Jon boat decking project 3/8 plywood test

Jon boat decking project 3/8 plywood test
14ft x 38 inch bottom

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Author xtemetoker420 (3 years)
@dkruitz well the benefit is actually great because bowfisherman like me
really need the to have a deck flush with the gunwales so that our bows
have enough room to draw and shoot fish and some people put raised decks on
their boats but it just depends on what width the bottom of the boat is and
length pretty mucks you just shouldnt make it to heavy so it dosent make it
have more weight up front

Author txfieros (6 years)
Nice my 15 foot Alumacraft went a total transformation as soon as I bought
it. Big front casting deck with storage hatch, floors, ice chests, carpet,
carpeted side panels, rear storage/casting deck... cushioned seats, rod
holders, bilge pump, nav. lights, interior lights. Anyone want info send me
a msg.

Author Timothy Fannin (3 years)
i live in ky too

Author craig humphrey (6 years)
i have a 14' with two bench seats where can i make a storage compartment i
need some help

Author thepbw (6 years)
TinBoats . NET for more information

Author thepbw (6 years)
38 inch bottom.

Author MadSmokerBBQ (2 years)
cool freakin boat!

Author chance landers (3 years)
@thepbw after you did the decking could u move around in it good im 12 and
i have a 14 footer and im supposed to deck mine paint it camo and put
swivel seats on it please reply!!!

Author drewmitch44 (5 years)
just dont have a couple beers whyle fishing and you wont fall over! LOL

nice how wide is it?

Author txfieros (6 years)
It's narrower that ours, but as long as your either fishing by yourself
it's OK, and if fishing with someone you need to make sure and tell each
other when you are going to move so you don't fall off. We have to do this
on ours, you learn to live with it.

Author thepbw (6 years)
Tinboats Dot Net for more info!

Author deney harmon (1 year)
Can u tell me the size of this boat? Thanks

Author 240X (5 years)
Shhh your being way to noisy. your scaring all the fish.

Author mariner10rpr (4 years)
what outboard are you using

Author Joel Conley (2 years)
@dkruitz Apparently you are not familiar with building out jon boats. The
added weight will stablize the boat in the wind and enable your bow to stay
lower and not become a sail, when you spread your center of gravity across
a wider portion of the boat (ie...the deck is built just under the top) the
boat becomes MORE stable. Six inches? My deck at the back is 13" higher
than the floor in the back. It is less than 6" in front but nobody will
stand on a narrow place like that anyway.

Author muzzyguy16 (6 years)
what is the width of that boat and length i am in the middle of a project
like this my self

Author ztp216 (6 years)
i'm thinking of doing a similar transformation to my jon boat. at 14 feet
with a 31 inch bottom... would that work or would it be too unstable for a
front deck?

Author dkruitz (4 years)
I don't get the benefit of adding weight, making your center of gravity
higher etc just so you can stand six inches higher in the boat? The danger
of an unstable boat is greater than the benefits in my opinion.

Author cchanderson (4 years)
Don't forget to add a compartment for an extra set of clothes in a dry

Author PBRMafia (4 years)
Its only a matter of time before the wood starts rotting.

Author Bluewater Traveler (6 years)
If you want you can reiforce your bench and cut a hole in the front bench
and make a storage compartment or even a livewell!! Just find a fiberglass
box or thick plastic storage container and cut out the hole!! It works
wonders in a 14ft boat because you can put fish, water, ice or gear in
there and get it out of the floor!!

Author themegajosh09 (3 years)
i live in ky

Author NYbass62 (1 year)
Nice build but looks kinda sketchy lol

Author 1996TheRocketman (3 years)
Which do you like better 3/8 or 3/4???

Author alcorbelli60 (3 years)
wooda laughed if he fell in the water

Author pastrana1926 (2 years)
Nice waste of my time !!

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