McDonalds Romania: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Game

In Romania My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Comes And At The They Put A Game.

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Author Sarban George (4 months)
soo gayyyy!

Author Guilherme Grubel Borges (5 months)
i saw nothing

Author Star Wish MLP FIM (1 year)
Where do you know that site ?

Author 007StopMotion (2 years)
uhu :]

Author Miller Animations (1 year)
Pinkie next to Pikachu.

Author 007StopMotion (2 years)
@KELLSONIC well about this, you must enter on the link from the descrition
and go to your country, if in your McDonalds you got the MLP FiM promotion,
thene create an acount and enter there and play game.

Author cosminamocanu17 (2 years)
is happy studio not happy meal

Author killatore95 (2 years)
@007StopMotion your welcome NOW GIVE ME YOUR SOUL

Author 007StopMotion (2 years)
@killatore95 Thanks

Author BurneingPyro2932 (2 years)
happystudio! lolololol i know it!

Author 007StopMotion (2 years)
@LOLGmod well check the page search your country and then log in and find
if the game is on.

Author KELLSONIC (2 years)

Author Dragan Andrei (2 years)
In Romania? For Real? Finally!!!!

Author carnby080808 (2 years)
What is this sorcery?

Author lieutenant lowercase (2 years)
I wish this was for we Americans

Author Michael Gonzalez (1 year)
How did you search that game?

Author Lars Muller (2 years)
Lawl yeah knowing my luck that was expected XD

Author D3dp0w3r (1 year)
I cannot belive dat i leaved an account with a 80k viewers OwO

Author 007StopMotion (2 years)
@carnby080808 there is nothing ^^

Author cosminamocanu17 (2 years)
Go on google and type Happy studio my little pony and see the McDonald's My
Little Pony Game by ~LordPrevious on deviantART then click on them

Author DJ candy (1 year)
is this just a dress up game or what and plus im from romania and my name
is sofia

Author 007StopMotion (2 years)
@RedFlame892 Serious? :|

Author killatore95 (2 years)

Author Lars Muller (2 years)

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