How To Play James Bond Theme from 007 - Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson video shows you how to play the theme to James Bond. I show you the licks, tabs and techniques used to play this classic riff. For more guitar help go to

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Erich Andreas

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Author Gregory Santiago (10 months)
I learned some of this by my self when I got my first guitar ... but not
the whole thing I'm still a beginner not trying to be in a band or anything
but I would love to show off my guitars when the opportunity stikes with
this classic

Author randy malpaso (2 years)
Monty Norman,,,, bloody predictive text!

Author Caique Andriewiski (2 years)
fx pedal or multi fx pedal

Author jx14aby (2 years)
I saw the Bryan Seltzer at the House of Blues in LA once and Bryan walked
on stage playing this riff. So cool!

Author GodOfSporks (1 year)
i played this at my friends house and his dad burst through the door and

Author Anonymous Joe (1 year)
Why are your cheeks so ROSY?!?!

Author MrTezza170 (2 years)
A car?

Author fuzzysnuffles (2 years)
Thanks for all of the lessons!

Author Prof. Madden (2 years)

Author randy malpaso (2 years)
Month Norman, not John Barry!

Author connor795 (2 years)
Fucking. Epic.

Author yourguitarsage (2 years)
Yes Cardien! You got it. Now you are learning that fretboard!

Author Georgio De Palouk (2 years)
His name is Andreas, Erich Andreas.

Author Melanie Keeler (1 year)
hey I'm a starter how did you learn how to play james bond cause I really
want to know!!!

Author Jewvanny Assis (2 years)
I was on your Page and you dont have any Hendrix lessons man, maybe do
villanova junction?

Author Die99 (2 years)
Are you a Gemini? :D Thanks for the upload :D

Author DabbertDaan12 (1 year)
Thanks for this toturial (=

Author Messaaay jessaaay (2 years)
i wouldve picked a guitar with a dark fret board so we can see.. just saying

Author BrutalBeastify (2 years)
what if i have an acoustic guitar? it won;t sound that good :\.... do i use
the same technique?

Author mpm1111 (1 year)

Author jcarruthersinf (2 years)
Beautiful guitar !!! Thanks for the lesson

Author GoGamer1000 (2 years)
He Looks Like Eddie Guerrero

Author Mark Henson (1 year)
How do you play the next part of the song?

Author Annu Naki (2 years)
I love you.

Author kuratr (2 years)
hey erich! quick question: Tele or Strato? And why? Thanks in advance!

Author Demyx54 (2 years)
An effects unit

Author qwertyuioplll (2 years)
you said it lol

Author Die99 (2 years)
At this part 4:32 instead of playing on the 5th & 6th fret on the 5th
string(A string) couldn't you just play on the 4th string(d string) fret 1
then open string?

Author alan o reilly (2 years)
Awwwwww:( i aint got an electric geeetar r amp r that loopy pedal thing:(
basic acoustic guitar is all,only playin a few months so maybe sometime
down d line ill make a purchase r two!!!great vid as always pal.

Author ACM Guitarethur (1 year)
merci beaucoup pour ce tutoriel super bien expliqué même si j'ai rien
compris parce que je parle pas englais

Author yourguitarsage (2 years)

Author XK71 (2 years)

Author Jewvanny Assis (2 years)
i always tought it was guitar sa-gue like in japanese

Author 2r3tard3d (2 years)
Loop Stations or Loopers I believe. Loopers sounds too much like hooters
though so...

Author parmezans (2 years)
I see you're having a TON of fun with your loop pedal! It's the best thing
ever, I could fiddle around all day. One guitar and a loop pedal is all you
need. Nice lesson, too. Keep it up!

Author davidmc107 (2 years)
thanks :) Explained very thoroughly for a noob like me.

Author lilnetty2 (2 years)
nice guitar...b-bender lesson?

Author rockskaterdudeperson (2 years)
So easy :D

Author yourguitarsage (1 year)
Thank you, thank you....I so appreciate you & your kind comment. Most of
all, I appreciate you for appreciating me :):):) Stay in touch and follow
me on FB & Twitter! e :)

Author Erik Schierboom (2 years)
Fantastic lesson and quite easy to play!

Author blueilizzy2 (2 years)
What is that thing called that people use and it has the foot pedals?

Author 416234765 (2 years)
Andreis, Eric Andreis

Author JJ Greywolf (1 year)
Thanks for all the free lessons. I paid a guy once to teach me guitar and
he isn't even close to what you show and teach. Peace Out!

Author Clément Bourguignon (2 years)
4:25 Skype.

Author Jesper Hedenqvist (2 years)

Author Jarhead Jokers (1 year)
Could be a piano, pianos have pedals for tuning or some shit....

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