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A review of arguably the best baseball game released on the NES.

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Author Guinea54 (24 days)
lets go mets! This game brings back a lot of memories.. I remember playing
this one a lot.. it def was my favorite baseball game on the nes.. I think
i liked this one better than bases loaded.. even though that one is a
classic as well. 

Author T Evans (2 months)
Jesus. Did Pat film this in the dark?

Author CDeviant (3 months)
You had such a shitty camera back then :D

Author pikapal91 (2 months)
Let's go Mets!

Author 9889lolz (8 months)
I have basewars and its not bad... Well at least it has some kick ass music

Author EpicRandom Guy (8 months)
Base Wars was great! XD

Author Jason Quinn (1 month)
You're not really much of a punk

Author enp83 (6 months)
Thanks for sharing, brought back some good memories.

Author CO9207 (7 months)
"JACKS" is Reggie Jackson

Author Lowmandavis (8 months)

Author DanzoB79 (4 months)
Nicely done review. That looks like a VERY advanced baseball game for its

Author Takata556 (4 years)
Pause it at 3:28 you'll see a pitcher named "Sasuke" ranked #4 for you
Naruto fans! This was my favorite baseball game for the NES! I liked
baseball Simulator 1.000 for the SNES

Author AeroDTV (1 year)
song used during girls baseball game?

Author duke town (2 years)
Same company.

Author IdentityDM (1 year)
SNES Baseball Simulator 1.000 is the best baseball game of all time!

Author John Benson (11 months)
I remember renting this gem of a game when I was 7 years old. I couldn't
figure out the season mode and some wit who rented it before me had saved
his own team he named Team Fuckers. On a side note, this reminds me of
renting RPG's and after having my game saved over a few times I decided to
conceal a tiny note kindly asking the next renter not to erase my game. It

Author outo1235 (2 years)
@PatTheNESpunk Difference between you and AVGN is that you actually reply
to peoples comments XD!

Author Jamie O'Sullivan (2 years)
AVGN publicity is good publicity

Author Stratman2534 (5 years)
This game was awesome. My favorite baseball game hands down! Some of my
best memories growing up was during the summers of 1990 and 1991. My cousin
and I made up teams and played this game constantly. The only bad thing was
that we could never get a full long season finished. It would always erase.
So we got smart and just started playing short seasons.

Author Pat the NES Punk (4 years)
@RichieEastside The MAX is fine...most people don't know how to use it
properly (for whatever reason). You still have to PRESS in the direction
you want to. The thumb holder is just that, to hold your thumb.

Author slayer86AJR (3 years)
and hit reset.... and reset.....take it out and blow on it

Author EverythingOldSkool (1 year)
Don't lose to girls

Author kapwns (8 months)
who is jirard and why are you 2 so late on this?

Author Billy Castillo (3 years)
Blowing on it is useless...the reason why NES games didn't always load was
because of the lockout chip...which was not used in the top-loader NES,
which you have lol

Author CusterApollo (5 years)
I found the quickest way to power up a created team was to make a first
team, fire everyone and then power up every players prestige to max. Then
create your own team, fire everyone and power up the prestige again. Play a
two player game and get them out three times. Then hit each of your players
in the bottom of the first inning until you get 10 runs and the game is
called. Once that is done the computer will give you a ton of money. Each
game takes a minute to play at the most.

Author Lewis C. (2 years)
All SNK games seem to be really awesome

Author Nickname58 (1 year)
2:55 lmfao.

Author 19Vexthehedgehog91 (1 year)

Author Billy Bob (4 years)
That music video was the shit lol. This game looks awesome, somehow I have
never even heard of it o.O

Author EyeCon2U (4 years)
All hail Baseball Stars, a truly awesome game.

Author iazy9 (4 years)
i fthis video was 1 hour long id STILL watch it

Author Takata556 (2 years)
I miss this game!

Author Adam I (2 years)
Looks very similar to Little League Baseball

Author Doommaster1994 (3 years)
@PatTheNESPunk - That boxed game, the fifth up on the fourth row, is that
MTV Remote Control?

Author krysala (10 months)
Ironically me and my brother loved the SNK Baseball games. He liked the
pick-up and play aspect of 'Little League Baseball' and I was attracted to
the pre-Franchise era Season mode of 'Baseball Stars'. And the Lovely
Ladies really were THAT good. What they lacked in hitting and pitching they
made up with solid base-running and possibly the best fielding in the game.

Author PrimusVsUnicron (9 months)
Guys Pat is AVGN's friend

Author BlackPeppe (1 year)
What is the song that plays from 4:40?

Author TheRosswise (1 year)
Gotta love the Kenny Loggins montage.

Author Dave82481 (5 years)
awesome game. cool video.

Author TYLER HALSEY (1 year)
pat the nes punks first ever comenter

Author Hulkodon (1 year)
Jacks = Shoeless Joe Jackson

Author Judson Joist (1 year)
This is amazingly sophisticated for the era!

Author realman1014 (2 years)
september 07&08: mets choke twice and making my phillies a ballclub with
class......til this year

Author IsadiahInDisguise (1 year)
it's refreshing to see a positive take on what i thought until
you went all AVGN on it.

Author John Painter (5 years)
Great Review! I still love this game! Play it all most everyday on an
emulator. Made my own teams and play season after season. Thought I was the
only one. HAHA

Author 2Roenick7 (4 years)
When I was your age, I had to blow on video games for them to work...

Author hdarr03 (1 year)
Avgn would disagree that this ia a good game

Author RetroLiberty (2 years)
heard about you through AVGN. Lets do this

Author jardinero79 (4 years)
This is the best baseball game ever. EA Sports should emulate it.

Author rd649 (1 year)

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