YouTube - The Carol Burnett Show - Mrs. Wiggins' Lunch

YouTube - The Carol Burnett Show - Mrs. Wiggins' Lunch Date part 1 (with Rock Hudson)

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Author Steven Scott (4 months)
I REALLY would like to see the rest of this. Could someone send me the
link, please?

Author coolsweetgroovy (4 months)
Thumbs up 4 this kind of Tv Carol and Company is still the best

Author Cindy Hooper (4 months)
a real scream....sooooo funny!

Author Elise (8 months)
Wish there were reruns they were incredibly funny

Author Andrew Cavinee (11 months)
Gotta Love CBS!!!

Author Kim Strain (2 years)
God! How I love "Amissis Awhiggins." I watched the Carol Burnett show EVERY
day after school for years. Sigh. Good times.

Author cuca1107 (1 year)
Heya busy bee! This is a ur keeper speaking

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
EVERYBODY in Hollywood - including Carol - knew Rock was gay but because he
was such a great guy and well liked that they kept his secret. Can you
imagine that? Too bad Rock didn't live long enough to see the positive
changing attitude of America to homosexuality.

Author Billi Jo Suiter (11 months)
love it!

Author emailtheoldies (2 years)
where's the rest? i could watch mrs wiggins sharpen pencils all day

Author Lisa S (1 year)
UGH! LOL! He called her ...........Bun-Buns???

Author cullumab (2 years)

Author Matt Romano (1 year)
i don't think they every successfully worked out the intercom

Author wildcelticrose29 (2 years)
I have pencils to sharpen!!

Author the_randomizer (1 year)
4:33 - It's like an aerial view of the Black Sea

Author VRtechman (2 years)
Rock Hudson! Really! LOL! Never saw that one!

Author AncientWarrior83 (1 year)

Author pamela diez (1 year)
trying to contact a chili dog,lunch was fabulas.

Author newmoon8984 (2 years)
HA i remember watching these all the time.

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
*yawn* Why don't you go change the lights on your trailer? That why Ellie
Mae wont trip tonight when she sneaks back in.

Author zadokdean (2 years)
first of all, Rock wasn't queer when he started acting.....and as far as
positive changing to perversion? I bet if Rock had to do it all over again
he would have turned down the role instead of doing something to get
it.....when women use sex to get a job it is considered wrong, no?

Author zadokdean (2 years)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!! Jesus? And what does Jesus say about perversion??? I
know you wouldn't have the smallest clue who He is or what He said! The
only one that is fucked up is YOU! of course I would use a larger
vocabulary but I know yours is limited. HA, I think the best thing for you
to do is THANK Jesus that your parents weren't queer....but on the other
hand....we'd probably all be a lot better off! I was wondering Dr. genius,
where did the aids virus come from? And have you been tested?

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
There is nothing wrong with being gay. How does it affect you? Is it your
ass in the bed? Are you afraid that some "queer" is going to overpower you
and rape you...cause your such a piece of ass that he cant resist? Really
its so ridiculous. Do you believe that seeing gays together will influence
manly you to be gay?!! Do you think they can make you gay?! Hmmmmm, well
that would be interesting if you do believe that. Says ALOT about you. Just
leave people alone and let them love who they love.

Author zadokdean (2 years)
ohhh boo hoo..... you've hurt my feelings.....We'll just see
about your philosophy.......and when did the word "gay" mean "queer"? And
since when did "straight" mean ummm.....normal...or whatever straight fact, if you were schooled at all then you would already know
what those words mean...Ha, maybe we should use the opposite of
straight....and that would be???? So don't boo hoo to me about
perversion....perversion causes certain things to happen....and THAT'S A

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
First of all, of course, Rock was gay before he was an actor! READ a book
and do RESEARCH before you make a statement of fact. He stood outside Fox
studios until he was discovered (by a male exec) . And imo, it is a
positive change that America in general is becoming more accepting of
different lifestyles. Again you need to READ a book (or even travel) and
learn that gays have been around since the beginning of time and
contributed immensely 2 the culture of the world. (look up the word culture)

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
Your a moron so if your kids are normal then its a documented miracle and
you should call the Vatican.

Author zadokdean (2 years)
like I said young man/woman or whatever you are(maybe a dna check could
tell),,we will see! I can say this though,, your vocabulary is even spelled "fuck" right! Very impressive! Now, what does
fuck mean??? And as far as parents are concerned, were your parents queer?
Oh wait,,,if your parents were queer then you wouldn't be here right now or
did someone come up with a new way to procreate? Your acumen must be
amazing! Moron! I got three adult kids, all normal,you? Doubt it!

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
YOu do realize that you are talking/replying to yourself. Not too bright
are you? Well we all knew that. And I am sure you are used to talking to
yourself a lot anyways. What a sad dark heart you have. I pray Jesus spends
time on you and your soul ...cause you are one seriously fucked up dude.

Author zadokdean (2 years)
Oh, and it is a FACT that perversion leads to disease! Ask the sheep! Or
the Rock, or the queen queer Freddie,,,and the list goes on!!

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
I have no need to be tested. you on the other hand need to be tested for a
myriad of things. oh well, I still will pray to Jesus for you and your dark
soul. God loves you even when YOU spread your vile hatred. (I didn't say he
loved you a lot but he still loves you. ) Bye, bye.

Author flenif2247 (2 years)
Your ignorance and hate continue to shine and I suppose that's why you
spotlight it ...cause its apparently is all you have to offer the world.
Whatever. The essence of perversion is really some dumb fuck like you
spreading ignorant hateful words as "facts". You will have a very sad and
limited life. And your closed mind/life will leave you even more bitter and
hateful than you are today. Really too bad. Please don't breed...your
parents already made that mistake...don't repeat it.

Author zadokdean (2 years)
I bet she was nervous after she found out he was queer!!!

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