Iman Shumpert Explains Why He Paid $6,000 For A Sneaker


New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert discusses the price hike on Derrick Rose's new adidas shoe and tells us why he paid $6,000 for a sneaker.

Interview by Damian Rodriguez

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Author Punisher (2 months)
Only Bitches and Females spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on shoes..

Author best world (2 months)
He is a typical nigger

Author sakamuras s (11 days)
yeah, they just snickers...

Author jhamilton6247 (23 days)
Haters down below

Author YMCMB Lobbies (3 months)
I payed $700 for the adidas jeremy scott pandas bear size 13

Author Amets577 (5 months)
Shump spend more time working on your game and less time shopping for shoes
and maybe the knicks will win a few games

Author Jae Hemi (6 months)
Fuck sum shoes get a education!!!

Author Andrew B (2 months)
which one was it then? what bullshit.

Author Skyhighblu (2 months)
whatever I'd fuck with the air mags

Author Justin B (2 months)
He spends 6,000 on sneakers on his rookie deal now he's playin like sh@!
This is what's wrong with the nba

Author B Dawk (2 months)
2:49 Shumpy gets a boner as he thinks about his shoes.

Author jayps netk (2 months)
for UGLY sneakers

Author Marty Williams (2 months)
That nigga get bread doe

Author xLuvo (3 months)

fuck the sneakers...

this rich kient is rocking a hublot watch which average around 10k-200k
price range.

Author drewgt78 (3 months)

Author Kendall Smith (7 months)
Let him spend his own fuckin money 

Author Nathan Flowers (4 months)
making my kind look ignorant as fuck

Author DreadfulControversy (4 months)
Why would this faggot interviewer say "You don't have to name the
sneaker?". I would've been like "NIGGA WHERE THE SHOE AT"

Author lajonlavar gipson (8 months)
Lebron a bitch his shoes r too high 270 go die lebron james datz y jordan
the best off all times u can go get fresh pair 80

Author Davian Herrera (5 months)
Only shoe I can think of is the Air Mag 

Author cervezero11 (7 months)
Iman is a material boy living in a matetial world...with 6000$ you could of
bought sneakers for some poor kids.

Author Erick Espinoza (5 months)
The $6000 pair of shoe he probably got was the Nike Air mag. That's how
much they went for on ebay. So yea 

Author ellis smith (6 months)
he gassing! aint no way he spent that much. the shoes were probably worth
6k but he got a deal on them.

Author CamoLakers (6 months)
Leave him alone, every body got their reasons to work, and he works damn

Author Belmin H (6 months)
He probably bought some limited OG J's. You see them go for 3k easy at
times, so i wouldnt be surprised to see a rare set in a big size go for 6.
Its not like he doesnt have the money, thats pocket change for him. 

Author gracio cassimo (6 months)
muita massa para um par de sapatilhas

Author kingmoose (6 months)
To the guy that said where responsible for the less fortunate people! Why?
Most people that end up being homeless put themselves there and others are
just lazy because it's easier to beg for change instead of working for it,
even though not all are lazy just really bad luck, but no one is
responsible for no one is this world, people do things out of complete
generosity, while others abuse people's generosity it a growing thing here
in America which is sad.

Author Jae Hemi (6 months)
Another stupid rich nigga

Author TRE4RERE (6 months)

Author MrStlouis2010 (6 months)
shietttttt… those sneaks better be waterproof, fireproof, make me fly, turn
me invisible, bulletproof, crease-able proof for me to pay 6 Gs for a
fucking sneaker.

Author Victor V (6 months)
I have a better more logical explanation !! Because your a fucking idiot ! 

Author kingmoose (6 months)
All these guys have been poor before, so I understand when he says if I
like it an going to but it! Some of you mofos have $300 phones yet can't
pay the bill! He fuckin rich! He can buy what ever the hell he wants. I
would have bought those Nike Air Mcflys from back to the future also, those
joints are legendary! 6k would have been well spent.

Author Adam Johnson (7 months)
6,000 I rather get a chain. At least bitches will know how much I actually
spent. Or some robin jeans. 

Author juan ruiz (7 months)
where u get jordans for 80$????

Author Lastros (8 months)
The nike MAG's are the only ones that should cost $6,000

Author hhhh (8 months)
Only 6k shoe I can think of that a dude who grew up in his time would want
growing up gotta be the mcfly's

Author manuel collado (1 year)
you watched a 3 minute video on sneakers. god damn spraxlaks, have
priorities for once.

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Author SonofSamhein (1 year)
Intellectually broken down...grounded...Salute...

Author thebest12700 (1 year)
ian make sure we make the finals in them sneakers fool lol

Author EFLo (1 year)

Author JFB Fanataic (1 year)
i would if i was a multi millionaire

Author Jared Jenkins (1 year)
Iman keeps it real! Lol

Author res181 (1 year)
I understand what it is that you're trying to say, but in no way will that
ever happen. We do not live in a utopia where everyone truly "cares" Now,
I'm not saying that those people deserve to suffer, but because they do -
why should others have to lower their standard of living? I believe in what
your saying with "if everyone gave the world would be a better place" but
that's just not the reality we live in. Therefore, people should have the
choice as to what they spend their money on.

Author Dondre' McCline (1 year)
follow me on ig @dondre28, i follow back

Author Adlai prescod (10 months)
Racism is a curse if Europeans are so high and mighty tell them to take
over the united states of America

Author townview33 (1 year)
Actually he didn't. It was a friendly debate. Stop reaching and trying to
turn this into something different.

Author manafloodin (11 months)
only way id buy those shoes if I was going to the moon, they looks like
some boots rather than sneakers

Author MIKE TRICKS (10 months)
air yezzy or air mag

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