you sure? this jailbreak on 3GS?

Author danielgartin6993 (8 months)
A black phone with a white button,cool

Author Usman Zia (8 months)
good one

Author Neil Alsop (8 months)
Just check this one!:
check, you dont have what to lose!! 

Author jake santander (8 months)
i cant do it gets stuck when it rebbots help plz!!!!!!!!!!

Author Freeak PVP (8 months)

everytime i stuck at waiting for reboot step while jailbreaking my iphone
3gs with iPhone2,1_6.1.3_10B329_Restore and redsnow 0.9.15b3 ...

Author Rusdy Sowt (8 months)
work, thanks bro^^

Author dzakirin hannan (8 months)
nothing happen dude

Author hje8888 (8 months)
Thanks a lot, it worked as shown on video. First I got the No Service
problem but I solved that as well following your video on that topic. Now
my iPhone is working well except I can't send or receive SMS text. How can
I solve this? Please help! Thanks.

Author Jana Limuaco (8 months)
i can't open the redsnow that I downloaded it says unidentified developer

Author Rahul Kapadia (8 months)
please help me with full guide

Author Call Pogi (8 months)
my iphone does not hactivate, I follow your steps but there nothing happen.

Author Bartoszek Oskroba (9 months)
Waiting for reboot 

Author Perky perks (8 months)
my iphone 3gs is 6.1.3 whenever it is turned off and i turns it on back its
says no service what do i need to do?????????????????

Author janry gabuyo (9 months)
It doesnt work..this make my phone bitch and working my phone
because of this...i already back for 4.1 but my sim was destroy because of
this process...grrr

Author Jonatan Raf (9 months)
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Author Mike Jacobs (9 months)
Thanks, you're a genius. I've spent hous trying out other peoples'
suggestions, none of which have worked. Your instructions worked perfectly
first time and I now have a working iPhone back again.

Author R. Mahesh Madushanka (9 months)
i have a basband 4.12 iphone 4, how can i unlock it to get working with a
sim card, i alrady jail braked it , but its not detecting the sim

Author Noel Riggmyr (9 months)
whats happend when you only hactivate?

Author Joe Touchstone (9 months)
Yes you can unlock iPhone or hack it using *Unlock-AllPhones. COM* or
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Author TheGuyOnSoulSplit (9 months)
could you help me it says its exploiting limera1n but it just stays there
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Author Rahul Kapadia (8 months)
everytime i stuck at waiting for reboot step while jailbreaking my iphone
3gs with iPhone2,1_6.1.3_10B329_Restore and redsnow 0.9.15b3

Author Hussein Toy (9 months)
great video but i did all what you said but still not activate , what
should i do can you help me mine is 3GS 

Author Younes Hamitou (9 months)
Help please !!!
Redsn0w ask me "Is this newer (Fixed) model

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