A-10 Warthog HUD 30mm Strafe

30mm strafing run on vehicle

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Author TheGoodChap (11 months)
+Archerpyro he was pulling up hard. it makes that sound when the airplane
is a stalling out, but in most situations it isn't a big deal and can be
done to break off from an engagement quicker without loosing too much
altitude after a dive like what he did.

Author TheGoodChap (11 months)
+DoodeWarrior he also requested that all friendlies shoot an artillery
flare to signal their location, but decided to engage anyways before they
could get any closer to the city (a gamble). Soon after engagement they
finally got the message that yet, there were friendlies in his area. He did
sound very upset in the end of the video, but you'll notice they said
"we're definitely going to jail." Seems more like they were feeling worse
for themselves than the people they had killed. In fact, after the whole
ordeal the pilot got off with no charges and went into hiding, never
showing up to apologize to the family and never showing up to the trials
which he was repeatedly requested to attend in England. (for those reading
these messages, this has nothing to do with this particular video and was a
different A-10 pilot). I do feel bad for the pilots in most cases, in the
AH-64 Apache blue on blue the pilot probably wasn't at fault. He kept
asking his superior if they really were enemies but they kept assuring him
they were not so he fired.

Author Ilyich777 (4 years)
@HooshIsASoup hey dude, i just asked about that video, because i saw
another one on another channel, but with pilot's subs, i don't care about
this, i'm not british)) just relax) shit happens, it's war))

Author DoodeWarrior (3 years)
@LewisYounger16 Yep. Just because the pilot pulls the trigger doesn't mean
he is at fault. Often it is the people calling in the air support that make
a mistake which can lead to blue on blue, the JTAC, or as you said, the FAC
didn't gather enough information. I also saw the video you mentioned. Popov
asked Manila Hotel if there were friendly forces in the area, he said no.
Popov also said to Manila that he saw orange panels on the convoy, standing
for NATO troops. The pilot cried after he knew.

Author Caddo70 (2 years)
HUD = Heads Up Display... Google it.

Author wzlang (5 years)
@youboon you realize that we live in the real world. shocking i know. the
halo warthog is a mythical vehicle in a GAME the A-10 warthog "tank buster"
is a real US airforce plan, designed for close combat support and taking
out heavy armor. google it. ps. i know what red vs. blue is and its very

Author RADIOACTIVEBUNY (4 years)
Did you get him?

Author ralfidude (2 years)
it does

Author CptGabby (1 year)
Your a bad mother fucker lol

Author ruggbutt (4 years)
@james342121 Those beeping sounds are stall warnings. Hawg pilots fly their
jets to the edge of it's performance envelope.

Author Dgs1871 (2 years)
Apology accepted. To get back on that "game like flight simulator stuff" I
get most of my information from official A-10A manuals and my love for
simulation flying in DCS A-10C Warthog. This DCS A-10C is a "study-sim"
with a manual that has 670-ish pages. Look it up It's a true sim.

Author Dgs1871 (2 years)
Just go online and get some hands on training from one of the pilots. Just
make sure you know the general information such as how to start it up etc.
we are there to help,not to spoon-feed you:)

Author Martin Little (2 years)
wow holy shit im in the wrong profession

Author ripcord1022 (3 years)

Author morbidangel47 (2 years)
The term is "hooking."

Author lmos26 (3 years)
and b4 someone corrects me, yes i know it's rly from the high G pull

Author literhans2006 (1 year)
Thanks Buddy! That makes perfect sense.

Author Neal N. (1 year)
You obviously haven't watched the Red Bull air races. Check the G-meter
when they turn. It frequently goes up to 11-12.

Author Shawn Poole (5 years)
Fairchild/Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" google it.

Author JammyD2579 (5 years)
i remember this vid - if u played another 2 mins, the guys in the planes
would be sayin 'oh shit, those were our tanks,' from a couple of years ago,
when sum dumb shit in an A-10 shot up a line of british tanks and killed 2
ppl cos he thot they had rockets on them, when they were actually panels 2
show that they were NATO tanks

Author trumpet190 (4 years)
@HooshIsASoup notice how there are several years between each one.... if we
were to compare it to say America we would probably have to start counting
in days.....

Author Archerpyro (2 years)
what was the peeping sound?

Author Lipton (1 year)
The warnings before the gun pull are there because his AoA is too steep and
the plane is basically telling him, "hey buddy , you are going to fly into
the ground".

Author h31212 (1 year)
Damn that was a long burst

Author wzlang (5 years)
@youboon warthogs fire gatlin guns. you can always tell its them because it
sounds like a REALLY loud fart. then you either see dirt flying somewhere,
or you die.

Author lmos26 (3 years)
Mmmm firing the GAU/8 feels so good that you can hear the pilot bust a nut
after the strafe.

Author Scarecrowman27 (1 year)
At the end was that a pop up or a cuban maneuver? Or strictly just an

Author rtrThanos (5 years)
I wonder if you care

Author james342121 (4 years)
Those random beeping sounds are cool, but they would get annoying every
time you had to strafe a target.

Author HooshIsASoup (4 years)
@trumpet190 Uh, no. March 26, 2003: A British Challenger 2 tank fires upon
another British tank in Iraq, killing two crewmen and severely wounding
another. July 10, 2007: A British attack helicopter in Afghanistan opens
fire on British troops, wounding nine. September 26, 2007: Two Danish
soldiers were killed by British soldiers in Afganistan in a two-hour long
firefight caused by the British. December 21, 2009: A British MP was shot
dead by a British soldier in Afghanistan. Shall I go on?

Author Dgs1871 (2 years)
Does not warrant the flashing KIAS and AGL altitude flashing on the hud
Notice that when he fires the GAU 8/A his digital speed indicator and
altitude indicator starts flashing. this points to a master caution alert.
I fail to see the connection between a master caution alert and positive
gee forces. If you could explain why it would be positive gee it would help
me make the connection.

Author derpotni3riots (4 years)
wow i didnt realize thingz were that bad

Author SethMcFartlane (5 years)

Author Xandrixen (4 years)
What's that attack, does he bombing ?

Author powmful (2 years)
It has improved, near exact same software as any other jet equiped with a
gun. Of course it can.

Author cruised101 (3 years)
@HooshIsASoup Fair, but the thing is the main reason is the media. Each
nation's media blames another nation, and we all know how the media
brainwashes. The US have had a damaged reputation since the British aid
worker incident.

Author Filip Hard (1 year)
statistics show that we pay more attention to female voices than to male.

Author literhans2006 (1 year)
Why did they choose a female Voice for the Altitude-Warnings and so on? Any

Author HooshIsASoup (4 years)
@Ilyich777 Oh. I'm sorry I misjudged you, then! No hard feelings, I hope. I
just get sick of hearing the stereotype that Americans and only Americans
commit friendly fire. You're right, though, war is war and friendly fire is
a tragedy all around.

Author Scoggs117 (2 years)
If only we could see the ground perspective too... that would be awesome!

Author rtrThanos (5 years)
... You seriously never head of the Fairchild Republic A10 Warthog "Tank
Killer"? I'm assuming an A-10 PUMA is the Puma chopper that the UK uses?
Nice kitty kitty....

Author maximaldinotrap (3 years)
@MrLuismania I meant ones where that is all you do lol.

Author JasonEB03 (2 years)
Yeah baby, strafe and bank pulling 6-9gs

Author comradestryker (3 years)
@maximaldinotrap There is a game its DCS: A10C look it up I have a couple
vids in my profile.

Author Mike32587 (2 years)
Does the A-10 have software to use the gun air to air against another jet?
Not that it ever would but I'm just wondering.

Author Tykell (4 years)

Author ArmyAbrams Tanker (5 years)
This aint a video game, this is way to real to be a video game.

Author worlwr2 (3 years)
I've always found the onboard computer chirps/warnings/alarm sound efx
interesting in these fighter and/or ground support aircraft

Author oishisakana (1 year)
They also are not carrying a 281 kg gun with ammo.

Author justin porter (2 years)
yes he is cause of how he pulled out of that strafe

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