Crazy Steep Hill Climb on Quad: 5-Points WV : Chris climbs "The Fours," a steep-ass hill climb at Five Points, WV Memorial Day, on a Honda 450R. It was very dry and dusty, making the hill pretty slick. He climbs her, second try. The song: "Sally Goodin" by the Hillbilly Gypsies.

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Author kronikxfear (2 years)
this is sand ridge right a five points?

Author Joey Decker (1 year)
I don't understand why you kept pumping the gas , pick a gear and never be
a fear !!!!!!!!

Author volksdude2007 (3 years)
me and my brother where playing on these hills but where he turns around
and comes back we droped off of the next hill over and came up

Author Wayne H (1 year)
Wow that's is one steep ass hill, I think I found my new sound track for
all of my gopro videos.....not :D

Author fubecabr (1 year)
You're a fool not to wear a helmet with any kind of motorsports.

Author dima pilipaka (2 years)

Author nutz4polaris (1 year)
You are obviously just as stupid as the rider in the video or possibly even
more stupid if that is possible!! YOU SIR ARE A FUCKING MORON!!!

Author Don d (1 year)
Where is this @ in west Va?? (town) Good riding there?

Author Backwoods 360° (1 year)
good observation

Author Rawly5 (2 years)

Author Yamahazy (1 year)
I always have helmet even though I only ride a Honda trx 250 ex not enough
power to scare me but yfz 450 oh ya

Author travis royer (2 years)
sweet jesus thats steep...............

Author yamarider1992 (1 year)
this hill is not steep at all! just sayin.. this is the easiest hill of THE

Author yamarider1992 (1 year)
Wallace , West virginia .. very good riding .. if you like climbin
,muddin,and trail ridin .. best place to be

Author bwbrimhall (3 years)
Nicely done video... I really like the transitions... Diggin the music,
fits the video.

Author Cody McCormick (1 year)
gotta love them invisible helmets

Author Mingledbones (1 year)
Some people know how to ride, and know there boundaries.. Its his body not
yours now please shut your fucking face and quit being a pussy ! Kthxbai

Author Backwoods 360° (3 years)
@volksdude2007 u think its steeper on the other side??.....

Author cosmodave69 (1 year)
Say that you'll never never never need it.One head! Now why would you leave

Author amanda foltz (1 year)
there is alote of trails in wv my old man is nuts on his honda 250 ex but
he always has a HELMET on

Author fubecabr (1 year)
It's not his body, it's the government's body which is why you don't have
the freedom to put whatever substance you like into it. It's also why the
TSA is able to sexually assault people with total impunity. There's plenty
of people who claimed that they "knew how to ride" and are dead or disabled
because of head injuries from motorcycles, ATVs, and snow machines. It's
not about being a pussy, it's about being as moron.

Author Drew Green (2 years)
I was gonna say.. You had to have missed a gear on the first try..

Author thetuckernator16 (1 year)
100 bucks to save your BRAIN ..not important LOL

Author hmmlimmethink (1 year)
idk if anybody agrees with me but.... if its a "CRAZY STEEP" hillclimb i
dont think the dude wpuld be sittin on that quad like hes takin it for a

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