Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

Music video by Miley Cyrus performing Party In The U.S.A..
#VEVOCertified on March 22, 2010.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 3:22
Comments: 673018

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Author EmolpsrokesMSP (1 month)
Why is everyone judging her?! She's not sick at all! Listen here.. She acts
drunk in videos.. But she's very nice in real life. She cares about her
fans.. So if yur hating yur telling her what,to,change for her to be.. Just
shut up yu stupid haters. She likes the way she is and nobody is going to
change that :/ so shut up haters.. Miley is showing who she wants to be! So
leave her drunk bad side alone., and start thinking who she really IS!! <3

Author Rafael Baldini (23 days)
That was when Miley still didnt smoke pot and she was a cool kid
Now she only wants to know about taking a Puff 

Author HandzUpGaming (4 months)
I miss this Miley Cyrus. :(


Author Alize Bensonn (3 months)
What happened to this bitch.

Author Phoebe Hampson (1 month)
This is when Miley was in a contract with Disney. When your a Disney
actor/actress, you have certain restrictions in music videos to make Disney
look good! She has always been how she was in We Can't stop just in a
contract... She is expressing who she is and who she has chosen to be in
her more recent music videos. Why can't you just be nice and respect that?
Would you like it if someone constantly judged you for your actions? No! So
what gives you the right to do it to Miley? Nothing...
Miley is her own person who doesnt need telling what she can and can't
do... She did her job entertaining us being Hannah Montana and now she is
starting her own life.

Dissing pop stars isn't worth anybody's time so... Why do it?


Author Isaac Hernandez (5 months)
Have you ever noticed that EVERY chick that has been on Disney their career
goes terribly wrong?

Author Michael Warbux (5 months)
Ohhhhh so this is when she was normal. It's kind of shame how much she's

Author LuckyMusiqLive (25 days)
as I'm watching this awesome video I'm thinking about how shes singing
about her hopes for hollywood, but after watching her newer videos it looks
like she ran straight to the illuminati lol. shes talented, but she looked
alot better here. I'm getting popular fast because i rap about real life..
thumbs up if you pee in swimming pools

Author Ana Clara Galantini (4 months)
I love Miley Cyrus, but she was much more beautiful and did not so much

Author Sinisbal (18 days)
Oh the party was good while it lasted. Then homosexual shit hit my fan and
brought me down, low low. For years.
But that death party was over too. I am healed, restored, happy and finally
me, homosexuality free. It is good. God is good.
Guys, you who don't like that feeling in you and you know that it is not
for you, go to Jesus. He is much more better than gay stuff.
Let the party go on-party of peace, love, laughter and normal life.

Author kri1612box50cal (1 month)

Haha you clicked read more.

Now THAT'S a real troll

Author Ali Yahya (3 months)
Hilary Duff is possibly the only disney star to resume her career without
losing fans and without losing people's respect.... sorry for the kids here
who didn't have the chance to watch lizzie mcguire and had to grow up
watching hannah montana....

Author urusoimi (10 days)
" I miss this Miley Cyrus." = translation= >>>>" I am a 35yr old
pedophile, and the new disney shows just don't do it for me." All
these girls with problems (Cyrus, Bynes, Spears, Lohan) are running from
you perverts. Stop chasing them, they have morphed into unobjectify-able
beings in order to hide inside themselves. Let them change and grow....and
..heal. Then, they will be back stronger then ever. Apologize and give them
back the dignity you have stolen.

Author Queenstar Betty Amoah (6 hours)
What would you do if 5 years ago you put on face powder and dressed
attractive and today someone tried to show off the same way to you?

5 years ago I woke up early on a winter morning. I brushed my teeth and
took a shower. Then I put on brown face powder, lip shine, gold hoop bamboo
earrings, a Mickey mouse watch, a red Guess double breasted three quarter
length military coat, a red new designed south pole hoodie, and perfume.
Then I took a metro card and hopped on the D train at the subway and headed
off to school. When I entered High School For Environmental Studies, I felt
so attractive and well dressed. But I also learned and looked gorgeous at
the same time. And today when I went to easy pickings and entered the
fitting room, I undressed and it was left with my bra and panties. I looked
at my reflection and I realized that I had a nice body. I have a nice big
butt with small breasts. Then I got dressed again and left the store. When
I was returning home some hispanic women walked by me with make up,
lipstick, high heel shoes, and a red double breasted wool coat on. I
secretly knew what she was thinking and her intention. She wanted to
intimidate me the same way those twins named Karen Geraldo, and Keziah
Geraldo did. She purposely walked by me just to show off. She was trying to
start trouble with me just because I dressed formally to school and wore
make up 5 years ago. But seriously what the fuck is she dressing up
formally in front of me for? Does she want me to dress poorly like an old
woman or something? Luckily it turns out I was wearing a black double
breasted belted H&M wool coat. But being the classy girl I am, I ignored
her and walked forward and came home. Oh my goodness it's like face of
Africa a competition between Oge Okoye and Rita Dominic.

Author Charles Pruett (7 days)
This video would have been much better if it would have shown her actually
arriving in Hollywood and then when the chorus kicks in kind of a flashback
to her and her girlfriends and other friends partying their way. It would
have been cool to show her feet stepping into a club amongst stiletto
heels. And I agree, she looks WAY much finer here then she does now

Author ShadyBaby Lil_E (10 hours)
Honestly I'm In school watching these videos her new ones and old ones and
I just want to cry :'( Miley we miss you!!!!!! #MileyComeBack! 

Author Hollowdav (5 hours)
Best Miley song ✌️✌️🙌🙌👏

Author CuteL0Lipop (17 hours)
Miley, I miss the old you... I hv to admit your songs are fab, but u hv
changed.. I know I can't change Miley, whatsoever but.. I didn't appreciate
the old her enough.. If she would change back I would rly appreciate her..
Anyways... Good luck Miley!!!! 

Author MrTiannaRawr (19 hours)
remember when THIS was the "bad Miley?"

Author partywildly109 (23 days)
Note how people slut shammed her back in 2009 bc of this song and still
slut shame her now... Ugh 

Author Carson Payne (10 minutes)
this miley cyrus is better i hate the new one 

Author Gabriel20 (3 hours)
Darude-Sandstorm :3

Author Lal Jeje (1 day)
She was tanner here but know she is hella white

Author CasualBox (13 hours)
fuck she WAS fit and cute but now she want to make me be sick.

Author Romit Kumar (10 hours)
i miss this girl

Author Micheal Jackson (8 days)
This girl has some sick talent. I'll give her that. If I were alive, I
would love to give her the biggest hug in the world.

Author Nico Sequeira (18 days)
party where ? I do not understand the meaning of the u, s and a
all together. the flag is very similar to that of england and australia .

Author krista Burke (4 hours)
I miss this Miley Cyrus. She was so pretty back then. she didn't need to
turn like she is now to get attention

Author Hannah Longton (9 days)
I don't even read the comments there all the same old same old either "i
prefer this Miley when she wasn't twerking her ass" or "stop judging her
she just grew up" can people start commenting something original please 

Author Ali B (18 days)
I'm astounded to say this but I actually like this. I Never thought I'd say
I like a Miley Cyrus song but this is upbeat and kind of cool. :) Well I
*think* stranger things have happened...possibly.

Author sümeyye bozkurt (10 hours)
bi şimdiki haline bakın bir de önceki haline...
fark büyük dimi

Author Jhon Doe (6 days)
Another dumb ass white bitch

Author Gabriel Quintero (7 days)
Asi que pongo mis manos en alto,allí jugando mi canción.........Todas
buscandome a mi ahora..como "Esa chica..aquella roqueando a patadas,ella
tiene que ser fuera de la ciudad" .....Si es fiesta en E.U.A.
(Llenate de Alegría)

Author LJP707videos (10 hours)
I use to think Miley would become a beautiful women, but then...... Don't
do drugs, um kay.... 

Author Fifi Bieber (28 days)
I miss this :(

Author jessica arias (3 hours)
WHAT IF this was never the 'real' Miley?!?1?

Author Kalirou Moussa (1 day)
I miss the old Miley Cyrus before she turned her hair blonde and cut it why
why did she cut her hair I love her old nice long brown hair but why she
time to the nice sweet nan says Miley Cyrus to the too much sexy Miley
Cyrus the one who always want to be act like a boy and being sassy

Author QuiiksTer (1 day)
I love you Miley I went and saw her in the awards when she first performed
that song I know guys I'm late of writing this I just saw it and just
pressed on it but at least I'm a big fan of hers

Author Cary Moss (20 hours)
The hottest dancer in this video by far was the blonde m.i.l.f. who had
those incredible legs. Good song but you can thank Jesse J. for that one. 

Author Ellen DK (9 hours)
I miss the old Miley.. :(

Author GromasT v (7 hours)
damn puberty hitted backwards ...

Author Abel Figueiredo (18 days)
Back to the time she wasn't weird as fuck. I mean, she used to be truly
beautiful :(

Author Sam Bown (12 days)
She was a Virgin here. 

Author Kefka323 (2 hours)
she used to be hot!!

Author Lori MacKay (1 day)
All you haters the song wrecking ball the producer made her naked she didnt
want to Miley Cyrus is still a good woman.

Author ximena martinez (5 hours)
me agradaba mas esta Miley Cyrus

Author Tutorias , Desafios e Brincadeiras (1 day)
Miley era tao bonita , porque se estragou tanto :( , mais ! continua diva !

Author Yammin CRINGE (8 hours)
i know what happened to her

Author Julia Peric (20 hours)
I miss the old Miley i love the old miley i hate the New miley :/

Author Sedona Tube (2 hours)
I dance to this song!

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