My Boyfriend's Back

Southern Strutt 2009
No copyright infringement intended. All music belongs to the respective owner.

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Author ahsxc07 (2 years)
what studio does abby dance at now?

Author StruttDance82 (2 years)
@Dance1234ever yes she is

Author bdadancer3100 (2 years)
amazing technique! love the costumes!

Author Ashley Marie (1 year)
I AM a competition dancer. I go to one every weekend and I have never heard
this song at one.This dance was after autumns popularity of her trio, which
i was at that competition. +

Author Bob McClintock (1 year)
Have u ever seen 3 seven year old girls Autumn Miller, Sarah Shepherd and
Melia Mariano? They are AMAZING!!! These girls are amazing too!!

Author cheerSKCHZY (1 year)
r the girls in material girls in this dance?????

Author StruttDance82 (3 years)
@ThatDangHobbit as a dance teacher you know the strengths of your dancers.
if they aren't ready to be in a turn section, they aren't put in it, and
you focus on their technique in class so one day they will get it :-)

Author manglejangle1 (2 years)
Best dancers! Best choreo! Best song! Best costumes! BEST SOUTHERN STRUTT

Author nickyhase14 (1 year)
so sweet

Author Pamela Tully (8 months)

Author you're_basic (2 years)
can u post "My New Philosophy" ? please i love that one

Author StruttDance82 (10 months)
yes, we call it the concert though :)

Author Katie Augstin (3 years)
I kept looking 4 this, but I get different girls. I LOVE u guys MUCh better!

Author pinklover9100 (2 years)
@KalexCullen ikr!!!

Author DancingWithYT1 (10 months)
and plus this was a different person who sang this song i perhaps

Author StruttDance82 (1 year)
I really do not see how you can say they don't have personality on stage. I
see it throughout.

Author Jessie Caitlyn (3 years)
do you know why there are girls in the back that don't turn with the rest
of them?

Author Sarah Erickson (3 years)
What happened to all the Southern Strutt videos you guys posted??

Author DancingWithYT1 (10 months)
oh ok (:

Author rosicheek321 (1 year)
some of these girls look like there in pain from those silly curls on their
heads. so they have no personality on stage.

Author CristinaRocks858 (1 year)
@KalexCullen IKR??!! I wanna go to MDC but its so far away!!

Author StruttDance82 (1 year)
clearly you aren't a competition dancer. otherwise you would know that
songs do not belong to anyone and that this particular song was probably
one of the most popular songs for the past 2 years or so at competitions.

Author kitston (2 years)
@yummyduckyy501 Jazz

Author Kendall Gay (1 year)
*Request!!!! Can you please post hey daddy and true colors the trios?

Author Kathie G (3 years)
Why are all those cool dance studios nowhere where I live?

Author washington45jb (1 year)
I have seen autume miller

Author DKDancers (1 year)
She doesnt own it, so no...

Author TVproductions23 (3 years)
wow, i love this dance,,,, wat version of this song is it cause i have some
and there nothing like this one

Author Jessica (2 years)
Too Cute!

Author DancerGleek (2 years)
OMG Tawney Giles choreographed this number, all the more reason to love it.
That woman's amazing. She has her own line of dancewear Tawney G dancewear

Author Kendall Gay (3 years)
yay its back!

Author lkergrl24 (1 year)
so? there is alot of dances named my boyfriends back even though autumn
miller is the best dancer

Author lrhyan28 (3 years)
can you post boys will be boys from about 2yrs ago?

Author StruttDance82 (1 year)
regardless, no one "stole" this song. this was performed the same
competition season that the trio was, just uploaded later. we are
completely across the country from her studio. please take your negativity

Author lexiluvs2skate (2 years)
You have to try out for company

Author Kathie G (3 years)
why did you change channels?

Author shabadoodle (2 years)
the outfits are cute. great dancing too.

Author BeatTheStep (3 years)
every year i compete against southern strutt... their sooooo good!

Author DancingWithYT1 (10 months)
is this for recitals?

Author StruttDance82 (3 years)
@yourrandomchannel yes! Irmo, SC :-)

Author Kaedyn Ivey (1 year)
@bccck I have it good

Author Kendall Gay (3 years)
@BroknHeartdPeopl taken down for copyright

Author Dance1234ever (2 years)
Is Carly in this?

Author Ashley Marie (1 year)

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