Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - Who Wins?

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Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller had the honor to speak with the legendary Mike Tyson for an exclusive interview!

In part 4, he talks about fighting being an art, fighting being unpredictable comparing humans to animals & gives his whole perspective on Muhammad Ali and if he can beat him or not! Watch what he had to say!

You heard Mike Tyson's answer but who do YOU think would win? Vote below

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

Mike Tyson vs Muhammad Ali - WHO WINS?

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Author Eddie King (3 months)
Mike Tyson would beat Ali.

Author The Sun Will Rise Again (17 days)
Tyson would have kicked Clay's ass

Author Bascorasco (4 months)
Ali is the greatest heavyweight of all time. Tyson is not even the greatest
heavyweight of his own era.

Author Sugar Man (7 months)
I love Tyson man, funny shit. Ali is king.

Author N. Pike (6 months)
Yea, and Henry Cooper would have knocked a prime Tyson down like he
knocked a prime Ali down in rd. 4. Liston took dives. Ali is a myth. Clay
was a very good boxer but he even lost in my hometown when the UW had
boxing in the late 50's. Plus the sport progresses so that is a
disadvantage in any comparison. Klitschko's for example. 

Author Reg Moh (2 months)
Ali of course. Mike isn't even in the top 5 of all time heavyweights.

Author genetik defekt (2 months)
Tyson beats ali all day. He knows it, he was just being respectful. Tyson
is an absolute beast, but the cocaine ruined his career.

Author TEMEFLAPS (5 months)
name of song in the beginning?

Author George Clinton (3 months)
Brooklyn all fckin day..mike will smoke ali only because i don't like
orthodox style...second mike is way stronger and quicker i don't know why
he lied in this interview about not being able to beat him

Author kush smoka (2 months)
Tyson the best, fuck Ali!

Author Peter Griffin (2 months)
Anyone who thinks Mike Tyson would win Ali in a fight is an idiot.
It's true that Mike Tyson is better at defence, much better power &
probably even faster than Muhammad Ali but Muhammad Ali had a better
mentality, he was IMPOSSIBLE to knock out, you could take a shot gun and
shoot him in a fight and he would still get up.. Not even George Foreman
(one of the strongest punchers of all time) could beat Ali. Just so you
know, Ali had much harder opponents than Tyson and don't get me started
about $may's opponents. 

Author super owls (1 month)
Tyson at 20yrs would have beat anyone

Author refluX1kreborn (8 months)
in their primes it would've been an incredible match. they were both
incredible boxing technicians, they could read people. do some research and
watch their fights in both of their primes. though i think with ali's truly
unpredictable style he would've still prevailed over tyson in his prime. a
retort might be but tyson hits harder... nah. even though tyson understood
the importance of power and body shots, ali beat george foreman in his
prime and his punches were literally like a ton of bricks whether to the
body or head, it didn't matter. not only that but damn foreman could and
still can take a beating, like a brick wall.

Author mcknight9127 (3 months)
tyson under Cus D'amato would've won. After Cus died it was a wrap
Tyson was overwhelmingly powerful and fast when he has his head on str8
Now if it went the distance we all know it's a wrap for tyson lol

Author NemeanLion (2 months)
I like Tyson, but not even the best version of him would beat Ali. I'm not
saying Ali is invincible, it's just a very bad style matchup for Mike. Ali
was a lot bigger. Ali would tie him up on the inside. Ali was just as fast.
Ali had an iron chin. Ali had an edge in mental strength as well. 

Author TheGoogler77 (4 months)
On paper, Tyson wins.

Author Lee Wainwright (3 months)
look at ail fights Joe Fraser George Foreman both bigger hitters than Tyson
ail could take a punch as well his speed and footwork would have to much
for tyson what ails greatest strength was is anticipation of what his
opponent was going to do and the combinations he put together were
devastating but i do think mike was a great fighter as well different era 

Author Bob smiff (2 months)
If a boxer is judged by his performance at his pinnacle, then Tyson is the
greatest heavyweight of all time. The Tyson who decimated Spinks and
Berbick would have devastated any heavyweight in the history of the sport,
probably within three rounds. If, however, a fighter is judged by his
performance over the course of his entire career, then Tyson is nowhere
near Ali. Remember what Tyson's trainer Angelo Dundee once said:
"Eventually we found out the best and worst thing about Ali: that he could
take a punch." Ali's jaw was just as strong as his footwork; he took bombs
from the two hardest punchers in the history of the sport (Shavers and

Ultimately, these "what-ifs" across generations are impossible to really
figure out. With Ali vs. Tyson, the only honest response that anyone can
give is: Who the fuck really knows?

Author Bat-ireedui ireedui (3 months)
Tyson is real man any other boxers will tell of course i can beat the Ali
but he said hell fucking NO hell fucking NO
I respect that man

Author TheDoomSquid (2 months)
After 30 years I still can't decide if Tyson a lunatic or a little bit of a

Author Shot Through Karl (11 hours)
Mike Tyson was an animal in the ring but what a fucking gentleman he's
turned in to. I've just finished his autobiography, I highly recommend it
to anyone who loves Mike or to anyone who loves biographies about people
getting wasted. Mike rivaled Tommy Lee for his coke intake. Towards the
back end of his career he would usually snort an 8 ball before each fight.

Author jono LAMBO walker (4 days)
A "CUNTRY ASS NIGGAH" ... and yeah I spelled it right! Yeah you're black,
Woopidoo no one fucking cares.

Author LiakosGate13ACAB (6 days)
If tyson in his prime as usual went in like the beast he was and finished
the fight in 1-5 rounds then he would win
but if ali could take those heavy punches and keep up and try to tire him
he may won..i personally beleive no one could beat either mike tyson in his
prime (Buster Douglas beat him right in the end of his prime after changing
his trainer) either Ali...
So it would be the fight of the century
Anyway we must agree that these 2 are the greatest boxers of all time..

Author tarcísio chagas (6 days)
He shows nothing but respect for Ali and in the end of the video,Tyson
almost cry.

Author 581sci (21 day)
Mike Tyson single jab will knock a man out or down people say Ali jab
hurts and thats it. Both men are great but Mike Tyson in his prime he is
the greatest american boxer.

Author Harpreet06 (29 days)
Tyson at 20 beats ali at 20, but ali at 27 would beat tyson

Author franchisejr15 (6 months)
Watching Mike Tyson talk about Boxing is dope man smh to see how far he's
come with all the shit he went through and he picked himself up. People
fuck up every day but not all of them bounce back

Author Carsten Nilsson (29 days)
Tyson is a totally different and meaner breed than Ali, but I like his

Author TheJavedmiah (1 month)
Mike is such a happy person

Author Charlie Howard (2 months)
let's talk about tyson in his prime versus ali in his prime

Author David Bolton (3 months)
Lovin Tyson in this interview lol!! He was perhaps being a bit modest (out
of respect), but I do agree that Ali, at 20, would of been unstoppable 

Author Waleed Almalki (2 months)
4:54 That part answers the question of the boxing history.

Author tom n jerry (4 months)
Ali is the most scientific boxer ever lived..Tyson is awesome...

Author Marcus Bugack (1 month)
Too bad this great stuff coming out of Tyson was orchestrated by this
fuckin bum. Can we get a professional interviewer please?

Author Alex Hodi (4 months)
Mike I learned to like you :) Yes Ali is king but you were awesome too! 

Author Rich G (6 months)
says it all about the Greatest! Nothing else needs to be said about Ali.
Tyson was a victim of the syndrome that exists when a man goes to sleep in
silk sheets and has to wake up at 5 am. Some men just get to comfortable
and lose the passion! 

Author Tugrul Alpaslan (8 months)
Whats the first song?

Author setaBC (6 months)
Respect for Tyson, he knows his shit

Author CoronaJoe (1 month)
Ali, rather easily.

An EXTREMELY poor version of Ali (Tillis) lasted the distance with Tyson,
and gave him fits. A prime, prepared Ali would toy with Mike, in and out
of the ring. Mike had weaknesses, physically and mentally, that would work
right into Ali's hands. He'd be looking at the ref for help within 4
frustrating rounds, or trying to break Ali's arm etc.

I don't even really see why this comparison is always made. I think it's
because of not enough people truly knowing the history of the division well
enough to make better dream matches. A lot of "fans" only know Mike and In my opinion, Mike doesn't even belong in the same
conversation with Ali, and would lose to a handful of other greats from the

I have Mike top 10 all time at heavyweight, barely...but not top 2 by any

Author sean b (2 months)
Honestly why do people put mike Tyson in the same league as ali? Ali would
beat Tyson with just using his brain, look what ali done to foreman,
foreman was a powerhouse, and ali took the best that he could give, in the
end foreman out punched him sell, then Ali's speed and power comes in to
play, ali didn't land as much punches as he normally did in the rumble, but
foreman said it was as if he punched me 100 times in one round and they
hurt he said he could even still feel those punches they where that
powerful. That's what makes ali the legendary fighter he is, it's simple
1st 3 rounds to Tyson hot out the blocks big power punches, ali covers uses
his feet and the ropes, by round 4 Tyson is tired and slow, ali has
conserved energy now it's only a matter of time till tysons on the canvas
it's that simple. The real question is could mike Tyson made a name in the
golden age of heavyweight boxing? Could he match foreman or frazzor?! I'm a
fan of Tyson but he is not up there with ali not even in the same page!

Author mACheavelli (8 months)

Author TheUmmahFightCamp (6 months)
I do not look at many videos, but God! I loved this!!!!

Author John Coppola (6 months)
Buster Douglas boxed smartly and Tyson fell. If it was Ali in there even at
30 years old Tyson would have fallen in half the time he lasted with
Douglas. Tyson is an interesting and honest dude but he would have lost to
Ali. Ali was no myth. Tyson was around when the HW division was pretty
vacant. I think Big George Foreman would have beat Tyson. Maybe Frazier,
Kenny Norton, Ernie Shavers, Larry Holmes would have shots to beat Tyson.
Larry Holmes come to think about it would have given Tyson a real hard
time. Long vicious jab. Douglas used the jab. 

Author Adrian Perez (8 months)
The winner of this theoretical fight is mostly dependent at which point in
their careers Ali and Tyson would of met. Mike Tyson BEFORE his Iron Mike
phase was virtually unstoppable. Many people like to say Foreman was a
bigger threat to Ali then Tyson would ever be but that only shows their
lack of awareness and knowledge of the uncanny prowess possessed by Tyson
during his prime years. There is also a saying stating that styles make
fights. This is very true. Stylistically speaking Tyson's would of also had
the advantage over Ali. Something Foreman was in a clear disadvantage of.
Now Tyson PAST his prime would clearly lose to Ali.

Author Vincent Chase (1 month)
mike tyson in his prime would destroy Ali i believe. in his prime Tyson
moved amazingling with his bob and weave movement and his combination were
so fast with brute force you say muhammad ali face better opposition but
most fighters back in day were phone booth fighters thats what made so
interesting and exciting muhammad ali changed it 

Author Skum Dawgg (16 days)
All of you who said Tyson was being generous and that he would beat Ali

Author saine414 (20 days)
Tyson just saying this becaus its ali and he have lot of respect!! But
coman you dumb fucks in here!!! Its evolution its nature, sport and
athletes gets better with time gets faster stronger and so on!! Svimmers
gets stronger and faster, football gets faster, runners get bigger and
faster with time, and so the same with boxing!!! Ali was the man then but
it was the old Days, tyson or lewis would kill Ali they are stronger better
in every way, it fucking evolution!!! Think if every sport didn't ever
developed, how the fuck would that look like ha? Think if we humans didn't
developed to homosapiens how would that look like? you dumb motha fuckers,
be smarter, use your brain pleas!!!!!

Author sendtosw (7 months)
I think Mike says it well when he says "Ali takes you out into the deep
water and drowns you." And I still think people don't take into strong
enough consideration what would have actually happened if Ali and Tyson
lived at the same time and fought each other in their primes. They would
have signed for the fight, and psychologically strong Ali would have sized
up psychologically weak Tyson and figured out just how to rattle him -- and
Mike rattles easily -- in such a way that Mike would be distracted. Ali
would have kept chipping away as the weeks went by, and he would have all
the media spotlight, positive on him, negative on Mike. He likely would
have come up with a very funny imitation of Mike's high voice, probably
making it sound effeminate, and saying things that would make the media
laugh their heads off. Fights are not just between fighting styles and
abilities, but between who the respective men are, to themselves, in their
hearts. I just think Ali was a larger man on the inside than Tyson was, and
he would have been in control, sort of like a matador dealing with a bull.
Tyson needs his opponent to fear him, and there wouldn't be a trace of fear
in Ali. By fight time, Tyson would have endured months of public
embarrassment, and tied in so many psychological knots that I have trouble
believing he would be able to fight his best. He would come for the ring
instructions and be disappointed at the complete lack of fear in Ali's
eyes, which he would be hopefully searching for. He would probably so angry
he would try too hard for an early knockout, an effort Ali would welcome,
and would weather. Round after round would go by without the knockout
expected by the Tyson crowd, and Ali's chances would increase by the
second. Out around round 8 or 9, it would begin to become obvious that Mike
was in the "deep water" and beginning to drown. Around 12 or 13 it would be
over pretty much whenever Ali wanted. 

Author kwall55 (7 months)
the most impressive thing tyson said when analyzing himself vs ali was that
he said ali's actions and punches were not muscle memory but ali himself
doing doing the fighting. now thats saying something when u think about how
much reflexes and muscle memory is used especially in a sport such as
boxing. lets you appreciate just how great ali was. still think these two
are the two best ever

Author elvis316 (5 months)
Not even a real question. No way Tyson beats Ali.

Name THREE decent boxers Tyson ever beat. 47 year old Larry Holmes doesn't

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