[TRIBUTE] ► Resident Evil 6 ● Piers Nivans ||HD||

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Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater Soundtrack: Main Theme

within 5 minutes of the video below \/

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Author JrgamesBRx - Análises e Prévias (2 days)
*Incrível cara, me emocionei, realmente fantástica essa homenagem ao Piers,
ele merece :' )*

Author Albert Wesker (4 days)

Author Twilightfey (17 days)
Piers was a true hero, if ever there was one. He will be sorely missed! 

Author eriol (1 month)
death is cheap in RE. I think he will return if capcom wants it. 

Author Daniel Calin (1 day)
Piers Nivans and Sheva Alomar! My favorites!!!

Author Buddha Wolf (6 months)
To be honest. i cried watching that. At the end. So much emotion!!

Author Cod_HunterzZz (4 months)

Author james mejarito (1 month)
R.I.P. Piers Nivans Truely We Will Miss you :(

Author wang bowen (2 months)
I don't think p is died,everyone loves him now,the producer can still use
him in the future

Author Nigra Tun (18 days)
I played this game with my brother andni was piers....when he died, I
started crying and it was 3 am in the morning...than I keapt thinking about
his death and I couldn't sleep.R.I.P Piers

Author Piers Nivans (5 months)
Why why me?!

Author Juanpablo Donoso (5 months)

Author Martin BioHazard (6 months)
R.I.P. Piers Nivans :(

Never Forget

Author Daniela Larios (9 months)
I cryed when he died

Author doubleling315 (6 months)

Author Alvin McCarter (7 months)
Poor Piers T_T

Author Jake Muller (5 months)
Piers was a good man and he will be missed.

Author Truth Nivans (3 months)
Piers nooo!!!

Author Samt13ful (8 months)

Author Ada Wong (7 months)
It was so sad watching him as he was standing and looking at chris when he
pushed him and sealed the doors to escape pod :(! I'd rather want that
chirs died instead of him.

Author Yotsune -Chan (8 months)
you made me crying! T_T

Author William Wilson (8 months)
you fucking idiot that make me crying

Author Piers Nivans (7 months)
♥♥♥piers not!

Author Ro Roo (8 months)

Author piers nivans bsaa alpha (9 months)

Author HyunMinWoo1990 (1 year)
Yes indeed, they made Piers died as he could have been the successor of
Chris but they kept Helena and Sherry alive, and i'm sure we won't see them
in the next RE... F*ck you Capcom.....!! I didn't get so much attached to
Sheva, but Piers yeah, damn it!

Author Kelly C (1 year)
Piers. I am gonna miss you. Really. Why you have to die. Oh dear :(

Author Greg Mather (1 year)
Eu estou ali com você capitão, mas a sua vingança pessoal não vai nos levar
a lugar nenhum! " - Piers

Author RESteve4ever (1 year)
Exactly! :) I loved this game, Chris' campaign was the best for me, so damn
emotional. Its a shame Piers died :(

Author SpicersApple (1 year)
Piers, the true Patriot. *Salute* Man, so many people have been making
awesome Piers videos lately, and you're one of them! Metal Gear music with
him is perfect, you made me... I freaking bawled at this ;_____________;
I'm not even going to lie!

Author Evan Yong (1 year)
Pier had save chris butt for a few times and even when he is about to
die........ sob.... :"(

Author Jesus Torres (1 year)
que bonito video

Author mw2Roach1 (1 year)
amen i almost cried

Author Tanya Serna (1 year)

Author Silver200916 (1 year)
people say this was a bad game, and that, Chris's campaign was weak, and to
that, i call em bitchs, cus they just don't want to tell the public how
much they cryed. xD. i mean seriously people, not many games, if any, make
you feel like you do while playing this one. it's got one hell of a plot,
and Chris yet again, went threw pure emotional hell in this game.

Author Danila Kalinin (1 year)
They all come with RE2. They was newcommers but become "Main". So if
someone start talking about "Main Characters" he must remember that Chris
and Jill are only "Main Characters".

Author RESteve4ever (1 year)
ahahah xD no he's not lol

Author Thiago N.Gamer (1 year)
better than Ada and Leon ? wtf? they are not gay .

Author Fercha Revil (1 year)
Nice video!

Author Mizuchaann (1 year)
I bauled so hard at the end when I was playing this with my bestfriend. For
the entire end over the phone, you just heard sniffles and us sobbing into
our pillows. LOL Goodbye, Piers TT^TT -sobs again replaying the video-
Author jasielstael (1 year)

Author ictapalla (1 year)
A moment of silent..fot our fallen comrade....i mean....Hero......

Author RESteve4ever (1 year)
Me too :) Piers was definatelly amazing! Best character i've seen in a long

Author inazuma8338 (1 year)
I love you, Piers T_T R.I.P my True Hero

Author animapain24 (1 year)
This is so sad and that metal gear music does not help, it make it even
sadder... I really like Piers, why the heck capcom had to kill him!? They
should have killed freaking cocky jerk Jake Muller instead.

Author Tanya Serna (1 year)
I was crying when Piers died, he clearly had more strength than Leon and
everyone, but he was had to die because of that stupid BOW... I mean he was
going to be captain after he and Chris saved Jake and Sherry, but he had to
die!! I hope in later games he comes back because of some strange
reason.... Until then, I am very sad... I love Piers..:')

Author Mugai88 (1 year)
is not a love story is a bromance -_-

Author foxhoundsniper7 (1 year)
Why him :,,,,,,,,,(

Author Flisterdini (1 year)
To be completely honest, I was doing a let's play with my buddy..that part
was filled with awkward silence, as I first felt my jaw drop to the floor,
then I had to mute my microphone as I started crying.

Author Piers Nivans (1 year)
Stunning, breath taking, touching.

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