Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

Music video by Miley Cyrus performing Party In The U.S.A..
#VEVOCertified on March 22, 2010.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 3:22
Comments: 664422

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Author Anthony Gonzalez (1 day)
This Miley Cyrus is better than today's Miley Cyrus

Author Ana Clara Galantini (5 days)
I love Miley Cyrus, but she was much more beautiful and did not so much

Author TF2Player (4 days)
They had 720p back then?

Author LPS KutiePie (7 days)
There was once a boy named Charlie , he was beat to death by his brother
and died at 5:00 ... If you don't send this to 8 people by 5:00 pm the boy
Charlie will kill you in your sleep. <3

Author Michael Warbux (25 days)
Ohhhhh so this is when she was normal. It's kind of shame how much she's

Author Rarity Belle (10 days)
this was the Miley I used to know TT 

Author watertailsshow (5 months)
I never even noticed until now. She twerked in this video 3:03 . I love
both the old and new Miley yet I miss her long hair. She's beautiful and
crazy just the way she is. :)

Author Oyuma Tumennasan (8 days)

Author destiny snow (18 days)
I miss this Miley now it's just tweaking and butty shaking 

Author Ford2219 (17 days)
Is a shame today generations think a person is talented because of his/her
vulgar behavior. People who think there's nothing wrong with Miley's new
looks/attitude they're in serious trouble. What happen with artist who
actually care and give a lot to this world? (Michael Jackson, John Lennon,
Diana Ross etc) Miley could have make a positive impact. But no, being a
whorre is more important. 

Author TondrilaTube (22 days)
Anyone remember the first time they heard it? (I was in third grade)

Author Rainbow Sky Dust Dash (2 months)
Wow, that's what she used to be and now she looks, different

Author Tamplays (1 month)
i cant wait for miley's hair to grow :O

Author Juliana Dias (14 days)
Quando ela ainda era inocente :--:

Author MarioGeek123 (6 months)
Wtf happened Miley? You suck now you whore. (You're allowed to be against
what I said be she's a fucking whore)

Author Nia Thomas (14 days)
I started to see change here but I would prefer this over what she is now

Author inept0 (17 days)
...the Shanghai scientists had failed. The Jay-Z song had played but
Mi-Lee Cy-Rus did not activate as anticipated. The scientists argued up and
until the point that Beijing had they and their families disappeared. We
may never know the truth of what happened. Was it simply faulty
programming? Or, perhaps, hubris on the part of man? All we will truly
know is what came afterwards...

Author Eren Mckay (7 hours)
Noddin' my head like yeah
Movin' my hips like yeah
Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

Author Iciclefang AJ (2 months)
i like people like this except back then when Miley Cyrus was only TV i
missed her. First it happened to Selena Gomez from Wizards of Wizardly
Place, Miley Cyrus from her TV show, and now Ariana Grande from Victorious.

Author Ally Gator (2 months)
I miss this Miley, she was so sweet and cute. What the hell happened?

Author Omar Ficachi (19 days)
She was a lady, and beautiful, sadly, she turned into a BITCH that looks
like a man/woman/BITCH :( It's sad how can life change people :/

Author Anouk Vincke (3 months)
then you were beautiful, and you were still respectable, that old good
time, Never again .. YOU REALLY SHOULD BE A WHORE?

Author sarah borrink (15 days)
Haters are going to hate, but if you look at the facts, Miley has never
done anything wrong. As a role model, she has stayed true to herself. She
has never been arrested, and she has a definite unique style about
her. Granted I am NOT a fan of the new fashion style, which to me was too
drastic of a change too suddenly for most fans, but some of her new music
is great. For example, 'Wrecking Ball' is a great song, but I think the MV
for it sucked and most of the meaning behind the song was lost as people
were only paying attention to how Miley appeared in the video. As for this
song, it is one of the most overplayed songs in history, but admit it, when
no one is around, you start singing it.

Author Selena Burke (1 month)
I mis the old Miley Cyrus

Author Muwisterka MSP (21 day)
But this is a very old song

Author Isaac Hernandez (27 days)
Have you ever noticed that EVERY chick that has been on Disney their career
goes terribly wrong?

Author XxpuffLyricsrockzxX (27 days)
There will be a party in the U.S.A. when Obama leaves office.

Author Jen Mathieson (10 months)
Damn I used to love this song 

Author popizzy1 (4 months)
She was so pretty, so nice. My girl. Now shes a piece of s**t. I don't get
what happened. :(

Author María Sol Campisi (15 days)

Author Puppy Cutie (1 month)
i was only 6 when this song was made...Lol

Author selina gomezfan (1 month)
Miley, please come back. most of us us want the old miley back..... COME

Author newaij althistory (16 days)
Anybody wonder what the girls the illuminati recruit have to do? Strap on
and fuck Quincy Jones in the ass? I wonder? One rumor is they have parties
and eat shit and drink piss. Oh well. MayTupacKilluminati.

Author FantageChic (6 months)
Remember when everyone was talking about how short her shorts were in this
Now she isn't even seen wearing pants!

Author MegaRhazes (6 months)
Such a shame she looks like Bieber now.

Author Hazza Styles (2 months)

Author xTeam RaZoR (6 hours)
Like this comment if you think that this Miley is better than nows.

Author slurp guy (9 hours)
People he changed her style/look so anbody can fap to her

Author Mirage (12 hours)
Do you remember when people thought THIS was the 'slutty' version of Miley?
Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Author Aksarayli Beyza (16 hours)
So was she pretier 

Author Kyle Thibodeau (22 hours)
Where did this awesome Miley go?

Author Juan Guerrero (1 day)
I missed the old miley so much her beutiful long hair but now its just
skank,butty,twerking,and nasty miley

Author liks osr (1 day)
miley supercantante

Author MoneyGrillz (1 day)
Pitch Perfect

Author Anthony Alvarado (1 day)
Party In The P.E.R.U.
Happy Independence Day Perú !!!!!!!

Author Shenaynay Lavear (1 day)
People are so full of bullshit. Talking about, this Miley was better, and
where did this Miley go? Bitch I remember when this video came out, you all
thought this was slutty. Look at the dislike bar.

Author PrettyLittleLiar (1 day)
I was 11 when the video came out.. Wow.

Author Pan Tom (1 day)
new miley is bitch! 

Author Alejandra Espino (1 day)
I remember when I was in 2nd grade we sang this in our concert. Now I look
back and shake my head. She changed so much but she's still talented. 

Author Falamu445 (2 days)
No matter how many movies, games, songs Americans have, still we will not
forget Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, etc.

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