Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

Music video by Miley Cyrus performing Party In The U.S.A..
#VEVOCertified on March 22, 2010.

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Views: 394,480,923
Added: 4 years
Runtime: 3:22
Comments: 657294

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Author Miley C (5 hours)
Smilers, can we get 400 million views on this? If we can do this, Miley
will be the first female artist to have 3 videos with 400M+ views!

Author Ruby Roo (4 hours)
Miley made one Mistake and everyone judges, Shes uncomfortable with heaps
of clothes on, And just like most people she feels weird smiling like :)
Shes still Pretty!

Author Ryand83j2a (4 hours)
This was when Miley was very classy, and very respectable. This was before
aliens abducted her, and replaced her with a sloppy alien that took on her
almost exact image and is trying to study how we reproduce and have sex.
Aliens haven't studied trashy w h o r es yet, but it attracts soo much
money that they cannot pass up this opportunity to probe this phenomenon.
Realistically though, Miley could have made plenty money being classy.

Author John Picard (13 hours)
She has really went downhill

Author Sebastian Hedegaard (12 hours)
She was so fucking hot back there... I miss this Miley...

Author Fer nanda (14 hours)
Estaba hermosa antes (:

Author newyorkboy11001 (1 day)
Wow she was actually very pretty here 

Author Hamdi Scott (1 day)
RIP !!!! old miley !! :-(

Author Darth Revan (1 day)
Wowww old miley is okay :D

Author Drkone Davis (1 day)
I loved this natural (after Hannah Montana) Miley version over this Madonna
wanna be Miley.

Author Rebecca Miller (1 day)
I would take Miley licking a hammer naked over younger celebrity doing "a
Lindsay Lohan". This has made her in international sensation rather than a
train wreck. 

Author Abigail Maun (13 hours)
whatever happened to this miley

Author Rachel Campoy (11 hours)
I miss that Miley

Author Kirsi Katariina (6 hours)
She has went in a really different let's just say personality differencey

Author C R (13 hours)
moche forever

Author Nanito RR (6 hours)
PL's Army lol

Author Ryleigh Beverly (1 day)
this is the miley we know and love

Author Mia Moral (1 day)
I thoght it is a ke$a song

Author dhemisson galdino (8 hours)
Linda ...

Author ChocoHD (5 hours)
before vevo and before wrecking ball.. so man fucking changes

Author Jaymark Cortez (1 day)
why this song has less view than wrecking ball

Author Lil B (1 day)
now u love this miley ? u didn't use to like this video 

Author Max Kohn (1 day)
I think Miley thumbs down hits 

Author tracy huynh (1 day)
I miss this miley Cyrus so much.... I used to hate her but at least she's
better then.... Now!

Author Michaela Cordaro (3 hours)
this is a awesome song i love it 

Author vladimir korshavih (12 hours)
all because of her friend snoop dogg

Author Emaad A (8 hours)
She was so pretty back then 

Author brandon smith (1 day)
Wow she was actually hot back then not the junky slut she is today lol...

Author Ayélévi Ajavon (21 hour)
And the JAY-Z song was on
So I put my hands up
Plays my song
Buterfly flying away... 

Author Jessica Pineda (5 hours)
Cuartos .e e e .h x .ftskf hdtsx hd e e .d

Author telorinodelhoyoo (1 day)
I fear nothing but my mom

Author H Lattin (9 hours)

Author Azakaka (37 minutes)
Miley understand that you don't need to look like a man with boobs to be a
sexy girl .-. seriously don't.

Author Rafaela NZ (5 hours)
I miss you so much old miley... but you grow up... :-D

Author Ophelia Stratton (7 hours)
Wait... this was by Miley Cyrus?! How long did it take me to figure that
out?! Wrecking Ball totally made me think of her as... um... let's just say
you know. But in this song, she's actually good.

Author Priscila Sacchetto (3 hours)
Pqp, ela era linda, esta se acabando.

Author paula ward (10 hours)

Author Andrew B S (1 day)
Party in the U.S.A.

Author Ilisepa Bulavakarua (2 hours)
I miss old miley

Author ankan412 (1 day)
I do not like the new Miley but i like the old one 

Author Irianna Caraballo (9 hours)
era tan bonita era una fan n #1

Author Ghettomexican430 (1 day)
Actually at 3:02

Author selenatxrflws (10 hours)
Come back

Author priscilla chavarria (11 hours)
i miss this old miley

Author poedie doedie (11 hours)
I love THIS Miley :(

Author Jansoskian1D (1 day)
OMG just missed those days!...I still like her now but of prefer this MILEY

Author Kaiservine (1 day)
i miss her :c

Author Grace Stone (13 hours)
Rock on

Author SweetLover Kathy (15 hours)
Miley cyrus looked really better here then now

Author scott warner (15 hours)
what a hot woman

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