Lounge Collection 5 | Rio Chillout by Paulo Arruda

Best of Lounge Music by Paulo Arruda.
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photo by Mariana Acioli Mayo
(01) Bebel Gilberto - Samba Da Benção
(02) Mocheeba - Undress Me Now (Paulo Arruda Edit)
(03) Rue Du Soleil - In My Heart
(04) Climatic - Lhorizzonte
(05) Enigmatic - Soft Lines
(06) Seu Jorge - Quem Não Quer Sou Eu
(07) Jens Buchert - In The Mirror
(08) Lebanese Blonde
(09) Schwarz And Funk - The Dawn
(10) Thievery Corporation - Shadows Of Ourselves
(11) Karma Fever - Callin Back The Funk
(12) Tactful - Recalling The Rising Sun
(13) Bebel Gilberto - Aganjú (Remixed By Latin Project)
(14) Thievery Corporation - The Outernational Sound - Vai Vai

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 61:20
Comments: 404

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Uploaded by: DJ Paulo Arruda
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Author Arlindo Pereira (5 months)
Fantastico .
Paulo Arruda

Author elmetgwennhudkoad (2 months)
You're chilling out until you're robbed or kidnapped

Author (1 month)
I am Brazilian, and I can go for those who want a list of MPB (Samba, Bossa
Nova, Sertanejo, Forro, Frevo, Choru, etc. ..)

Author acejajaja777 (19 days)
I love this!

Author omar joudi (2 months)
Thats what i call a relaxing song !!!

Author bandavoou (2 months)
Linda pedida musical.

Author Rudinei Cardoso (21 day)
Nice to hear the people of all corners of the world enjoying this great
artist!! Keep pushing Paulo!!

Author Adriana Hazel (18 days)
Stressed? I have the cure!

Author Wijnand van der Vet (1 month)

Author Lollie F (2 months)
nite nite from London

Author Raul Fuertes (3 months)
All for you Sandra

Author David Thomas (25 days)
Thanks Lilian..looking up some of his songs on YouTube. By the way, where
are you? The US?

Author Alexandra Manata (1 month)
Simplesmente...Não me canso!

Author Jenny Moutou (29 days)
Greetings from mauritius it

Author ADULTEDUCATION4U (3 months)
very nice...

Author Blu3AquaMarine (2 months)
I'm not even Brazilian and I love Brazilian music. I'm Hispanic and I
understand some of the words since Portuguese is similar to Spanish :)

Author David Thomas (1 month)
I LOVE this compilation! It's beautiful and flowing...Sweet! but who is
that great male singer at 22:22 ?? I have to know his name, and the name of
the song. Again, great post my man..keep up the good work!!

Author Otto Lindeberg (4 months)
Galaxy DJ Paulo tks for post

Author Pensione all'estero - Vivere all'estero (2 months)
*BRASILE - musica rilassante*
La musica brasiliana ha un potere: rilassare..

Author suraya rahman (2 months)
Greetings from Kuala Lumpur.....sublime!!

Author Günther Fox (4 months)
thank U !!! very good job!

Author beqa todua (2 months)
44:52 whats song name 

Author Ian McClelland (4 months)

Author Ata Turk (5 months)
Much love from Turkey. This music is just my thing. Obrigado.

Author Nathan Colonese (10 months)
Perfeição: Sim ou claro?

Author tradingpilot (6 months)
Just what I needed! Abraços!

Author Albert Lima (1 year)

Author dasoul muchlighter (8 months)
at 41 minutes a GRAND SOUND plays, what is the band called, with girl
singer. Fantastic in French!!!

Author tonyfalca (1 year)
can't go wrong starting your mix with bebel gilberto!

Author vonversace (1 year)

Author hoszke (1 year)
What is the music at 0:05:09 ?

Author Ricardo Peña (9 months)
No sé mi amigo así me sonó al principio, pero es muy buena...

Author Lu Pacheco (10 months)

Author Luiz Fernando Lopes (5 months)
Fantástico trabalho Paulo. Parabéns

Author Parenzo4ever (1 year)

Author planetinspiration (1 year)
bem vindo

Author protobeat radical (1 year)
Te felicito por estas buenos recopilaciones hermano!! te sacas un 10
gracias Paulo!!!

Author valencoxxx (8 months)
amazing from Bulgariya

Author sira tavares (1 year)
Que boa música!

Author darius bailey (8 months)
most beautiful language in the world. and arabic. both i shall learn in
full one day

Author ta0212 (1 year)

Author Patricia Motta (1 year)
Have dinner or plan your activities....this kind of music relax our mind
and allow a good sense of humor... Thanks!!!

Author Andrea Bedeschi (1 year)
Bouuua, rapaz!

Author planetinspiration (1 year)

Author Alastair S (9 months)
Muito bom, my friend.

Author As You Were Reading My Very Long Username I Stole Your Sandwich (7 months)
que tristeiza.

Author luigiadams7 (1 year)
évasion ! ! ! !

Author Amalia Coromoto Carroz Parra (1 year)
Me encanta esta música, muchas gracias. En particular me gusta la música de
brasil y en este estilo suena genial. Nuevamente gracias.

Author djfoil (10 months)
Mighty Fine smooth ass tunes right here!!

Author spetnaz16 (1 year)
paulo arrunda fantastic job, i past great moment with your music, continue.
This is the sound i prefer

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