Gary Moore - The Loner cover by H.M

Gary Moore The loner cover by Herlander Martins.
*GUITAR- Gibson Les Paul Traditional
*POWER AMP- Marshall El34 50/50
*PRE AMP- Rocktron Voodoo Valve
*CBINET- Fame 4x12 Vintage 412 Slanted
*TUNER- Behringer Rack Tuner

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 4:23
Comments: 138

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Author Ph1lusioN (8 months)
I actually think the rhythm is how it should be - many other covers play it
so... square? I play it with this style. But I agree the bends in this
cover are slightly painful!

Author hunspikey (4 years)
completely out of rythm - sorry.

Author Mario Thomsen (1 year)
great job!!!!!!!

Author AerialBeda (4 years)
Catch the rythm & the bends!

Author John Smith (3 years)
RIP Gary Moore :( that is right guitar for this song

Author justjames95 (3 years)
Where did you get that backing track? :D

Author Richard Peej (4 years)
nice sounds

Author 27Sofia1 (4 years)
wow!! 5 stars from me!!! the fast part is amazing!!!! well done haw much
did you pay for your traditional????????????

Author me007123 (1 year)
Nice Guitar and great tone !

Author goldenaxeband (4 years)
Are these stock pickups? 57 and 57 plus?

Author nigthmare_1 (3 years)
cry less paul, cry

Author Flametopology (5 years)
Extremely nice job buddy!

Author qnislavmitev . (3 years)
Man , tune your guitar !!

Author Anti Law (3 years)
"God" sounds GREAT man! thats comeing from a Voodu Valve?. I have a Pirahna
which is Totallt Ass Kick"n..I want to add a Voodu Valve. I dumped all my
marshalls-Laneys-and 5150"s. Have"nt found nothing yet that will come close
to the performance of my pirahna as far as tone and dynamics!. That Voodu
sounds Great too" Good playing! Love that LP traditional!

Author Greg Hakoun (2 years)
Wonderful, come to see my video of the loner

Author Sam Hoxley (3 years)
This is amazing!

Author Corywunderdog (4 years)
Great cover!! are those the stock 57 Classics??

Author Alex Zamanis (2 years)
Hello.It is possible to have the backing track? thank you in advance

Author ali kick (5 years)
no,i think yr vibrato is very nice~

Author perezjln (1 year)
what is the burst of your traditional ?

Author ada klimentova (1 year)
krásna hudba

Author AmpburnerUK (2 years)
Come on man get rid of that reverb! Way too much!

Author Francosalvaneschi (4 years)
beautyful guitar!!!

Author Mr1959flametop (3 years)
nobodies jealous he just needs to work on his vibrato and phrasing ! and
i'll say it again nobodies jealous!

Author rando renz (3 years)
what is the finish of your lespaul? Honey Burst??

Author Petar Ristic (4 years)

Author hunspikey (4 years)
@guitarslf132 sorry, I was rude- I admit. So my problem was that he did not
follow the music's original very nice 6/8th rythm. It is not good enough to
match the tempo as to arrive to the bars. The sub rythms are also
important. I know that it is a very hard song to master. Easy to play
somehow but hard to master. This guy has everything whats needed for a
perfect cover but he should pay attention to the tempo really. Otherwise it
is a nice cover!

Author circleofpit (4 years)
i want to buy the behringer midi footcontrol and the racktuner, like you
have it; there is a mute function for the tuner, do you think you can
control that over the foodcontrol, too, or do you need the optional

Author Rui Reis (3 years)
what's with all the hating? the cover's very good

Author sportsportsport (3 years)
I'm no master, but vibrato should come from the wrist, not movements in
finger tips. I liked it though! You're a good player! ;)

Author Glencse (3 years)
how would you connect the behringer rack tuner in the back to tune silently?

Author ComposeroftheDark (3 years)
nice sound =)

Author perth45 (2 years)
its ok, but a bit pitchy in parts....and the speed doesn't have any
direction, just speed for the sake of it....that said, much better than I
could do I'll admit....!!!!

Author hhhalx (4 years)
hey brother you vere awesome , you can send me anything link for download
the track for the cover (no guitar) i wish do my cover , thanks man , you
cover are fucking great!!!

Author petergreen75 (4 years)
Awesome ! Is it a LP Honeyburst ? Nice guitar :)

Author Mike H (4 years)
Great Tone!! but one question...isn´t your gear way too loud for playing in
a small room?? I mean do u get a nice tone at bedroomlevel???

Author MrDeath66611 (3 years)
The great solo you played ,amazing guitarist ,can u send the background to
me?thank you!!

Author xxxEnterSandmanXxX (5 years)
nice playing man...vibrato is a bit aggressive but defos all else is

Author Kakinette (4 years)
Good, but work on your vibrato, to have it wider and natural.

Author Moti Solomon (4 years)
Very Good!!!

Author Edi Campor (3 years)
Great playing, great sound and great Les Paul Trad. Fantastic video cut! no
worries about some bad comments, this guys are just jealous ;-) I know how
difficult to play this song is and for me you did a great job.

Author Hafteh (5 years)

Author Maxence Nic (1 year)
Great work, you play your guitar really well and Gary Moore, I'm impressed,
congratulations to you and especially continuous. Translate with Google

Author anapintopt (5 years)
Very nice good sound.

Author Dreamdancer11 (2 years)
Mate that seizuring vibrato ruins the whole image.Try slower and wider and
always return back to pitch.... plus some of your bends were out of tune as
well.The difference in your playing if you fix that ll be huge.

Author Ricky Rey (4 years)
Wow man you play in much better than moore!!!I am about bying that it good??? i want to inform me if it has good wood and

Author kenneth Jakobsen (1 year)
Nice work

Author Skaterboy1028 (3 years)
Gibson Les Paul Honeyburst?

Author Calvin Prior (2 years)
Practice with a metronome dude. Nice playing, tone and feel. Timing is key
though however.

Author MrHardrocker98 (2 years)
Great cover man , check mine out

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