Afghani Noha 2011 Sina zani ( Abuzar Faizi )

sina zani kabul 2011
sina zani adelaide 2011
muharram in afghanistan
muharram in iran qom
sina zani iran
muharram in quetta

Abuzar Faizi

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Runtime: 7:27
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Author rajab ali anwari (3 months)

Author deepak varma (1 year)

Author Taalib-ul-Haq (1 year)
Allah guide u all

Author shah aghah (11 months)
mashallah abuzer jan

Author mike tyson (1 year)
he 10midnightAdventurer are leader off shia ist imam ALI he was the man of
are the world youre leader abu bakr ist a gay and omar was a very scari man
he run foure the fight we shia gone kill all you whabbi and cheap youre head

Author Adeel Abbas (11 months)
ya ali a.s madad mashallaha

Author farwah sheikh (1 year)
omg mashallah mashallah this was beautiful why do only a few people come
into the middle? so nice to see different styles of remembering Hussain

Author 10MidnightAdventurer (1 year)
We as fighter of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah,responsible to stand at the in
front line to face the armies of Shia(Iran,Bashar Al Assad,Hezbollah and
others).In the name of Allah that created the sky without pillar,we swear
that not single of Shia life will feel peaceful from death by our Ahlus
Sunnah Wal Jamaah armies.We promise rockets by rockets,bomb by bomb,cruelty
by cruelty and attack by attack will be launch on people of
Shia(Iran,Bashar Al Assad,Hezbollah and others) without endless and rest.

Author Arman Haidar (11 months)
mashallah Husain zindabad

Author Qamar Turi (1 year)

Author Salle Yusuf (1 year)
Da'fuq is this :/

Author o0Sheeza0o (5 months)
FRANCHEMENT C est des iranien hazara et pas afghan
les afghan sont sunnite et pas shiite

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