My SM Entertainment Global Audition Experience

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Author Aileen Seong (2 months)
This is really helpful, thank you so much ^^
But one more thing, if I'm 16, do I need to go with my parents? 

Author GrowlingWithKai (1 month)
if you are a little over weight, should you lose weight before you

Author AmbieShinee (2 months)
i heard from one of my friends that if your non-asian and you audition as a
model you have a better chance of making it. [which actually now alot of SM
mv's that have male or females in it they here lately have been non-asian.]
i know SM has some [NOT alot] non-asian trainee's and backup dancers. but
it's much much more harder for non-asian's to make it then asian's.

Author Ashley Yu (1 month)
Does anyone know why a lot of pretty and talented people dont get in? I
mean there are people better than the ones that are accepted... it worries

Author Ruilona17 (2 months)
Thanks for the video! this is very helpfull ^^

Author chi woo (1 month)
Question, was the music they played for you to dance to in English or
Korean? Although I am a Canadian, I dance much easier and with more comfort
to Korean music so I want to be prepared for anything. Thanks!!

Also, this video was very helpful, thank you!!!!

Author iChoooser (3 months)
I guess the korean's sang in english because usually in auditions you sing
songs in the language you're stronger in.

Author mine erdogan (2 months)
i have a question, if you're not asian, but have pale skin, tall and the
country you come from is in asia, is it more likely that they don't Accept
you? (It isn't about me)

Author CheekyChelsxox (3 hours)
If you're auditioning for acting do they give you a script to remember and

Author Jaz Ear (2 days)
Did you go to the monthly audition on Saturday??

Author Athena Mirambel (3 days)
You know how mostly they pick people on looks? Like Himchan.. Although he's
not in SM his company only needed to see his face and he passed his
audition apparently.. Would your height matter? Like if you're short and
won't grow anymore like under 160 cm will they still accept you? 

Author Angelica Louise Dela Vega (3 days)
can you audition by pair? I mean me and my friend are planning to audition
an we're thinking of doing it by pair. She will be singing while I will be
the one dancing. Is that allowed? please reply thanks :)

Author Robin Silavong (7 days)
If I were in another country which does not include on the list (cause they
only have korea,japan,thailand,china,usa,canada and indonesia) can I apply
on the audition? 

Author Diana Diamond (8 days)
and there's something important.. the koreans should show the english
skills..that's why they should sing in english but it's not the same with
the non-asian's they should ( even if they're not fluent in korean ) sing
in korean because they want to see if you're willing to learn their
language and how is your pronunciation of korean words. So even if you
can't fluently speak korean you should try to listen to show's or songs on
korean and try to repead it like them or just have an korean language
course ^^

Author Alana O'Brien (3 months)
so how did you do? what did you sing?

Author Jihan Prani (2 months)
btw i'm gonna go to Smtown global audition, and i'm really helpful because
of this video. wish me luck guys:))

Author isa lee (1 month)
I wanna audition as a dancer too, but i have some questions LoL Wish you
can answer me. How many judges there are? And how many ppl are in the line
auditioning with you? Wich kind of dances catch more attention (poppn,
hiphop, funky, sexy-hiphop...)? Sorry I´m just really curious xDDD

Author TheExoticVIP (2 months)
were there any shy people that auditioned? if there were how did the judges
react??? did they like the confident one over the other or were they
looking at the talent more?? 

Author HamsterForFun (2 months)
for the singing, does that count for rapping as well or is it a different

Author bornfreeonekiss6 (4 months)
gta question so we can sing in english?

Author jerraine lim (2 months)
Omg, it feels so scary! I think I'm gonna go for the weekly auditions when
I'm in Korea but I feel really scared to go alone, hahaah but I'll try my
best! Btw, u are really pretty^^ 

Author Greytsu Claire (3 months)
I guess SM Town accepts only Asian people or you need some Asian blood that
shows Asian beauty, right?

Author kelsey liu (4 months)
do u know where i can find amber liu audition video at ?

Author Mschelle Sandra (1 month)
Omg thank you so much for this i thought only asians could audition thats

Author animetwilight75 (3 months)
I'm black and would like to know if they accept non-Asian people?

Author bridg8et (3 months)
So did you make it? lol I'm just wondering did SM ever contact you again?

Author Kathleen Lee (3 months)
I think that sm chooses people who are asian, pale, tall, .

Author Grace Stewartt (3 months)
I'm black Hispanic with locks ( dreadlocks
Will they judge me by appearance immediately??

Author Elfcassieshawol quinn (3 months)
seriously?! freestyle?! omg... 

Author Mazaya Adani (16 days)
Sometimes people said the talented ones don't get in but the mediocre one
does. When you said the shaky-sounded boy got the chance to sing twice, it
kinda shows that agencies are looking for someone they can 'build', the one
with potential to be something they want.

Author Naze Kawako (29 days)
Hi, thanks for sharing your experience, but there is one thing that I would
like to know about. How long did you get the result after you auditioned?
Did SM sent the result only to the choosen one? Or did they sent the
rejection email as well? Thanks bfore ;)

Author park anna (2 months)
what if you can't speak korean ?? and we can dance to k-pop groups right

Author beautifymeable (4 months)
Lol guy showed up with a big bang t-shirt to sm audition when Big Bang is
from yg entertainment

Author Kenny Thai (3 months)
so you sing standing in the line in front of everybody? :o

Author Jin Park (4 months)
Wow! Youre so nice! :D!!

Author pokilup gomez (3 months)
it Seriously.
You just have to be asian and look asian,Being a idol/trainee is really
hard in korean,They (SM) train you to be good in singing and dancing.

Author Lolly Heartbreaker (24 days)
thank you *-* you helped me a lot and I thin kI'm going to try as dancer~~

Author kpoplover (2 months)
What about acting? How was it?

Author Kim Jenny (3 months)
What kind of email did you use when you first send them the audition form?
I used Gmail but they are not replying mine email... i don't know why...
can someone please tell me what kind of email did you use if you applied
using email..... Please i am freaking out right now! 

Author @yummeii (1 month)
if we don't pass the audition, do we also get the e-mail from SM? or only
people who pass the audition will get the e-mail?

Author nadja andersson (4 months)
Wow thanks for that! It really gave me a better insight. I just wish they
couldd pay a little visit to Europe next time as well

Author Gigi Tan (1 month)
Does people who sang english songs sucessfully became trainees?

Author Fatima Bonilla (1 month)
How you do or fill ur application.. I don't understand how to fill it?? :(
I'm really sad

Author taetiseoandsnsdfan (1 month)
i think now you are able to audition for both, i read in a more recent one
that even if you're singing you should try dancing (freestyle) to higher
your chances. so if you are quite good at both then awesome:)

Author Lola Olagbegi (3 months)
I have a question did you see any African Americans their please answer me

Author blay soe (2 months)
Can We Audition As a Group?

Author Owl Land (2 months)
What do u need to prepare after passing the first audition? 

Author sara boeiie (3 months)
Do they accept non-korean people if you can speak korean ?

Author Jason Bell (4 months)
"you're infront of bunch a Asians" like what???????.. are you serious?..

Author Kaitlyn Vo (7 months)
i mean sm artists are talented and pretty... idk..... its like 50/50 to me

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