The final What's My Line? 1967 - John Daly as Mystery Guest

On the final episode of the original "What's My Line?" (September 3, 1967), moderator John Daly was the mystery guest. The panelists are Martin Gabel, Arlene Francis, Steve Allen, and Bennett Cerf.

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Author Scott Evans (3 months)
Thanks to the OP.
John Charles Daly's contribution to the long running success of What's My
Line are equalled, if not surpassed, by his earlier triumphs -- as both a
White House reporter (...during FDR's administration), and also that of a
respected and trustworthy voice providing commentary during an anxious age,
the days leading up to and throughout WW2.
In other words, he was kind of a big deal.

Author Barbara Tran (6 months)
What a wonderful way to end this show! The only thing that could've made
this better is if there was a moment where Mr. Daly had a conference with
himself :)

Author Kathy Jones (1 month)
THIS IS SO FUNNY, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author toddabearsf (1 month)
Even though this was the last CBS episode of "What's My Line?", it
continued as a syndicated show in color beginning the following year (1968)
and it aired five nights (or days) a week on local TV stations. It ran for
7 years (until 1975). Arlene Francis was a regular on the syndicated panel
as was Bennett Cerf (until his death in 1971). Hosts in syndication were
Wally Bruner for the first four seasons, then Larry Blyden for the final
three seasons. I was 16 in 1968 and since it came on at 7 p.m. where we
lived, we watched it every night as a family. I think doing it in color
helped make it a marketing success -- local stations picked it up as a
color show they knew people would like and in many markets, even network
affiliates bought it show show just before primetime began, which is what
is going on nowadays with "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune". I'm
surprised CBS never aired "What's My Line?" in color during the final few
years of its network run.

Author The Telephone Universe (1 month)
i make da prank calls to da radio stations

Author Observer Guy (11 months)
John Daly always looked older than he was. He was only 53 when WML ended,
but looked 10 years older. Bennett Cerf, OTOH was 69 at this time, while
Arlene Francis was almost 60. 

Author Observer Guy (11 months)
The "mystery guest with one minute to go" was Judy Garland. She actually
was at the theater on time but demanded to be paid in cash, that moment.
Mark Goodson refused, saying all mystery guests were paid by check after
their appearance. She walked out while the show as on the air, live, but
returned during the commercial break before her scheduled appearance. 

Author roselle lu (11 months)
to the people asking, what was cerf saying in 1:13. He said he smells a
rat, at that time/instance it is obvious that cerf already knows Daly was
their mystery guest. heheheehhehe so funny. give the credit to cerf by not
blowing it much too early in the game. hehhehehehe, cerf even let the
others ask more questions even though he knows it was daly himself. i just
love this show. i am addicted to it. hilarious bunch, one in a million in
fact. :D love arlene, cerf, dorothy and john, they're the best.
RIP to all of you.

Author bundeligafan (6 months)
haha awesome

Author Chris Ducat (1 year)
Still blows my mind they took this show off the air...definitely the death
of the Golden Era of TV. It started with networks foolishly assuming that
game shows were no good in prime time. 

Author roselle lu (11 months)
to the people asking, what was cerf saying in 1:13. He said he smells a
rat, at that time/instance it is obvious that cerf already knows Daly was
their mystery guest. heheheehhehe so funny. give the credit to cerf by not
blowing it much too early in the game. hehhehehehe

cerf even let the others ask more questions even though he knows it was
daly himself.

i just love this show. i am addicted to it. hilarious bunch, one in a
million in fact. :D

love arlene, cerf, dorothy and john, they're the best.
RIP to all of you.

Author trent100100 (9 months)
I don't know where I heard this, but it is rumored that Johnathan Goodson
has a copy of this in color

Author Joemurph10 (1 year)
@bigoldinosaur At 1:13 Bennett says, "I smell eight rats."

Author UncleMike43 . (10 months)
John (I aly was He dyslexic ???

Author INDO -superb (9 months)
oh my god, he looks old !

Author Albin Kampfer (1 year)
When they went into syndication, it was Goodson who would be the mystery
guest when someone didn't show. At least one time when he was on the panel,
Todman did it.

Author Observer Guy (11 months)
Arlene later said she thought for sure that the final mystery guest would
be President Johnson. She said she read where WML was one of LBJ's favorite
TV shows. 

Author pcmerano (10 months)
John Daly was born 100 years ago today. Great show and a great host.

Author Brad Saint George (1 year)
I love this show. I have seen many of them and I miss this era, even
thought I'm not from that era : ) thanks to OP for this great video.

Author Adoniram1986 (2 years)

Author Chad Quick (2 years)
You're lucky then as you likely saw it live and in color. Sadly only B&W
kinescopes remain of the final season and even some of those are gone now.

Author Trevoc2 (3 years)
@mxtypx to add to your comment about being born long enough ago to see
wonderful shows, I'd like to add that I feel sorry for today's generations
who have more violence and sex instead of variety shows like Gary More,
Dean Martin, Laugh In etc. The entertainment of today's television
emphasizes more of the negative aspects of life and less of the good. I too
am glad to have been born earlier and know the value of quality and decency
in entertainment.

Author Robert Rauschenbach (2 years)
Today's self centered selfish celebrities would never come on a show like
this for free just to have fun.

Author Shhh! I'm Watching Silent Films. (1 year)
Ironically, as I type this, I think that a great deal of it has to do with
computers. Many schools are no longer teaching script-writing; neighbors
and communities don't communicate with one another like they once did.
Everyone is in their own world.

Author raditechman (2 years)
malcolmbryant -Whats Mine Line was on British TV as well. It followed the
same format as the US version. The chairman was Eamond Andrews, Gilbert
Harding, Barbara Kelly, and Isobel Barnet among the regular panelists.

Author jsg6532774 (1 year)
Your so right the society of today is the worst, i lived through those days
and believe me there is a big difference, give me the good old days with
out every piece of crap living in this country taking jobs and money from
US citizens, and don"t get me started on MUSLIMS!

Author Suzanne Sugarbaker (2 years)
Bennett ruins the game as always.

Author marthafarquar (1 year)
"John Taly"?

Author Heidi Glauser (2 years)
Think I've got a future, do you, Arlene?

Author Trevoc2 (3 years)
@boxpilot Oh, I dont let it get me down, but I am disappointed that our
culture (worldwide) has slowly declined socially. Once I am gone, it wont
matter to me, but I do worry about my kids who wont have the benefit of
living a much more friendlier life in which I was raised in. We move away
from socializing one on one into the digital era and we become recluse.
Yet, we think sitting all day on a computer is "socializing". its not! Its
nice to know you appreciate yesterday as much as I did.

Author Jeff Missinne (2 years)
You can find some of the good spirit and intelligent humor of this show
today on radio, in a series called SAYS YOU. It is an independently
produced program (not NPR) but is carried on a number of public radio
stations. Please listen for it if available in your area.

Author LKKruse (2 years)
Another close one was Ted Williams, because the night he was suppose to be
on, the game went into overtime. He was literally putting his shirt on
while heading to the stage.

Author almostfm (1 year)
I learned two things about WML from this clip--that the mystery guest
didn't arrive until after the show started (which makes perfect sense), and
that if someone didn't show, Daly was the emergency mystery guest. Both
make sense when you think about it. The fun of live TV...

Author Moosekarloff1 (1 year)
You're full of crap. Write on a third grade level. And, if your in such
demand in Hollywood, how come you're on this board. One would think you had
better things to do. Phony.

Author jvolstad (3 years)
A class act to the very end. Not like the crap you see on TV today.

Author Bennett Silverstein (1 year)
Even if you could have another "What's My Line?", and you lined up top
stars as mystery guests, it wouldn't be the same. Nothing today has the
same class as the TV shows back then. The Goodson-Todman shows of the 1950s
were 14 karat gold. Today's shows are pieces of imitation junk. People just
no longer care about what they create.

Author wdd3141 (2 years)
I was a little kid when John Daly hosted the show. I didn't understand why
Bennett Cerf would routinely insult Mr. Daly; I thought Mr. Cerf was an
awful wiseguy or a bully. I didn't understand social dynamics; the two men
were actually great friends, and would pick on one another as a kind of
endearment. The same dynamic goes on in "roasts." It's mock aggression, and
it's really friendly play.

Author Dwayne Thomas (2 years)
This was a wonderful and entertaining program. Enjoy getting to watch these
videos on You Tube. Born in 1952 so was unable to watch this show in it's
original run. Thanks.

Author begs54 (3 years)
John Daly has so much class..... Some of todays t.v. host's and
newsbroadcasters could learn a few things from these little snippets......

Author Moshe Holmes (1 year)
Bennet Cerf is the coolest

Author Cerph (2 years)
It's amazing how intelligent and perceptive these people are.

Author bigoldinosaur (2 years)
What does Bennet say at 1:13?

Author Jim . (1 year)
@faisal4242 Let me guess, you must be part of the ME generation.

Author Futrstr01 (2 years)
I wish Marlon Brando was on the show...

Author BruiserKnux (2 years)
@Woody615 Yep, every other show the mystery "celebrity" would be one of the
many Housewives or Survivor castoffs.

Author Jim . (1 year)
You betcha !!

Author sallygoroundtheroses (1 year)
So true. Recently, my friends and I discussed the same scenario. Can you
picture a modern day WML and have them trot out mystery guests like, say,
Blake Lively and Nicole Richie?

Author bigoldinosaur (2 years)
What the heck does Bennet Cerf say at 1:13?

Author ThankYouForTheMusic8 (2 years)
There are two reasons why I don't think they can re do this show No one has
class like that anymore and it wouldn't be a fun loving family show anymore
There are too many stars nowadays that no one has heard of so no one would
be able to guess.

Author Jim . (1 year)
@failtolawl ...said the parasite.

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