Oppo BDP-93 Universal Blu-Ray Disc Player

Oppo BDP-93 compared with its predecessor, the BDP-83.

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Author profion85 (3 years)
@WarpedTrekker OPPO 93 is 10 times betters than audio and video quality
compare to PS3

Author GRiZLOC (3 years)
Right now i own a Pioneer BDP-430 3D Blu Ray player and its an awesome
player also when they release that youtube function firmware update. The
Oppo 93 is a very nice player but still too expensive . I would rather buy
the BDP-LX55 from Pioneer which is cheaper then Oppo and has the same Qdeo
chipset as the Oppo 93

Author Nick K (3 years)
Great vid

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@Tedel2010 eventually I'll shoot for the JVC RS50...but that's NO time
soon. lol

Author joseph10704 (2 years)
the speed time aka load time when poping bluray film is the bdp 93 way
faster then the ps3 slim.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@kkdoughboy Thank ye kindly!!!

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@bdkaka lol...happy I could help man. I wasn't even going to upgrade until
i decided I wanted a JVC-RS50 3-D Projector some-time next year. Once i
figured that out, i realized I'd better upgrade everything early, because
that projector is $8K and I guarantee I won't be buying so much as an
electronic TOOTHBRUSH for months after I pick that RS50 up. (Shivers at the
thought) If you don't plan on upgrading soon, the BDP-83 is still
absolutely stunning.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@Tedel2010 It's worth every penny! Shoot a video when you get it! You'll
get hooked!

Author fordxbgtfalcon (1 year)
I just got this player new in box for $350, I honestly can not tell any
difference whatsoever in picture quality when compared to my high end lg
and sony blu ray players. but the sound is certainly better.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@bdkaka I would say it's definitely worth the upgrade primarily because it
is future proof. With web-streaming services and 3-D capability, its
potential far surpasses that of its predecessor. Do i think people should
upgrade right now? not necessarily. Upgrading to the BDP-93 won't be a MUST
until 3-D truly takes off. It's a worthy upgrade, but there' s no need to
rush to buy it right now.

Author Glen Hill (3 years)
is the upgrade worth it?

Author PEEKABOO2K (3 years)
Great job comparing the two Oppo BDP Blu-Ray Player two thumbs up from,
from your personal opinion was it worth the upgrade and do you see a big
difference in the PQ and hows the loading time.

Author Martijn de Tombe (3 years)
@brolicbeast Thanks for your answer! Only in europe THE oppo is more
expensive then THE USA!but i am gonna buy the oppo!!

Author redskins3656 (2 years)
I'm going to have the hdmi 1 output going directly to my tv, so should I
connect an optic cable to my receiver or hdmi 2? Which will give me the
best sound quality hdmi 2 > receiver or optic cable > receiver? By the way
I bought the oppo bdp 93 after watching your videos, thanks for the awesome
videos bro ;). It should be coming in the mail tomorrow.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@jiminhno The best bet would be to shoot for utilizing the second HDMI

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@Tedel2010 Yessir, the oppo is definitely better than the DBP-1611 in
nearly ever way. Honestly, its predecessor, the BDP-83 is superior as well.

Author Glen Hill (3 years)
are you trying to tell me that the 93's picture is far better then the 83?

Author GRiZLOC (3 years)
The oppo is great and pioneer and denon too. The only things i don't like
about those brands that a samsung brand 3d blu ray player get's more and
frequent firmware updates then an oppo get's in 2 years. My samsung
bd-c6900 already had several firmware updates since i've bought it. Oppo is
better quality and costs more you get what you pay for but firmware updates
from those manufacturers like pioneer denon oppo is so bad. You should be
glad if you get a firmware update every 12 months.

Author GRiZLOC (2 years)
I finally bought the Pioneer BDP LX-55. It has the same Qdeo video
processing chip as the Oppo BDP-93. I wish i had the ca$h to buy an oppo
but the webshops i normally buy blu ray disc players from don't even have
the Oppo in their stock. I think mainly of the high price of the Oppo.
Don't get me wrong i really like the Oppo's but i can only afford the
Pioneer. Oppo is too expensive for me.

Author Eric de Jong (3 years)
Hi there BrolicBeast. Does the OPPO BDP-93 send the digital SACD signal
over it's HDMI? If that's so it's the perfect player for me.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@ShantiG100 I appreciate the kind words! Yup, it's def worth the

Author phototristan (2 years)
I was disappointed with this blu ray player. The Netflix on it is worse
than cheaper players and it can't even do Amazon instant videos.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@Myrandomreviews1 Glad you like it!!! nice system, by the way.

Author profion85 (3 years)
@WarpedTrekker OPPO 93 is 10 times better audio and video quality compare
to PS3

Author TheDesertRoseRanch (2 years)
You do excellent vids man, have you tried audio via a USB Hard Drive yet?

Author Martijn de Tombe (3 years)
Hello i want to ask if you going to buy 3D tv/beamer??

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@coolcattune At this point, there's isn't that much of a choice. Retailers
aren't carrying the 83 anymore, generally speaking. If you search really
hard, you'll find it--but if you don't have an Oppo BDP-83 already, there's
no point in paying the same money for the previous model.

Author Glen Hill (3 years)
thanks for your insight. Believe it or not you're the one that pushed me to
get my Oppo BDP-83. I remember when I saw the unboxing video of your Oppo
BDP-83. I was like I gotta to have one of So, when you
busted out with the new player I was like nooooooo please don't tell me I
have to upgrade.

Author Keith2800 (3 years)
great review/comparison!

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@ericipericie Yup, it most certainly does!!!!

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@Pinhead222 The Loading times are GREAT.....Now, part of me thinks they are
a tad-bit slower than the Oppo BDP-83; however, this could just be due to
the ever-increasing amount of data on today's discs. And it's not something
I'm sure of--I haven't done any A/B tests.

Author GRiZLOC (3 years)
@BrolicBeast Ok that can be true but i read somewhere that the pioneer blu
ray player the bdp 330 or lx53 or something like that are DLNA certified
blu ray players so you should be able to stream AVCHD / MTS / M2TS and for
most people the most important MKV files but it's a pity people are still
waiting on a firmware update to make that DLNA function work on that blu
ray player. I'm not gonna talk about denon / oppo or marantz i don't even
know if they have a dlna function.

Author bxbigpipi (2 years)
Just got mine a couple of days ago and I love it!!!

Author JRLM (1 year)
This is the only player that doesn't have horizontal motion jitter..

Author ShantiG100 (3 years)
Excellent review as usual. Your videos are always a solid source of
inspiration. I was thinking about the BDP-83, but I think I'm going to bite
the bullet and go with the 93.

Author Myrandomreviews1 (3 years)
NIce video. I have the Oppo-93 and Love it. I am utilizing both HDMI 1.4
outs to isolate the sound and picture for the best possible of both. I
can't say ebough good things about the OPPO and I am loving the quality
that I get with the streaming Blockbuster. I have a high end system and my
speakers are appreciating the quality that this player is producing. you
can check out my review of the player along with my theater system.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@bdkaka huh? I didn't say that anywhere in the video.

Author C815richard (3 years)
great video! what kind of cables do you use?

Author Honitsten (2 years)
Oh man, I think I want one. I was almost thinking about going with a THX
certified one but most of them are too expensive or they have poor reviews.
This one seems to have quite a few strong reviews. Thank you for your input
and posting for us to see.

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@WarpedTrekker I work hard man! lol...But there's more to output than the
optical drive. The Oppo's Qdeo Processor is superior to its competitors in
every regard. It's the processor that determines the final image quality,
and the machine's ability to properly display accurate colors, edges, etc.

Author coolcattune (3 years)
if your a newbie to oppo which i am would u bypass the oppo 83 and pick up
the 93?

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@GRiZLOC but the thing to keep in mind is, 90% of firmware updates are
issued to fix bugs within the player. The higher end players are so well
made, there are no bugs to fix. I have had a Samsung Blu Ray Player in my
bedroom for about a year, when I do use it (very rarely) it always needs an
update. If you check the mainstream (Samsung, Sony, etc.) product pages,
you'll see what bugs the most recent firmware fixed.

Author Martijn de Tombe (3 years)
Hello brolic beast, I have a question, do you think oppo bdp-93 is better
as denon dbp 1611?? Hope hearing from you soon!!

Author BrolicBeast Media (3 years)
@GRiZLOC there's more to a player than just the chipset. It's how the
manufacturer implements the chipset and integrates it with high-quality
electronics within the player than offer maximum performance. But home
theater is all about what makes us happy. If you could be happy with a
BDP-LX55, then by all means--shoot for that and save some $. But i would
definitely suggest shooting for the Oppo.

Author landline00 (2 years)
Thanks for this comparison.

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