Cyril Takayama Matrix Suspension finally revealed

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wanna perform this effect? Yes you can !

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Author john pierre (3 months)

Author Dan Volz (4 months)
Fuck that shit! Ten Million dollars!? Bullshit. I bet I can make this trick
at home under $20 rip off!!

Author Chris Howell (1 year)
its in the boot, has a small support

Author farid jan (1 year)
would you like to lift the other foot of the ground.?

Author linh nguyễn duy (1 year)
why he don't walk and play it =))

Author ConanX Gwyn (1 year)
revealed?? revealed your crap video... finally...

Author kangurzysty (2 years)
Dude, wtf? Google is for free, I already found out:)

Author Erick Silverio (1 year)
can you tell me when the trick FINALLY REVEALED,?, are you serius?

Author jp adel (1 year)
cyril walks before and after he do this, While you stayed stationary making
it obvious

Author Roberto Carreño (1 year)
Pero como se puede lograr esto.... kien lo puede revelar!!!

Author Andrés Giordano (1 year)
Actually you don't see him doing that in non of the videos, at least
without any cuts...The audience has obviosly been paid off...

Author bizzy nonyour (11 months)
Not the same method.

Author halim zvag (1 year)
mouve your leg fucking gay

Author thaddeus dy (1 year)
where's the revealing part?

Author Wucares (1 year)
now you know how living statues work:P

Author test44414 (1 year)
they have on each leg 1 time alone also the leg what is standing on the
ground is a bit smaller then the otherone so ges what :P

Author mike villa (1 year)
how move your other foot

Author izzul adli (1 year)
the last person that no cyril he is david blaine..

Author Nick Hartin (1 year)
i don't understand that language, but i see the words imbecil and idiota...
i agree.

Author Mule Anderson (1 year)
Dude at end have nails in ground

Author mrf4tt3113tu8y1 (1 year)
how much does 15.000.000 rp cost in us dollor cause it sm doesnt tell me
how much it is in us only in rp

Author mopz1ner (1 year)
would it be ok if some one posted a sitge in English where i can buy one of
these to make people stunned and laugh loads and mostly fall over, thank
you's XD ^__^

Author TheDarkspazz (1 year)
just changed the curency and it coems to £1012.34 which is a waste of money
for this

Author Eby Cusat (1 year)
Yeah he got the little boot

Author Roberto Carreño (1 year)
Pero como se puede lograr esto.... kien lo puede revelar!!!

Author Natsuminpyo (1 year)
has something behind the leg in his pants, you can;t see it, isn't it

Author SFV 324 (1 year)
HHMM what about the 2 legs? can't do it huh? i know the secret ...

Author 43esqueda (1 year)
no magnet! its just a brace attached on right leg let that permits him to
do all the matrix stunts. notice the saggy pants?

Author Sun Mee (1 year)
its a thin metal pole that goes up the leg and a thin metal plate that goes
on the butt and up the shirt. its underneath the clothes.

Author TsuyuKusaXNeshiro (1 year)
Actually if you pay attention around 0:48 then you can see.

Author Yiavuelover (9 months)
and the other leg..

Author Helen Motoshoko (11 months)
yes where is it ?

Author mrsnowman102 (1 year)
There is a musscle support which goes around his leg with makes it take all
the weight.

Author Poet's Guide (1 year)
Yup he's an illusionist, he's suppose to use trickery to deceive his
audience. Thats what they all do. I hope don't actually believe there are
"real" magicians that use "real" magic powers.

Author Major Lawliet (8 months)
now explain to me how that even helps when he puts his body in a way that
he's not even applying weight on the leg

Author Martine. (1 year)
that is the criss angel style cyril uses different method .

asi se hace

Author GraffySize (1 year)
why the fuck in every single video someone who`s not dynamo do this get the
comment:''why u dont do it whit shorts?'' this is for fucking retard. the
magic is fake,-_- its made to entertain people x.x idiots.

Author kucing1111 (1 year)
so dynamo re-acts this trick

Author Tom Hansen (1 year)
its a metal dart they are putting into the ground BEFORE they are doing the
trick and then they have a little thing under they shoe that they put the
dart TOP and just ''swiming'' see it easy on his left foot 0:40

Author spungymungy (1 year)
and about the lowest limbo stick?

Author friendlyflow (1 year)
I have to laugh everytime i see someone levitate, because even when there
is this device to manage this action, it,s still a great find

Author Gloria Sarp (1 year)
really wgere?

Author pierrejeanes (1 year)
and why we cannot see it?

Author ma06lon (1 year)
Lean shoe!!!

Author Alexandre Spain (1 year)
muscle suspension gimmick

Author derick lima (1 year)

Author Roger Smith (1 year)
now do it with a partner in your lap, wielding a large hoop.

Author Francisco José Mora Castaño (1 year)
Nada jefe, a mandar!

Author Anthony78J (1 year)
now do it in shorts

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