Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - Who Wins?

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Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller had the honor to speak with the legendary Mike Tyson for an exclusive interview!

In part 4, he talks about fighting being an art, fighting being unpredictable comparing humans to animals & gives his whole perspective on Muhammad Ali and if he can beat him or not! Watch what he had to say!

You heard Mike Tyson's answer but who do YOU think would win? Vote below

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

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Author Melissa Fortune (1 month)
Man you must hear this. Answer stars at 4:11
Mike Tyson is asked the question..."you are 20 and Muhammad Ali is 20...who
wins?" this is Mikes response...

Author saine414 (1 month)
Tyson just saying this becaus its ali and he have lot of respect!! But
coman you dumb fucks in here!!! Its evolution its nature, sport and
athletes gets better with time gets faster stronger and so on!! Svimmers
gets stronger and faster, football gets faster, runners get bigger and
faster with time, and so the same with boxing!!! Ali was the man then but
it was the old Days, tyson or lewis would kill Ali they are stronger better
in every way, it fucking evolution!!! Think if every sport didn't ever
developed, how the fuck would that look like ha? Think if we humans didn't
developed to homosapiens how would that look like? you dumb motha fuckers,
be smarter, use your brain pleas!!!!!

Author Carlos Flores (1 month)
Mike in 6 rounds by KO.

Author Skum Dawgg (1 month)
All of you who said Tyson was being generous and that he would beat Ali

Author Eddie King™ (4 months)
Mike Tyson would beat Ali.

Author The Sun Will Rise Again (1 month)
Tyson would have kicked Clay's ass

Author nathan clemons (1 month)
Tyson because he would kill Ali in round one. ALI had great conditioning,
he literally rope - a - doped -people till they tired then tko or decision.
He's not doing that with Tyson.

Author Brian Smith (29 days)
In my Opinion a Prime Mike Tyson will Knock out a Prime Ali

Author sami ismail (1 month)
he knows he can beat ali but out of respect he says ali would win
but come on tyson here is the beast with a pretty face!!!!!!!

Author MyKa Heru (1 month)
Man you must hear this. Answer stars at 4:11
Mike Tyson is asked the question..."you are 20 and Muhammad Ali is 20...who
wins?" this is Mikes response...

Author Jason Dash (1 month)
Based on stamina, Ali wud win.. based on power, Tyson wud win.. if Ali cud
keep dodging every attack of Tyson, Ali wud win at the end.. but if Ali get
jus one punch from tyson, it's over.. simple as that to understand.. 

Author LiakosGate13ACAB (1 month)
If tyson in his prime as usual went in like the beast he was and finished
the fight in 1-5 rounds then he would win
but if ali could take those heavy punches and keep up and try to tire him
he may won..i personally beleive no one could beat either mike tyson in his
prime (Buster Douglas beat him right in the end of his prime after changing
his trainer) either Ali...
So it would be the fight of the century
Anyway we must agree that these 2 are the greatest boxers of all time..

Author Reg Moh (4 months)
Ali of course. Mike isn't even in the top 5 of all time heavyweights.

Author Michael Ballard (1 month)
Ali would win just talking to tyson would have screw his head and Ali had
skills to go with that big mouth.A skilled fighter would beat a brawler
almost anytime.

Author tom11zz884 (1 month)
I think Tyson is showing way too much respect for ALI.
I think a prime Tyson easily knocks out ALI within 5 rounds.

Author genetik defekt (3 months)
Tyson beats ali all day. He knows it, he was just being respectful. Tyson
is an absolute beast, but the cocaine ruined his career.

Author super owls (3 months)
Tyson at 20yrs would have beat anyone

Author siraj maolud (1 month)
I appreciate his description of Ali at his best moments but Tyson is
throwin 1 hitter quitters on a bad day

Author Gail Morgan (1 month)
You cant compare a boxer from the 70s to a modern day boxer there are both
Great boxers 

Author therifleman305 (3 months)
what is a country ni g er

Author Ben Shugart (2 months)
Prime Ali would be too fast and graceful for Tyson

Author El Stark (2 months)
What people need to realize is how rapidly people improve in every sport
over time. Techniques are always being refined, and we find more ways to
push the limits of human power. Someone can be good for their time but it's
still a limitation to have been raised and trained in more primitive

Author Jason Cochran (2 months)
Tyson was a faster, stronger Joe Frazier. I'd say he could take Ali out. At
least 2 out of 3.

Author Vincent Chase (2 months)
mike tyson in his prime would destroy Ali i believe. in his prime Tyson
moved amazingling with his bob and weave movement and his combination were
so fast with brute force you say muhammad ali face better opposition but
most fighters back in day were phone booth fighters thats what made so
interesting and exciting muhammad ali changed it 

Author The Pineal Gland (2 months)
Not even the great Ali in his prime could have stopped Tyson in his prime.
It'd be a second round KO at best for Ali, who never faced anything like
Tyson in his life.

Author Niall Walsh (2 months)
Who knows what would have happened if Tyson had him up against the ropes
like foreman did he would knock him out, but if ali used his reach and
evaded shots with footwork and head movement he could have Tyson walk on to
straight counter punches all night until he broke him. But don't say you
know who would win because you don't!

Author Russ Kendall (3 months)
Tyson would KO Ali in the first round.

Author snkhuong (3 months)
depend on what Mike tyson we talking abt. Prime Mike Tyson was invincible
when he won his first world championship. Even Ali said he would be beaten
by Tyson prime vs prime on Arsenal show

Author Csimiami171 (2 months)
Both of them were animals in their primes. All of you keyboard-warriors
need to realise that 1 on 1, a style only gets you so far. 1 tap on the
chin and you're out for the count.
Tyson was fast(4 powerful punches in 1 second), hard to hit and could hit
extremely hard.1 punch was all it took most of the time.
Ali, as said so by himself, was a dancer. He was extremely unpredictable
and would almost undoubtedly wear On Tyson's confidence and that's where
Ali would dominate Tyson. But, it would only take 1 punch so I'm going with

Author sean b (3 months)
Honestly why do people put mike Tyson in the same league as ali? Ali would
beat Tyson with just using his brain, look what ali done to foreman,
foreman was a powerhouse, and ali took the best that he could give, in the
end foreman out punched him sell, then Ali's speed and power comes in to
play, ali didn't land as much punches as he normally did in the rumble, but
foreman said it was as if he punched me 100 times in one round and they
hurt he said he could even still feel those punches they where that
powerful. That's what makes ali the legendary fighter he is, it's simple
1st 3 rounds to Tyson hot out the blocks big power punches, ali covers uses
his feet and the ropes, by round 4 Tyson is tired and slow, ali has
conserved energy now it's only a matter of time till tysons on the canvas
it's that simple. The real question is could mike Tyson made a name in the
golden age of heavyweight boxing? Could he match foreman or frazzor?! I'm a
fan of Tyson but he is not up there with ali not even in the same page!

Author apercarlo (3 months)
i think tyson just underestimates himself a little bit.. people might
forget is that Tyson isn't just a hard puncher.. he's also very difficult
to hit with his weaving.. and he also has great timing with his punches..
he hits you at the moment you try to hit him.. and you'll never see the
punch coming, or if you do but you won't have the time to block it.. all it
takes for tyson is just one clean hit and you're out..

Author carlos valenzuela (8 hours)
I dont think anybody could beat mike tyson in his prime

Author Luqmaan Yasin (3 days)
dudes tyson just he cant beat Ali because of Ali's heart....he always kept
going.....ali broke his jaw in one fight and continued the fight till the
end. with frazier he thought he was going to die but was going to get up to
keep on fighting. he would rather die then lose. Tyson knew he couldn't
psych and that ali would bring him a fight. tyson just said tht ali isnt
afraid to let punches fly. it would have been a great fight! Prime Ali vs
Prime Tyson.

Author Asif J Zeb (4 days)

Author Mesopotamia (8 days)
Ali and Tyson are the greatest athletes. 

Author Jese Joon (9 days)
Both of them Great!!! That's the spirit gotta love it

Author ali99 (10 days)
real shit

Author Smrsmr Hddhdd (14 days)
There you go no body beat Ali motherfuckers 

Author unikkatil1218 (17 days)
Those who say Mike Tyson would win knows not much about boxing

Author Original Bubble (19 days)
He looks like the black Mr.clean lmao

Author tyrone newsome (20 days)
man these kids are dumb as fuck Tyson was in the weakest error of boxing
most of his fight was fixed people got the ring so he can knock him out for
a million dollars ali is the greatest of all time he would have killed if
you disagree you don't know shit about boxing and most likely you're a
young ass kid so don't comment 

Author Trevor Moyce (20 days)
An in prime Tyson would destroy Ali in less than 4 rounds!!!

Author Lee Wainwright (4 months)
look at ail fights Joe Fraser George Foreman both bigger hitters than Tyson
ail could take a punch as well his speed and footwork would have to much
for tyson what ails greatest strength was is anticipation of what his
opponent was going to do and the combinations he put together were
devastating but i do think mike was a great fighter as well different era 

Author Bascorasco (5 months)
Ali is the greatest heavyweight of all time. Tyson is not even the greatest
heavyweight of his own era.

Author sum guyy (4 months)
he's just being extremely modest, with the power he displayed on other
fighters bigger and stronger than ali, tyson would of disposed of ali in
the first 2 rounds! but he has too much respect for ali so how COULD they
even get in the ring with each other if it were possible during their

Author Duddaman29 (21 day)
Mike Tyson still the baddest man on the planted.

Author zinedine Klitschko (22 days)
tyson saying i cant beat ali and and nobody can beat him in his days
and this idiot says no Tyson can beat ali so who is the boxer here

Author George Clinton (4 months)
Brooklyn all fckin day..mike will smoke ali only because i don't like
orthodox style...second mike is way stronger and quicker i don't know why
he lied in this interview about not being able to beat him

Author Wewillnever Forgetyou (23 days)
Peoples that are completely convinced that Mike Tyson would defeat Ali(both
in their prime) are peoples that dont know shit about Ali.
If you dont knock Ali out you will lose in the later rounds and even when
Ali was waay past his prime and got beat up badly noone could knock him out.
As Mike tyson said Ali would rather die then let someone knock him out.

Author abdimalik Adam (24 days)
all whites saying Mike would beat Ali..
They hate Ali because he's really black hero who said whites are devils at
60s- 70s..

Mike and Ali both are great,, proud of them and may allah pless them. amen

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