Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - Who Wins?

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Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller had the honor to speak with the legendary Mike Tyson for an exclusive interview!

In part 4, he talks about fighting being an art, fighting being unpredictable comparing humans to animals & gives his whole perspective on Muhammad Ali and if he can beat him or not! Watch what he had to say!

You heard Mike Tyson's answer but who do YOU think would win? Vote below

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

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Author Melissa Fortune (6 months)
Man you must hear this. Answer stars at 4:11
Mike Tyson is asked the question..."you are 20 and Muhammad Ali is 20...who
wins?" this is Mikes response...

Author TheDavidbre (4 months)
These idiots saying ali whould beat tyson, just facepalm... ali would get
his ass whooped in the first round. In ali time people then didnt have the
technique fighters like mike.

Author Eddie ™ (9 months)
Mike Tyson would beat Ali.

Author Brian Wilson (3 days)
We all know that Mike Tyson at 20 years old beats the stuffing out of
Muhammad Ali at 20 years old...but I have deep respect for Mike having been
modest enough to concede the win to Ali...that my friends is called class
and greatness.

Author Bryan Le (1 month)
Tyson would destroy Ali. Ali was great, but you could only dodge so many
punches. Tyson was ferocious man

Author reedickyaluss (23 days)
The question to ask is this.

WHO DID TYSON BEAT - that tells you he could handle Ali.

WHO DID ALI BEAT - that tells you he could handle Tyson.

Liston, Frazier, Foreman - All power houses, not as fast, but power wise
YES. The first few rounds would be dangerous of course, but after that...
Tyson doesn't go FIFTEEN ROUNDS with Ali.

You must also remember, HALF of TYSONS games was intimidation of the
fighter before the bell even rang. When Tyson finally faced someone who
wasn't intimidated - he lost.

You think ALI would be intimidated?

Author Adz (7 days)
Ali would win (this is gonna be unpopular) but this is why I think this way.

Tyson's chin was always questionable, and Ali could take some of the
hardest punchers we've ever seen's punches (Shavers, Foreman). If Tyson is
fighting prime Ali, that means he's capable of the sort of things he did to
Brian London. Just watch that fight if you think Ali is over-rated.

This shit gonna make some people cry but if George Foreman cannot knock Ali
out, Mike Tyson cannot because he doesn't hit harder than Foreman, prime
Ali was flawless, such speed, power, finesse and technique.

Author UncleAL (7 days)
Real fans of boxing, people who truly understand the sport know Ali beats

Author fashizzle78 (11 days)
Buster Douglas is the closest thing that came to an Ali vs Tyson fight
..Douglas was an out boxer like Ali work in behind a stiff left jab
followed by right hands .and Tyson was so confused and didn't know how to
counter and fighter like that .he only got Douglas when Douglas got
overconfident and let his guard down ..but still from round 1-7 Douglas was
fight in like ali

Author Humayoun Akhtar (2 days)
There is no way of really finding out who would win. We will never know,
but here is my two cents worth (I will cut out any sentimentality that
people have for Ali).

1. Tyson has the advantage in aggression , he has an aggressive style and
he has the speed and strength to do damage.

2. Ali had poor defence, his only defence was his speed and his ability to
dodge. However he did possess a speed that eclipses Tyson.

3. Ali has a greater reach than Tyson. He could deliver knock out punches
whilst moving backwards. This means that he can deliver devastating blows
to Tyson without getting close enough for Tyson to hit him.

4. Tyson is fearsome. He used fear to weaken an opponents resolve. However
Ali fought monsters like Liston and Foreman, both of whom were every bit as
scary and strong AA Tyson and Ali beat them both.

5. Tyson almost never goes the distance. He wins through brute force and
look at what happens when he fights for more than a few rounds, his
fortitude and speed starts to fade. Ali on the other hand had the ability
to go 15 rounds against men like Frasier. Ali has staying power, Tyson does
not. Tyson needs to win immediately or he starts to perform badly.

Like I said, no way to know. However if I had to put money on it, id choose

Author Trevor Moyce (5 months)
An in prime Tyson would destroy Ali in less than 4 rounds!!!

Author CEEPMDEE (8 days)
IRON MIKE was too quick & hit too damn hard. Mike would take Ali in 2-3
rounds max

Author Paul Boardman (2 days)
Great Interview!! Wow, never seen Mike so comfortable in an interview !

Author F. S (24 days)
Yes he would have made Ali's career short ! But Joe Frasier? Now that would
have been a fight ! Having fought Golden Gloves I don't know how Ali got
away with all that running ? You see in all the fights I had and watched !
If a Ref says mix it up more than 3 times that when the points start coming
off your score card , eventually either you stand and fight or they give
the fight to your opponent ! But Remember but box as it is today is a Clown
show ! That why I still love Amatuer Boxing both national and international
fight or lose the bout ! 

Author David F (10 days)
You heard it from Tyson himself. Who am I to argue with him. :)

Author saine414 (7 months)
Tyson just saying this becaus its ali and he have lot of respect!! But
coman you dumb fucks in here!!! Its evolution its nature, sport and
athletes gets better with time gets faster stronger and so on!! Svimmers
gets stronger and faster, football gets faster, runners get bigger and
faster with time, and so the same with boxing!!! Ali was the man then but
it was the old Days, tyson or lewis would kill Ali they are stronger better
in every way, it fucking evolution!!! Think if every sport didn't ever
developed, how the fuck would that look like ha? Think if we humans didn't
developed to homosapiens how would that look like? you dumb motha fuckers,
be smarter, use your brain pleas!!!!!

Author Sum Ting Wong Over Here (1 month)
Tyson i have a lot of respect for, tons of it and is one of my idols. But
there is no way tyson could have beaten ali. Tyson did not have the stamina
to go the way these old warriors did. Regular 15 rounders were the norm.
Ali went 15 very often in his fights. Tyson hit hard but no where as hard
as frazier or foreman or even norton. Accept it. There will NEVER be
another ali or anyone remotely like him. That is a fact.

Author Axeman K9 (4 months)
Go watch Tyson vs Tillis and then come back and tell me 20 yr old Tyson
beats Ali.

Author thrillamf (18 days)
The 6'7 250lb Klitschko brothers would probably beat both Ali and Tyson who
were only around 215lbs.

Author Harvard MathGod (1 month)
These kids saying Tyson could take Ali in 3-6 rounds.. You do realize Ali
has never lost a fight under 10 rounds? You do realize Ali has only been
KOed ONCE and he didn't choose it himself, his fucking corner did it! You
do realize Ali has fought MUCH stronger opponents than Tyson? You do
realize Ali fought in the golden age of Boxing? Seriously!? The guys never
lost a fight under the round time and you think Tyson could take him in 3!?
fuck off.

Author had2havehad (2 days)
mike is a next generation fighter to ali, its like comparing snes to
Nintendo 64, I love mike and prefer his style over ali, but if ali could
dance, tap and frustrate mike past 5 rounds, then the match would be ali's

Author Tee Jay (20 days)
There's alot of people out here who seem caught up in the image of Tyson..I
was when I was 10 years old..being an animal isn't gonna stop Ali taking
him to pieces inside the distance,just like Douglas,Holyfield and
lewis..boxing hasn't moved on in technique either which was someone's logic
for Tyson winning and the drugs was his choice..believe Mike when he says
that Ali was a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a pretty face..Mike showed his ugly
side,Ali hid it but it was there and they had something to fight for in the
60's and 70's

Author Sixtyz muzik (13 days)
This was a good Tyson interview

Author David Lopez (29 days)
He said it The Best In The World.
- Ali.
Still have so much respect for Tyson.

Author Eiad Mohamed (3 days)
Iron man will win :3

Author SLIP NORRIS (2 days)
iron mike tyson

Author BorneoScout (1 month)
I feel sorry for Tyson here. If you watch his facial expressions in-between
the manic bits, he looks depressed and agitated. In my experience, I have
seen that look only amongst alcoholics an drug users. Anyone help me out

Author Ramm Jalki (1 day)
Tyson Wins .

Author AK43ver (24 days)
If the man him self doesn't believe he can beat Ali. Then how can anyone
else. Lol.
ALI THE GOAT! Mike tyson the truth!

Author supremejoseph (23 days)
Young Mike Tyson wouldn't say that he didn't think anyone could beat
him.this is old humble Mike who is being kind.

Author Gabriel Leung (1 month)
Tyson has become humble and respectful. If he had this maturity when he
was younger, he would have went 60-0 and KOed every mofo alive

Author William Weaver (21 day)
Mike Tyson is a scary motherufucker. But even he knows he couldn't take
Ali. Tyson was great. Ali is the greatest. There's a difference. It would
for sure be a hell of a goddamn fight, because Tyson has the kind of style
that Ali doesn't do well against. But Ali would end up doing him like
Lennox Lewis did, Tyson ran over retards, he didn't really fight real
fighters. Ali would be something he just couldn't deal with.

He just wouldn't hurt Ali like he expected to, he'd lose heart, and he'd
get thumped on. 20 year old Muhammad Ali would beat the motherfucking
brakes off 20 year old Mike Tyson. 

Author billy bob (1 month)
Tyson is the sickest guy. Crazy how he's humble and wise. Guy is a fucking
sage now. Much respect.

Author JOSE GUAJARDO (1 day)
Clay was just way to smart of a boxer.

Author xNOFEARx58 (29 days)
I like this guy . Tyson rules

Author Eddie Jasper (4 days)
Mike Tyson by a mile, in the early rounds, nuff said!

Author turd ferguson (4 days)
Everyone had their pick on Foreman. Just like everyone has their pick on
Tyson.... Ali would show you how great he is.

Author JAYRCAL D (1 month)
"He'll take you into deep water and drown you?!!!" MAANN that's somethin to
think about!

Author cherathsl (5 days)
He did take Forman to deep water and drowned him

Author VboyStuntZ (22 days)
Funny thing is, Ali was asked the same question on Arsenio Hall. Who would
win, him against Mike Tyson and Ali said Mike Tyson would win. 

Author qwe qwen (1 month)
This is how I see it. Tyson wins if he can do it within 3 rounds. But if
the fight goes beyond say 5 rounds...Tyson would definitely loose. So for
Tyson to win he would have to catch him with a nice shot and end the fight
early. The longer the fight goes....the more in favor of Ali strengths the
fight tilts

Author Real Deal (1 month)
Ali vs Tyson who would win? Not sure Tyson would be able to live with Alis
movement and blistering speed! you don't believe me, checkout round 5 of
Rumble in the Jungle when Ali was 32. At 20 he would have been impossible
to beat!

Author Paul Dwyer (1 month)
I have a great respect for Iron Mike. This is pleasant, for I used to
resent him in the nineties because of things he said. I've always been a
die hard Ali fan. I really like what Mike said in this video. Mike is
a great boxer and great historian. He studied all the greats. He knows
the sport very well. I loved what he said about Ali. That's what
the great sportsmen are all about. Ali, also, even though he joked
about Archie Moore in 1963, said in 1975, "If you ask an old professional
and expert on the sport, like Archie Moore...." That makes me thrilled
when the great athletes credit and show respect for each other.

Author Doug Nice (1 month)
All y'all talking about Tyson would beat Ali in his prime are delusional.
Tyson could beat a 8th ranked 42-1 underdog James Buster Douglas when he
(Tyson) was in his prime lol...Buster knocked his ass out in what is widely
considered one of the greatest upsets in not just boxing but SPORTS
HISTORY!!! How you gonna beat Muhammad Ali when you get knocked out in your
prime by a 42-1 underdog? You fools are truly delusional lol

Author Mobasher amin (6 days)
what is the song from 5:21 to the end 

Author El'Hajj Cartiier (1 month)
Muhammads reputation us strong compared to Tysons,Muhammad was kind of a

Author THECrackasaurus (1 month)
Tyson made some good points about Ali not having a defense and not throwing
body punches. He was being humble saying nobody would beat Ali. There are
plenty of people that could have beaten Ali in his prime. Not as many ppl
would beat Tyson in his prime, but I still believe no matter what level u
are at in anything there are always ppl that are better than u.

Author dukeskylar (1 month)
Id take ali anyday. Tyson is great IF he catches ali. Now thats a big IF.
You realize how hard it is to catch a butterfly with bearhands. Remember
that saying float like a butterfly sting like a bee. Ali only got KO'd once
in his whole career and never lost any round fights. Id take tyson anyday
over anybody except muhammad ali. Speed kills my friend

Author Miki Milo (1 month)
Mike Tyson is the greatest heavyweight Boxer of all time. 

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