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Author Raju Sagi (19 days)
Truly inspired rendition of the Name of Maha Purush!

Author Andre Berbie (3 months)
I spent 1 year in an ashram lonevala (1999-2000) and my friend Bobby (from
Nainital) gave me the cassete of this song always gives me so much emotion.
I lost contact with him, but I would find someone knows, thank you for
letting me know.
andre (from france)

Author Deepthi Uppala (9 days)
Meena Anish

Author blueskydreaming999 (9 days)
if we can measure sublime joy in music - this is the nectar of such .....
Hey Ram ..
I am white western but have an Indian spirit from last birth .....

Author nei robin (9 days)
Me encanta 

Author Shakuntla Jassal (9 days)
I like this very much. It relaxes my soul

Author Badri Narayanan (9 days)
Wonderful Bhajan and video full of devotion. Today is Ram Navami and I am
glad to be posting this comment. May god bless everyone listening to this

Author Irene Wilhelm (14 days)
wow! Great!

Author tyler hill (11 days)
There's Somthing in this beautiful indian girls voice so divine , true and
transcending it just penetrates my soul an makes me very emotional

Author Tad Jangir (2 months)

Author chandu kanth (1 month)
photos videos 9701670150

Author Timothy Madera (1 month)
Jai Ram. 

Author Rekha sasidharan (15 days)
its so soothing,hare ram hare ram,ram ram hare hare,hare krishna hare
krishna,krishna krishna hare hare.jai ram from RekhaSasidharan Bangalore

Author NarutoKO Quagmire (2 months)
Was very very nice song

Author Zhinous Jenny Baensaf Oroumieh (1 month)

Author Arrjun Ram (2 months)
Nice song

Author Lemter Rallen (3 months)
miss dis song!!!!use to hear it daily at vkv prayer hall!!!! lovely bhajan

Author Satish Sharma (28 days)
Ram se bada Ram ka naam

Author Khavita Deonarine (2 months)
R they mother and daughter?? Great song-I listen to this song every

Author Postcards Of Life (1 month)
Thanks for sharing this, it's lovely to see so many inspired people here. I
was in Vrindavan and Mathura three months ago and had an amazing time
discovering the wonder this sort of music guides us towards. I can never
compete with this standard of music but my heart dances nevertheless.

Author Shalini Asha (1 month)
Jai Shri Ram! Dhanyavaad!

Author Prakash Purohit (3 months)
Jai Shree ram 

Author Bernard Gertrude (3 months)
Anuradha Ji is really good, but I have to admit that jagjit Singh's version
is better. Everobody has a different taste in music.

Author Vivekanandan Pillai (22 days)
what a great song

Author Hemraj gujar (5 months)
best song (jai shree ram)

Author Ashok yadav (1 month)
JAI SHREE RAM.............

Author Dileep Jwala (1 month)
Ram Ram Ji
Samast Ram Bhagato Ko Jay Shree Ram.

Author joellen debiase (2 months)
I can't believe how beautiful this is...never heard it before. I am an
American/Catholic but this; OMG!!! Almost "calls" to me!! I love it!!!!!

Author Meenakshi Tewari (1 month)

Author ramram1935 (1 month)
This is true knowledge

Author sho Nallakunta (1 month)
nice song

Author Madhavananda Dasa (4 months)
Jay Sri Sri Sita Ram
Laksman Hanuman!

Author sanjeev kumar (3 months)
hey ram sanjeev

Author LOBINE OUMESH (4 months)
Lovely devotional song for a sucessful life i adore it Jai jai RAM

Author mahesh kumar (4 months)
good Arti.............

Author janardhan JANA (4 months)

Author Gyan Adhikari (5 months)
Hey Ram Hey Ram.Jay Sri Ram

Author Ramesh Chander (4 months)
jai RAM ji ki

Author Jitendra Kothari (5 months)
A beautiful, devotional rendition in praise of Hindu God Rama, describing
him as the sole creator of all human existence, all earthly pleasures and
pains. Thou Lord Rama is our Mother and Father, meaning he provides for
and protects us all from evil. Anuradha P. has sung this soothing bhajan so
beautifully along with very lovely chorus, it renders a feeling of deep,
internal peace and solace to the listeners. Thx so much for uploading and
sharing this sweet bhajan...

Author Sudhir Kadam (4 months)
hey ram hey ram

Author balaji siddigari (2 months)
I really love this song so much.

Author arshad khan (2 months)

Author patrick roche (3 months)

Author Luke Phillips (3 months)
This might be the most beautiful song i ever heard. Invoke the avatar or
divine spiritual power through these simple words. Hare Krishna, hare rama!

Author Geeta Reece (4 months)
Beautiful song Sri ram jai ram may god bless us all

Author 12345abdullah1 (7 months)
sorry bro about that and i agree with u

Author Thegaminggamer de eerste (11 months)

Author Dzogchen Yogi (1 year)
O Ram, your name is the true name in this word You are mother, father, and
you are Radha's Krishna You are knower of what is inside the heart, lord of
all, the four abodes lie at your feet You destroy as well create all the
works of this world You are the creator of this world, you are the morning
and the evening O Ram, your name is the true name in this word. Note: The
four abodes, "charo dham", are the four holy piligrimage places: Badrinath,
Dwarka, Jagananath Puri and Rameshwaram

Author Piyush Dhawan (1 year)
nice bhajan

Author Radhika Menon (9 months)
Beautiful Song.... A Feel Of Inner Peace

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