shubham karoti kalyanam

shubham karoti kalyanam

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this video is for my FRiend
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Author shinenshimmer (3 years)
where can i get the written lyrics? Can anyone help?

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u I was thinking of chat with you. FYI Kanimozhi is arrested. Peace!
Pls explain "nvas4u" ur name. Hopefully you would stop aligning with social
evils like Sambhaji Brigade, concentrate on removing differences, love good
from everywhere including Veda, recognize wider contributions to India's
growth, remember not to target a particular caste or religion, would talk
against the evil writers live "Khedekar" (who authors books from Sambhaji
Brigade), live a socially n mentally healthy life.

Author optimistmba2008 (4 years)
Please post the complete lyrics !

Author nvas4u (3 years)
cnt 2.. Ambedkar was very sick and needed medical person to look after him
24 hours. In those days Brahmins never allowed other jaatis or casts to
take education so could Ambedkar find someone from his own cast and if
unmarried brahmin woman look after ambekar then she will get assaulted from
her own people. That is why marriage happened. I cleaned my house edges ago
since my ancestors kicked our vedic thoughts from their mind. cnt....

Author nvas4u (3 years)
When he (Atal) visited in maharashtra, he said we will have Rashtriy
Charcha to confirm wheather Dadoji was his (Shivaji's) guru or father. So
my question is, will he (Atal) have rashtriy charcha to let us know who was
his (Atal's) father? To keep bahujan separated, Brahmins and only Brahmins
made a disgussing controvercy in Shivaji's Jayanti. I am "PADHA LIKHA" and
do not want to be "LIKHA PADHA" (Brahman has written (Likha) and Bahujan
have read (Padha). cnt..

Author nvas4u (2 years)
Wow...your first paragraph made me laugh. Where did you read this??? Are
you talking about some mistakes....Brahmins started from their vedas,
purushsukta, mahabharat, Valmiki ramayan, Ramcharit manas, and many more.
They do not have any literature, book, or Granth that does not state
Cast(Varna System). And you talk about some mistake. Brahmins made
mulnivasi to suffer for about 4000 years and you are saying enough of
Brahmin bashing.

Author Anil Dhairyawan (1 year)
Mangal ani Nirmal feel hotey!

Author nvas4u (3 years)
But that is Science and no one can go against science.

Author Rajesh Nayagar (2 years)
It s true that Brahmins dominated others and it is true.You cant refute
that.Many of Akbar's ministers were Brahmins.All Brahmins are not vicious.I
have spent my childhood in a Brahmin' s house and I belong to Kstariya.They
have even welcomed Paraiyas.They are tolerant.I prefer South Indian
Brahmins than that of North.But you can see their domination
everywhere:politics,TV,prestigious jobs,science etc.I cant say whether it
is innate and natural or cunning and vicious in order to hold their heg

Author nvas4u (3 years)
What Indian Govt has done as fgood effort to Bahujan people. Nothing. As
you said Welfare is not appeasement. I agree with this. We are doing
conscious efforts for welfare of people. As you mentioned Laine. Laine
spent time with Bhandarkar and his people (Purandare, Bahulkar). It is in
his own biography. You earlier mentioned that you follow Buddha then why
did you relie on God's karni as Buddha mentioned definition of god so

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u Correction in my last line (one should not disrespect anyone)...

Author nvas4u (3 years)
Tolerance also has a limit and it needs action against it. And acceptance
is Brahmanism devides people. This is bitter truth. I talk good about
Keluskar Guruji, Gokhale as they really worked for nation only whereas
Savarkar was not good for his own brother (I am no saying this. This is
mentioned in Tilak's Kesari). You can get copy of that newspaper from
Bhandarkar Library. cnt....

Author TheMaxicanhat (2 years)
can somebody plz write all the lyrics of this prayer plz plz

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u If you say so - but it was this congress which allow Ambedkar to be
the chairperson of Indian constitution. He rightly or wrongly started the
use of reservation as a method to uplift the people. If that has gone a
failure in 60 years, then we should change the method.

Author John r (1 year)

Author madhukarramteke (4 years)
नमस्कार, मी बुद्धिस्ट आहे, मला आज पर्यंत केंव्हाच हिंदु बद्द्ल जवळीक वाटलं
नाही. केंव्हा हिंदुचा कट्टार विरोधक आहे. पण हे गाण ऐकल्यावर मला समस्त त्या
हिंदु मुलांचा हेवा वाटतोय जी मुलं असलं अप्रतिम गाण ऐकत मोठी झालीत. वा वा.
आम्ही खरच काही चांगल्या गोष्टिना मुकलोत.

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u OMG!! So here we are..!

Author nvas4u (2 years)
10. Geeta, Chapter 18 part 45. Farming, cow protection and business are the
natural work for the vaiçyas, and for the südras there is labor and service
to others. Geeta is Racist book. You wont find stupidity like Geeta in
other holy books from other religions. About women: 1. Women are fickle
minded. Never believe them. Friendship with a women is just like friendship
with a wolf. (Rig-Veda 8-33-7)

Author nvas4u (3 years)
As I said I am not against Anti Corruption. But Anna would have made urgent
attention to these simple issues: 1. Why he remains silent on privatization
in higher education? 2. ------ on farmers suicides? 3. ----Devaluation in
primary education system?

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u As if things were great before Sibbal!!! You would get the same
result if you follow the same process. That is what is happening. Another
reason for bad education instead of having those who have faith in teaching
we have those who want just salaries. I need not talk why that has
happened. Privatization of education is also a similar thing. I studies all
along in Municipal schools, because those were having good teachers. It is
the failure of method and unless we accept, it won't change

Author Tyler Martin (1 year)
Loving how the comments are almost exclusively people debating history,
religion, and how the society works. And I'm not saying anyone's wrong or
anything, I've never done any research on these things, but its amusing
that you decide to waste all your time debating with people on YouTube.

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u I know only one truth and that is human betterment and take good
thought from anywhere. "Shubham karoti kalyanam" is one such thought.

Author nvas4u (3 years)
I really feel petty for these bahujans like Hazare, Ramdev baba, and Sharad
Pawar. In that Anshan Mr sher said Bacchan should have supported this
event. How come A Bacchan will support this? He didnt pay 42,000 crore tax
since edges. When I heard about this stupid YUTI of Ramdas Athavale, I felt
so bad about him. I personally contacted him in this week and I am sure he
will not join that yuti. This conspiracy also played by brahmin mind to not
to allow other bahujan to support 22 may rally. cnt

Author nvas4u (3 years)
Same here as I do enjoy Pul Deshpande's great work. But if you simply
compare the conspiricies of 9% Brahmins against 70% bahujan samaj then you
will not even consider that idiot Kadam or DY Patil. In my very first
comment to Mr. Ramteke I told him to go to Chait Bhumi to get some books.
But your very first comment to him was assaulting the great Human Ambedkar.
Educated started from Savitribai's hard struggle. Then who should be
knowledge godess Sarsvati or Savitri?

Author nvas4u (2 years)
No where in my comments I compared Buddha with any Manuwadi people or their
scriptures. By the way comparing means making someone superior and I do not
have to do this at all as Buddha and his dhamma are based on truthfullness
of living being. So what you are saying is not relevant here. Now you are
saying Buddhism is far away from Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha...How come you made
this statement and on what basis? Elaborate it please. Good luck on that

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u Again just a heresy. Such claims that Brahmins did not die are
baseless. Of course nothing wrong in conversion as long as you are not
creating a hatred force. Mud slinging will make you dirty. You should have
achieved eternal peace by now!!

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u Why our behaviors are different when we work in out of India or for
MNC vs. social life. That is probably the rules. If you are unfair, you
would thrown out (btw things could different if it is Indian MNC). It is
not your favor that you recruit some one, it is his/her own merit. Pls.
don't try to be God! For example, my most favorite poet is Grave (Manik
Godghate) not becausse he is from a partiicular class, but because of his

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u Given tht u hv so much information abt Buddhism, u must be knowing
dristi samkalpa vac karma ajiva vyayama smriti samadhi. Do wanted to kill
"bugs"..then ur Ajiva is gone? Ur! Vac is also gone? Wht abt
Dristi. U seem to see other Indian through a lens of hatred. Samkalpa n
karma- you are not ready to work for humanity as you hate others on the
basis of caste. God! that means you follow the caste. violation of 1st
principle! I think these are the bugs to be removed first...

Author Nikhil Vilayachi (2 years)
i m suffering from depression thanks to upload god will brings you lots of
success thanksss

Author Raghvendra Nayak (1 year)

Author nvas4u (3 years)
It is very clear to me that you do not know anything about budhha n his
teachings. What Dr. babasaheb told n said in past it was all about buddha's
teachings. In his ancient teachings or any literature written that time do
not n didnt contain anything about veda n it did not tell anything about
jaatis that brahmins n their mythology made n divided we indians into 6,000

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u Ha! It is your on conspiracy. You do not want to see any positives.
Instead of looking at Amte, Awachat, etc. (I am using recent examples than
the pre-historic stuff) and thus creating harmonious culture, you would say
why Gokhale was not popular. Well Savitribai, karve, Anandi bai all are
modern time great human being... to whom to worship - is anyones choice.

Author AndrestheMystic (2 years)

Author nvas4u (3 years)
Ambedkar had no choice to but to go with congress because of Gandhi's stunt
which forced all bahujans for Puna PACT. I hope this can give you some
light on this. In my all conversation I did not deny any mythology of/in
Buddhism. All I am saying you need some more reading in and about Buddhism.
If you know about Buddhism or have knowledge of Buddhism then all rest
Brahmins should learn from you.

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u I am talking about counting errors and not the science. Also this
is not a rule that noone can go against science. Mythology from every
religion including Hinduism and Buddhism and Christian is not necessarily
scientific. Also whether science would lead to a peace of mind is

Author nvas4u (3 years)
@madhukarramteke It seems more like you are unaware of Buddhist books and
knowledge. I also guess that you must not have clue about purpose being
having this Shubhank karoti.....I suggest you to go to Chaitbhumi on 6 dec
and get some books that might help you. Cheers

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@madhukarramteke When Buddhism is a branch of all regions grew in India,
why should one oppose the other branches? What Dr. Ambedkar has taught is
social equality and not-Bauddhism. If you study both Hindu and Buddha
literatue, you wud find cross-links/sharing. Tark-shashtra/Logic of "true"
Buddhist people was very good. Noone hates "Jaatak" stories though they are
frm Buddhist branch. Siddharth spent no. of births/patience to attain that
state, and Dr. Ambedkar made it cheap by "conversion".

Author nvas4u (2 years)
Varn's simple meaning is Colour. In India, majority dark skinned people
belong to other backward classes or backward tribes and most fair one are
uppercaste only. This is nothing but truth which can not be ignored at any
level. Rigveda wrote whole lot of crap to explain Varna in different way
that defined 4 varnas (Brahmin, Kshtriya, Vaishya, Shudra). Brahmins being
monk spoiled buddhism at high level by adding their vedic material into
buddhism such as Vajrayana, Mahayana, Khayan. Continued...

Author nvas4u (3 years)
If you truely follow Buddha then you should know how he has explained
definition of religions and their gods. If you do then you should let your
own people know this so others can follow Buddha's 4 Nobel Truths and get
educated from it. In most of all my comments I did mention all religions
and my respect towards them but I do not accept and will not accept
Brahmanism thoughts because it devides people.

Author nvas4u (2 years)
Brähmaëas, kñatriyas, vaiçyas and çüdras are distinguished by the qualities
born of their own natures in accordance with the material modes, O
chastiser of the enemy. How could Geeta wont understand that Human born as
human and dies as human? In my whole life I did not see any Brahmin woman
giving Child birth from her mouth. How stupid is this! ...

Author nvas4u (3 years)
At the time of culprit "Pushpmrut Shrungh", himself and other brahmins
tried their best to destroy buddhas thoughts and his teachings n they did
lots of conspiricies n today what you are talking is all came from your own
people "BRAHMINs" thoughts because they want to do to spoil name of great
indian personalities. What you n your people (Tilak, Savarkar and many
more)have done so far to welfare bahujan people of india? NOthng

Author nvas4u (3 years)
In 2000 UN did survey and said that in 5 illitarate people, first 3 are
indians. Indian Brahmins congress took huge action and started Akshargyan
program rather than education because everyone knows that Akshargyan can be
wiped out from brain if you do not practice. In one of WHO meeting a lady
who was Sarpanch of small villege near Jaipur and she was Brahmin. She went
in Jeans and T-Shirt and told WHO that we do not have Backward people left
at all. Wow what a conspiricy they played! Cnt..

Author nvas4u (2 years)
Thanks for that

Author nvas4u (3 years)
Well Anandi bai Joshi was first doctor who achieved degree in from foreign
country. She did no work to the society. she did not check single patient
and died very soon. So it is wrong to join her name with Savitri bai. Dont
you think? Most brahmins presented wrong material and made people to have
choice so most can forget Savitribai and her work. I am happy that you do
not follow Manuwad and you accept good should be in and bad should be out .

Author nvas4u (2 years)
1. God said the duty of a Shudra is to serve the upper varnas faithfully
with devotion and without grumbling. (Manu 1-91) Manu is not satisfied with
this. He wants this servile status of the Shudras to be expressed in the
names and surnames of persons belonging to that community. 2. A hundred
year old Kshatriya must treat a ten year old Brahmin boy as his father.
(Manu 11-135) 3. "Let him not dwell in a country where the rulers are
Shudras." (Manu IV. 61)

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u Surely... 4 nobel truths are similar good thought from entire world
should lead our lives. Since you visit Bhandarkar library, I would like to
understand other than Laines incident. Why alway conspiracy..? Any
historical asset is important. When Indian Govt is so lethargic, someone
like Bhandarkar's have done a good job. Else Laine would have got his
references from some library in UK where you can not go and vandalize.
Welfare is not appeasement. It is a conscious effort.

Author nvas4u (3 years)
@ravysaraf My work to create social revolution. I am not social worker.
There is difference between social work and social revolution and i.e. To
forgive debt for farmers is social work whereas not to let farmers to
borrow debt is social revolution. My task is to tell the truth. As I said
earlier that Hatred policy started by Brahmins, so my job is to create
awareness in this and let that 85% of indian population know the truth.

Author nvas4u (3 years)
cnt 4...I follow one thing i.e. we all indias are equal but this not
accepted in manuwad which most brahmins still practice. I will have to
support caste based (resevation) until last bahujan house gets educated. I
do not follow cast but I want all 85% - 90% population of bahujan to get
education. If I have to talk about humanity then yes how about you as you
started with showing hatred behaviour against Ambedkar earliar posts.

Author nvas4u (3 years)
cnt....This hatred started from Brahmins and they are the only you need to talk to them and ask them these questions.
Ambedkar married Brahmin woman because he never followed or believed cast
system so do i. All indian people divided in 6,000 casts and this had done
only and only by brahmins. That why only Brahmins raise this question why
Ambedkar married brahmin because brahmins hate and do not care any other
jaatis. Second reason for ambedkar to married a brahmin women is, cnt..

Author ravysaraf (3 years)
@nvas4u Sirji - first answer my questions.. Also as I said Buddhist were
known for their Logic/Tarkashashtra. Please use that if you have.... 1. Why
there is always a poor brahmin in all local stories which are not a part of
any vedic literature..? Various clans of todays backward classes were
rulers...May be due to power and money, they spoiled their next
generations.. In 60-70 there were many Brahmin girls/women who marries
intercaste...isn't that a good indication of cleaning the house.

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