Gelawa-ገላዋ-Lovely Ethiopian music video [ NEW ]

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 5:54
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Author siphan Hong (10 months)
i like your both voices....very sweet......

Author Ali Alilo (6 months)
great feels and good job!

Author Gizachew Habtemariam (2 years)
nice song,,,, አዲስ ዚማና ግጥም በጠፋበት ዘመን የቆዩ ዘፈኖችን አስታውሶ በዘመኑ tuter ተጠቅሞ አሳምሮ
ማቅረቡ በጣም ጥሩ ነገር ነው.

Author Netsanet Getnet (2 years)
I like it!!

Author abrishzgreat (2 years)
Thanks for the correction. As much as i agree with the performance u said
that the original was way better than this, i liked this one as well. They
played it good with a nice bit so the new generation can feel it. Thanks

Author muktar maalim (2 years)
247 Truth Insider Thinker 247T

Author Medhane Halefom (2 years)
beautiful song!

Author Masresha Mathewos (1 year)
i love dz galawa musi!!!

Author addis ababa (2 years)

Author kaskonjo (1 year)

Author ethioaddis11 (1 year)
What a beautiful memory! unforgettable song

Author bereket asamnew (1 year)
wow too lovly

Author Habtishet Azmera (2 years)
ይህን ሙዚቃ ሳዳምጥ፣ ትቶኝ የነበረ የፍቅር አባዜ አገረሸብኝ። ምናለ የሰውን አንጀት እያባባችሁ ተጠቂ ባታረጉን።
አሁንማ በቀን ከ30 ግዜ በላይ እያዳመጥኩት ነው።

Author Michael Yohannes (2 years)
CORRECTION! This is not a new song! The song is close to 30 years old. I
hate to say this but the original one, performed by Hirut Bekele and Tadele
Bekel was far better because they were accompanied by full band instead of
Electronic Synthesizer. Anyway, thanks for sharing! Michael Yohannes

Author 111keanna (2 years)
This is my best Song for 2012..... I am in love with this Song ehhhhhhhh
Gelayewa wowwww Genboyen seberyea Love love it how love is Powerful and
control Our mind and heart.... Love to be in Love throughout my life...
this is the mining of life... love is great feeling for me... thanks for

Author nigussie11 (2 years)
tireu adergachu setachutal

Author Abrish Tame (2 years)
I loved it before and I even loved it more now.and my cousine he is ze one
who made me love this song when we were kids ,b/c that is ze only song he
knows ,loves and sings all the time doing everything specially when we go 2
school & came the way if their is anyone who knows where these
people perform pls call 0911472605 I want to invite him their . and I can't
wait to c him cry tears of joy remembering those childhood memories. many
thanks to the hall crew who made this possible. Abrish

Author Yac reta (2 years)
Hei juddiye come down!! i do respect that you have the right to critisize
peolple.But do it in a sensible manner.Cuz insulting is not a part of
critisizim.What kind of comment would you have written if these singer were
your brother and sister? It is a very magnificent video clip I have ever
seen. keep it up our ethiopian rising singers.I donot have words to
appreciate your effort.I lke it very much,BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Author Tesfay Tewoldemedhin (1 year)
I loved it.

Author daniel kabeda (1 year)
Wow wow well done! Keep doing so nice . Ever time I ears I felling happy
well done nice work

Author Nega zopiana (1 year)
wow beatiful what a fantastic coordination .both are the best of best from
all oldies.!!!!!!

Author abrishzgreat (2 years)
jamming with this song over n over again. good throwback!!!

Author Abiy Alazar (1 year)
Great song... even better live at Jazz Amba every tuesday

Author hana mebratu (1 year)
Words are not enough how nicely you both played it!! you guys have the
sweetest voice ever. Well done!!

Author df2721 (1 year)
betam des yelal

Author abraham tamirat (2 years)
loke it!

Author logomtti (1 year)
there is no insult in my comment , just straight facts. don't be emotional,
even to your brother and sister tell him not to steal. acknowledge the
original artists.I am saying that.

Author Froweny Hagos (2 years)
good job!!!!!

Author Konjo2010 (2 years)
Ever best clip and music. Good update !

Author MrLamrof (1 year)
ትዝታ የምትቀሰቀስ ዘፈን ነች:: ቁርቁር እንደ ውኃ: ፎለል እንደ ጅረት:: ምርጥ ዜማ ነች! ይመቻቹ::

Author Felly felimon felly (1 year)
(y) <3 @-}---

Author AA haile (1 year)
I LOVE this music OMG!!!!

Author bale tedare (1 year)
father's love never end .u make me tear b/c i love my dad and i miss him

Author habtom bahre (1 year)
wow great lovlyyyyyyyy song !!!!

Author Elizabeth Lemma (2 years)
i really enjoy this music. i remember this song when Hirut sang it and they
sang it beautifully. I cant stop listening to it over and over. great job
God bless you all!

Author RandyThirdSun (1 year)
I want a woman like these!

Author gn gngnet (2 years)
NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author logomtti (1 year)
RESPECT TO ORIGINAL SINGERS!! it is 90% copy from old song By Hirut Bekele
and ....WHY they didn't mention the original authors of the song when they
list several names....they should be respectful ..ebs is broadcasting so
many such stolen songs..what if someone stole your creativity and make it

Author logomtti (1 year)
RESPECT TO ORIGINAL SINGERS!!it is 90% copy from old song By Hirut Bekele
and ....WHY didn't mention the original authors of the song when you list
several respectful ..ebs is broadcasting so many such stolen

Author Nunyat Samson (11 months)
enant nachu demo melsachu melalsachu befikir mtigelun ..<3

Author solomon derziesolo (1 year)

Author lisro21 (1 year)
I saw this guy on Balageru.....he is so awesome. He got that captivating
voice like Efrem Tamiru

Author Yergu Haile (1 year)

Author Kideset Zewdu (2 years)

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