Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.

Music video by Miley Cyrus performing Party In The U.S.A..
#VEVOCertified on March 22, 2010.

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Added: 5 years
Runtime: 3:22
Comments: 675508

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Author Rolly (21 day)
She was so hot.. was..

Author kri1612box50cal (3 months)

Haha you clicked read more.

Now THAT'S a real troll

Author Phoebe Hampson (2 months)
This is when Miley was in a contract with Disney. When your a Disney
actor/actress, you have certain restrictions in music videos to make Disney
look good! She has always been how she was in We Can't stop just in a
contract... She is expressing who she is and who she has chosen to be in
her more recent music videos. Why can't you just be nice and respect that?
Would you like it if someone constantly judged you for your actions? No! So
what gives you the right to do it to Miley? Nothing...
Miley is her own person who doesnt need telling what she can and can't
do... She did her job entertaining us being Hannah Montana and now she is
starting her own life.

Dissing pop stars isn't worth anybody's time so... Why do it?


Author Raquel Jackson (25 days)
what happen to her i miss her like this.

Author sdsdsad (29 days)
Her hair was pretty. Grow it back you idiot.

Author EmolpsrokesMSP (2 months)
Why is everyone judging her?! She's not sick at all! Listen here.. She acts
drunk in videos.. But she's very nice in real life. She cares about her
fans.. So if yur hating yur telling her what,to,change for her to be.. Just
shut up yu stupid haters. She likes the way she is and nobody is going to
change that :/ so shut up haters.. Miley is showing who she wants to be! So
leave her drunk bad side alone., and start thinking who she really IS!! <3

Author HandzUpGaming (5 months)
I miss this Miley Cyrus. :(


Author Alize Bensonn (5 months)
What happened to this bitch.

Author Darin Fish (13 days)
Like if you're watching in 2015!

Author TheHobbitOfHogwarts (29 days)
The thing that makes me so mad is back when this video first came out,
everyone gave her so much crap for it. "Oh my god, her bra is showing!"
'Those shorts are too short!" "Why is she shaking her ass like that!? She's
a child role model!" I used to love this song so much and I would come on
to listen but the comments section would be one giant argument about
whether or not this was okay to do for her age and because of the fact that
she was a Disney star. Now people are coming on here and saying, "I miss
this Miley. This is when she was normal and fun." when half the people who
are saying that were the ones who were hating on this video 5 years ago.
Hypocrites are such pains..

Author Jaycob (1 month)
This video needs some twerking...

Author Isaac Hernandez (6 months)
Have you ever noticed that EVERY chick that has been on Disney their career
goes terribly wrong?

Author Michael Warbux (6 months)
Ohhhhh so this is when she was normal. It's kind of shame how much she's

Author Arceptaffer 205 (1 month)
This girl has some sick talent. I'll give her that. If I were alive, I
would love to give her the biggest hug in the world.

Author urusoimi (1 month)
" I miss this Miley Cyrus." = translation= >>>>" I am a 35yr old
pedophile, and the new disney shows just don't do it for me." All
these girls with problems (Cyrus, Bynes, Spears, Lohan) are running from
you perverts. Stop chasing them, they have morphed into unobjectify-able
beings in order to hide inside themselves. Let them change and grow....and
..heal. Then, they will be back stronger then ever. Apologize and give them
back the dignity you have stolen.

Author Polly Johnson (23 days)
This used to be my fave song until she turned bad.

Author Lord0fTheSquids (2 months)
What happened to you, Miley? :(

Author Soccer Lover (2 months)

Author RedRiddin Hood (12 days)
TBT ahhhh sorry but I can't help it I do like this diddy. I don't
be daring me. I do it... this is my choice. I've gotten bumps,scraps,
stitches and loss blood. Lost 5 to 15 mins of consciences due to a dare. So
just got home change to casual attire and lets do this. Embrace what may. 

Author strike the bloodhog's main account (3 days)
i love Miley Cyrus on a video and want to marry her

SCREW YOU +Amelia Lynn Rose for this dare payback time

Author KlausKinski (9 days)
US Americunts are a mix of every sub human race and scumbag that got send
over there... and kabamm you have a prehistorical sub human land called US
of Fucking Asshole... backwards mongoloid country should get exterminated
like they did to the poor Indians... 

Author Murphy Studebaker (4 days)
Hopped off the train Hogwarts Express

Author Rick Gurrion (1 day)
If "ANYONE" watches this kind of "VIDEOS/SONGS", I "DON'T" JUDGE "YOU" AT
ALL!!!!! "But "JESUS CHRIST" (YESHUA) "DOESN'T" want "US" to watch "ANY" of
this kind of "VIDEOS/SONGS" AT ALL!!!!!" "This kind of "VIDEOS/SONGS" are
"ALL" from Satan!!!!!" Satan is "USING" "SELENA GOMEZ" and "MANY OTHER
"SINGERS" and "MANY "FAMOUS PEOPLE" to take "US" straight to "HELL" for
"MORE THAN ETERNITY!!!!" Satan "DOESN'T" CARE about "ANY" of "US", because
"HIM!!!!" Like it says in Revelation 22:12: "BEHOLD, I AM COMING SOON!!!!"
My "REWARD" is with "ME", and I will "GIVE" to "EVERYONE" according to what
if "YOU" disagree with me then answer me this question, "Where will "YOU"
spend "ETERNITY" after "YOU" die, in Heaven or in Hell?" In Hell its "FULL"
THAN ETERNITY!!!!!" "DON'T" let Satan "FOOL YOU AT ALL", and "DON'T" let
bless "YOU" all.

Author XxFroggygirl123xX (4 days)
Anyone else miss the old miley... The old one was SO much better like
miley... What happened to you?!?!? Grow your hair back and put some clothes

Author maria perla (2 hours)
SHE was perfect (beautiful anf talented), but i am no longer your fan Miley

Author Jordan Jernigan (20 hours)
I remember when this song came out my sister and all her friends thought
Miley has finally become a slut. Everyone was freaking out. Now Miley is
all gross and digesting. 

Author patrick louie dalisay (4 days)
2015, and still watching this!

Author Lizzy Savoie (13 hours)
cyrus try to look nice (like that will happen) u so bad go kill ur self

Author Heather resch (7 hours)
Like this comment or reply if you miss the old Miley. You know, the one
that didn't lick a hammer and swing while naked on a wrecking ball. Miley,
ur a good singer, but now, I cant listen to many of her songs cause my mom
thinks she has gone bad. When I was little, I used to love watching Hannah
Montana, the show where she was an innocent pop singer. WHAT HAPPENED

Author Everett Rock (8 days)

Author Kristian Hämäläinen (21 hour)
Killing 3 500 000 people in Vietnam, killing nearly 3 000 000 people so far
in Afghanistan(Providing ISIS weapons through CIA/Blackwater/Academi since
70s), Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Sudan, ousting legal governments(latest
Ukraine, latest fail - Syria, but they still provide weapons to terrorists
there against international law to provide weapons to other than official
government.) Like to kill criminals ? find them in your own country
government, not taking down other country governments and saying its the
right thing. At least Russia and China have promised to provide Iran
military support if it gets attacked by anyone. And Russia+China are using
their Veto right to prevent any foreign assault in Syria/Iran/Lebanon
(those 3 countries have safety bonds also - attack in one of those
countries is a war against them all.) Last but not least, USA has +900
military bases OUTSIDE their national borders, Russia has 3, who is the
threat again ? Yeah keep partying in the expense of millions of lives,
country that was built with the expense of few genocides and slavery, and
the history repeats itself, slavery has new sophisticated word given by
bankers - "debt". And whats better way of making more "slavery" ? WAR, war
machines cost most of all, rebuilding costs second, lives are expendable by
USA. USA terrorizing world since/before its birth.

Author Charlotte Loves music (9 days)
Why am i listening to this now? :L +eishah ahmed +Le Z 

Author king kracles (2 days)
how can anyone hate this song

Author aini sahar (12 days)
She's such a whore.. whoring all over to be more popular. Hope one day she
realized she's attracting the wrong crowd and attention.. Something like
AIDS or worst to wake her up. Maybe.

Author crownalexempire (12 hours)
I like Miley now. But wow back then, I miss the old Miley, but I also like
the new one. It's crazy how she went from one extreme (being super good
girl) to another extreme (badass Miley). Damn.

Author nikolaos papamichail (34 minutes)
Tęsknię za starą Miley Cyrus

Author Maltese Luver (8 hours)
She could have been one of the best singers in the world but Miley Cyrus

Author karinasteph (3 minutes)
Jessie J wrote this ❤️

Author donnasia harris (12 hours)
I miss this miley Cyrus.she was not acting like she had not since.she need
to get it together fast like asap.if she don't nobody would like her I am
just saying lol

Author Tee mae (19 days)
I'm not being offensive before you all comment
But I admit miley was a lot better then, now she has turned her whole life
around saying that she hates children even tho she worked with them. She
does gross things on stage (let's not get into detail) and I just love her
old style of singing cuz now it's just all sexually related 

Author bear X (12 days)
wow,the mv is so funny ,and girls are hot, i think Miley Cyrus sometimes
likes coco .haha i want to keep it . Help me~

Author Adam Crosby (8 days)
Party in the USA

Author Avi Taula (11 hours)
I bet we all know that miley is this chic that has a way new style i wish
she could go back to the way she was but I guess it must be hard on her

Author Haeleigh Mikaelson (10 hours)
remember when people thought this music video was dirty for her

Author Mary Doumbia (15 hours)
I love miley's songs but i kinda miss the old miley but she is Who she
wants to be so all yah hâter stop trying to change Her 💬💬💬

Author Joel David Ballezza (5 days)
I like the unusually shrill singing voice she has - she sounds like a
bird. I like the way her sexy body moves when she dances. She's worth all
the gold and platinum they want to give her.

Author A Silly Pineapple (12 hours)
Cool guy had to jump of the car at 0:56

Author Són sáu năm (1 day)
whenever i listen to this song, i always dance like a crazy girl , and dont
care all people around me , and the way they look to me, you know , so
funny :((((((((((((

Author cyrine benkhoud (3 days)

Author Shannon Potze (20 hours)
Echt col ik dans het heel vaak

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