Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - Who Wins?

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Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller had the honor to speak with the legendary Mike Tyson for an exclusive interview!

In part 4, he talks about fighting being an art, fighting being unpredictable comparing humans to animals & gives his whole perspective on Muhammad Ali and if he can beat him or not! Watch what he had to say!

You heard Mike Tyson's answer but who do YOU think would win? Vote below

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

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Author Eddie ™ (8 months)
Mike Tyson would beat Ali.

Author BeerGogglesReviews (28 days)
Back before there were 100 different weight catagories and 20 different
federations in each one, a world class boxer had to have faced the best in
the world before they even thought about boxing a world champion. You
haven't even heard of today's contenders. Sometimes you haven't even heard
of the line of champions in various affiliations etc. There are many ways
to get a title. In Ali/Clay's time there was only one. To beat the best in
the world who had also beat the best themselves. Ali fought harder punchers
than Tyson and better boxers. Tyson was FANTASTIC in his heyday. Like
Marciano with weight. Ali wasn't standing there to be hit though. He would
have crawled into Tyson's head and won before they entered the ring. Tyson
would have been throwing the kitchen sink at him, trying to tear off Ali's
head in a hate fuelled rage. His heart would have given in long before his
chin and bowed before the king. He is right that Ali isn't the best boxer
and certainly not the strongest puncher. He was a magician and thus they
rarely hit the right cup.

Author Trevor Moyce (4 months)
An in prime Tyson would destroy Ali in less than 4 rounds!!!

Author TheDavidbre (3 months)
These idiots saying ali whould beat tyson, just facepalm... ali would get
his ass whooped in the first round. In ali time people then didnt have the
technique fighters like mike.

Author super owls (6 months)
Tyson at 20yrs would have beat anyone

Author Reg Moh (7 months)
Ali of course. Mike isn't even in the top 5 of all time heavyweights.

Author genetik defekt (7 months)
Tyson beats ali all day. He knows it, he was just being respectful. Tyson
is an absolute beast, but the cocaine ruined his career.

Author Axeman K9 (3 months)
Go watch Tyson vs Tillis and then come back and tell me 20 yr old Tyson
beats Ali.

Author qwe qwen (9 days)
This is how I see it. Tyson wins if he can do it within 3 rounds. But if
the fight goes beyond say 5 rounds...Tyson would definitely loose. So for
Tyson to win he would have to catch him with a nice shot and end the fight
early. The longer the fight goes....the more in favor of Ali strengths the
fight tilts

Author Gabriel Leung (3 days)
Tyson has become humble and respectful. If he had this maturity when he
was younger, he would have went 60-0 and KOed every mofo alive

Author J. Payne (1 month)
Ali wins by round 8 against Tyson. Reason why...Speed, agility, that
lightning quick jab, footwork, reach and a universal chin that took even
the hardest punchers best hits. You're not gonna tell me that a flush Joe
Frazier left hook (that Ali took without a scratch) or a George Foreman
haymaker (which even a 32 year old Ali took multiples of) arent stronger
than Tysons blows. Foreman was definitely stronger than Tyson. Prime Tyson
lost to Buster Douglas who isnt faster, or stronger and doesnt have a good
chin but just had a reach advantage and beat Tyson with just that. I like
Tyson and Ali but Ali wins. 

Author saine414 (5 months)
Tyson just saying this becaus its ali and he have lot of respect!! But
coman you dumb fucks in here!!! Its evolution its nature, sport and
athletes gets better with time gets faster stronger and so on!! Svimmers
gets stronger and faster, football gets faster, runners get bigger and
faster with time, and so the same with boxing!!! Ali was the man then but
it was the old Days, tyson or lewis would kill Ali they are stronger better
in every way, it fucking evolution!!! Think if every sport didn't ever
developed, how the fuck would that look like ha? Think if we humans didn't
developed to homosapiens how would that look like? you dumb motha fuckers,
be smarter, use your brain pleas!!!!!

Author JAYRCAL D (6 days)
"He'll take you into deep water and drown you?!!!" MAANN that's somethin to
think about!

Author Melissa Fortune (4 months)
Man you must hear this. Answer stars at 4:11
Mike Tyson is asked the question..."you are 20 and Muhammad Ali is 20...who
wins?" this is Mikes response...

Author Paul Dwyer (6 days)
I have a great respect for Iron Mike. This is pleasant, for I used to
resent him in the nineties because of things he said. I've always been a
die hard Ali fan. I really like what Mike said in this video. Mike is
a great boxer and great historian. He studied all the greats. He knows
the sport very well. I loved what he said about Ali. That's what
the great sportsmen are all about. Ali, also, even though he joked
about Archie Moore in 1963, said in 1975, "If you ask an old professional
and expert on the sport, like Archie Moore...." That makes me thrilled
when the great athletes credit and show respect for each other.

Author Time8 (24 days)
One thing I've always loved about Tyson is that he is the biggest boxing
fan in the world. He is an intense scholar of the history. And when I
hear him talking about Ali like this, it tells me how smart he is. 

Author A Carter (15 days)
Muhammads reputation us strong compared to Tysons,Muhammad was kind of a

Author Miki Milo (10 days)
Mike Tyson is the greatest heavyweight Boxer of all time. 

Author shane karepa (9 days)
speed will always overcome power :) ali is the greatest of all timeeeeeeee

Author MagiiCde416 (14 days)
Tyson is so humble even 20 years ago on the Arsenio Hall show he said the
same thing - he LOVES Ali - he even almost started crying probably cuz he
was membering how great he was and how his health is now - Fighting is very
unpredictable but IMO Tyson would win if both were at 20 - Ali had
impeccable head movement and Tyson had incredible speed and power - so in
terms of boxing math ali has what he needs to dodge tyson - however - when
it comes to power, Tyson only needs to land one or two to change the game
and pace of the fight - Ali has to dodge and counter punch on each one of
those occasions - Ali would really have to work that beautiful jab of his
to keep tyson on the out - but tyson never worried about taking a punch to
land one 

Author ImTheWaffleman (29 days)
You know I hate when people say Tyson's power would destroy Ali when Ali
fought fighters in a complete different leauges when it comes to hitting
power Sonny Liston,Ernie Shavers and George Foreman hit so much harder,Plus
Ali has a tendency to win when the odds are stacked against him look at his
fights against liston and Foreman 

Author donfifaking11 (1 month)
At Tysons best he had no faults with his techniques. Even at Alis height he
held his hands too low pulled back and got dropped. Tyson in 5

Author ToddyBoyTV (19 days)
Mike Tyson only gives a good interview when in front of genuine people and
not rude, corrupt news anchors. I have to respect that i suppose XD

Author Pystol Pete (11 days)
Mike Tyson is one of greats - he shook the world when he knocked out Trevor
Birbeck. But I can't back against Ali. Ali faced the hardest punchers there
ever were and won. And when the odds were massively stacked against him the
better he fought. i.e. against Liston/Foreman he won convincingly.

Author ryonobet (27 days)
Ali would lose, but he would win because Mike Tyson would be disqualified
for biting Ali.

Author Haroon Riaz (1 month)
Ali in his prime to skillful too fast his talent exceeds any other boxer
with a heart of atrue lion. absolutely amazing.

Author dahir nasiib (2 months)
boxing without tyson
is like tea without suger

Author Ali Raza (10 days)
When the man himself says he can't beat Ali, stop arguing about him. We're
talking about their prime. In Ali's Prime he was undisputed, unbeatable.
Ali is the greatest. 

Author BIGJAAII (1 month)
Ali would died in the ring with mike, no doubt

Author RogueHedonist (12 days)
The very simple truth is: a 20 year old Tyson would beat a 20 year old Ali
and there would be no change in the outcome even if there was a rematch.

Author Reza Tahmasbi (8 days)
Its not ALi OR Tyson ARgument For me !!!! Ali IS THE GREATEST FIGHTER A
Tyson at his prime would knock him out

Author Nova Knowself (24 days)
Ali would defeat Tyson before the fight

Author The Truth (5 days)
Tyson in prime vs ali in prime..tyson would most likely win..before he got
into drugs that is..tyson was a beast and he was really fast at throwing ko
punches..sorry but ali would lose

Author hiphophead555 (1 month)
i admire tysons honesty. you gotta give it to him lol

Author Glefit (3 days)
Mike is Modest. I take Tyson in the first 4-5 rounds, if it goes past that
it's all Ali...

Author whatsgoingon07 (1 month)
I get chills just for hearing Tyson talk about ali

Author Joey Dunlop (1 month)
Prime Tyson drops Ali in 2 rounds...not even a debate. 

Author jim j (2 months)
Fuck is wrong with Mike?

He always sounds like he on the verge of crying 

Author LEGENDARY TRIKER (1 month)
Mike just lied his ads off to show respect to Ali, there is no fucking way
and I mean no fucking way could Ali ever beat Mike Tyson, Tyson is the GOAT
of boxing, Greatest Of All Time, the only reason he ever lost was because
he could not master keeping his mind in the game, if he could have mastered
keeping his mind clear and in the ring there is no boxer in history that
could take him, he had every thing else, the speed, the movement, the head
head movement, the crushing power, he had MADD skill, just look at how good
he was in 1984 to 1989 , then his head was not in the game no more, the
world got to him, the fucking women, the money, the drugs, the drinking,
the not training, HELL when TYSON lost his first fight ever against bum
fuck Douglas he only trained for barely two weeks, he was partying and Don
King was stealing his money, the fame and people just made him fuck up, but
with his head in the game and in his prime no boxer can beat him, just
think how bad he was if he would have kept his mind right and really stayed
with boxing he could have held the heavy weight belt for 15 years from 1986
to 2000 or so then retired never lost, anyway TYSON WILL ALWAYS BE THE

Author lopou lakama (5 months)
If tyson in his prime as usual went in like the beast he was and finished
the fight in 1-5 rounds then he would win
but if ali could take those heavy punches and keep up and try to tire him
he may won..i personally beleive no one could beat either mike tyson in his
prime (Buster Douglas beat him right in the end of his prime after changing
his trainer) either Ali...
So it would be the fight of the century
Anyway we must agree that these 2 are the greatest boxers of all time..

Author darkfan1888 (20 days)
Pienso que si hubo boxeadores que pudieron aguantarle a Tyson en su mejor
forma que peleaban "un tanto parecido" a Muhammad Ali, imaginen al propio
Muhammad Ali peleando con Mike Tyson, pienso que sería una pelea bastante
difícil de predecir.

Author Strobe Ayerp (23 days)
ask this question to 20 year old mike tyson and his response may have been
different.... lol. The sport and its athletes were more evolved and
polished during tysons era and this happens in almost every sport. Tyson
would win, not taking anything away from Ali

Author omari lawes (8 days)
tyson is smarter than people give him credit for

Author BOX5 (2 months)
Tyson would have beat ali he had two hands and Frazier basically had one

Author dinu jäger (9 days)
Tyson would`ve destroyed anyone in his prime. He was so raw..just a killer

Author LOUDPACG (29 days)
Tyson is telling the truth he knows he has always had trouble with
boxers/fighters...Ali is the top of that...he knew if Ali made it past 3
rds he was gonna box him to death...

Author PNKD Productions. (10 days)
awesome interview. Mike Tyson one of the greats.

Author deonte (7 days)
Ali would won how do I know cuz Ali beat sonny Liston 

Author Ghetto Feelosifer (15 days)
hes too humble now. reality check, tyson at 20 would fucking destroy ali

Author LandfillAO1 (2 months)
Anybody who thinks Tyson would destroy a prime Ali is out of their minds.
Too many people have this distorted perception of Ali. He was not the same
guy when he came back after they stripped his title and all that. Ali pre
and post break was a whole different fighter.

Ali has beaten some of the GOAT. Can't say the same for Tyson. Tyson's
prime was in a very weak HW era.Technically I think Tyson would present
problems, but same could be said for the other way around. It's a good
match up.

Main reason Ali beats Tyson though imo? Ali would get in his head. Tyson
was too emotionally unstable and Ali is the greatest ever at psychological
warfare. I feel like this would probably be the x factor. 

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