New Madrid, Sinkholes, Gas Fracking, Oil Drilling in Gulf of Mexico

check out The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle for hard to find updates on the sinkhole. also for flyover footage and Assumption Parish public briefings
Everyone who is concerned about the massive and growing Louisiana sinkhole, the continuing poisoning in the Gulf of Mexico from the 2010 oil spill and the "cleanup", earthquakes seemingly caused by gas fracking in Texas and other states, and possible connection to the caldera under Yellowstone Park will want to watch and listen to this in depth analysis from 2011. The Countdown starts with the "Navy Map" and takes you through maps, charts, statistics, all with bearing on what is going on today in Louisiana, Texas, other Gulf states, but may soon have a disastrous and possibly planned impact on most of the United States of America. Pass this on to your friends!
Uploaded here by permission.

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Author liesbeth e (1 month)
Sorry BAD and old "news".....
Prepair for this by sáving yourself, EVERYONE who calls
on the name of Jesus in sincerity(not mockingly) will be saved!
Maybe not your body, but your eternal soul!!!
So please CALL out to JESUS, HE HEARS YOU, IF you dó.

Author liesbeth e (1 month)
Unfortunately you are totally right!
(I don't agree with the communist-angel though :)) It is beyond "normal"
And this doesn't stop at the borders of America either, this is worlwide,
everything IS connected.
In the bible it says there wíll be a BIG earthquack and the mountains will
and the islands will fléé (as if they glide on liquid... my explainig it)
I recognised "your" oil lubricating the falt-line fáct... could be magma
for the other places.
In that day He (Jesus) will return and if you call on His name, you will be
saved! Maybe nót your body, but your precious spirit!!! Look up, for He is
This won't stop, for greed won't stop...
The measure of sin is about FULL and God will end this all in HIS way,
on His terms and in His time. Bless you!

Author G Brad (12 days)
the whole gulf Coast is sliding into the gulf soon 

Author David Rodriguez (3 months)
you are the Angel George! we love you! very thoughtful information about
the future of mankind you are a grateful messenger we must heave! this
message, with steadfast action for our lives, for the love of mother Earth
Peace to all. God has taught us well, of all this-- now, today! we can't
just stand around while the opposition is going to kill us we cant let this
happen i want to cry. 

Author David Rodriguez (3 months)
tell your engineers this: if your sucking up oil under your feet pretty
soon you get your feet in the oil
like sucking the sap out of an egg through a pin hole soon enough the shell
crumbles that's my theory.

Author LilTigerette K (2 months)

Author George Michaels (6 months)
What are "underwater" body bags?

Author Mike Style (9 months)
with earthquakes etc it looks like this will be coming true 

Author dh7976 (11 months)
The year was 2005 when the Bush/Cheney Energy Bill exempted natural gas
drilling from the Safe Drinking Water Act

Author Mike Gresham (1 year)

Author cable619 (1 year)
sorry *Two of the highways listed

Author Giasepi Delarosa (1 year)
These bastards are destroying all of our fresh water on purpose!! Why
doesn't anyone understand? They are so freaking sick and evil, everyone
thinks it's about natural gas, and their profit's from gas and oil. But
it's about controlling our most precious liquid! How much would you pay for
the only consumable water on the planet? And what would you be willing to
do? Would you be their slave?

Author AwakeNow242 (1 year)
Thanks for the info, and the warning...ignore the idiots comments that they
can't help but crap out of their mouth are trying to warn people
what you see. That's commendable and needed in this time. Most don't even
know about the LA sinkhole. Gee, I wonder why...

Author bmcclure0561dad (1 year)
I like fracking it pays for eggs and bacon, plus it pisses off the liberals

Author kg2679 (2 years)
yeah you say he's lying which is the same as calling him a liar.

Author jose13666 (1 year)
I like your computer, it sounds like it has a life of its own

Author bigaelvis (1 year)
Y dont they bring back the water wheel place them along the river to
genrate elrctic !

Author xvleo (1 year)
The people do not believe because the Lord has sent them a strong delusion,
that they will believe lies, because they did not hearken to Him and
repent. Old and new testament but there is nothing new under the sun. Sin
in the land. sin in the land of an unrepentant generation. The Lord is slow
to anger but when he is roused to vengeance who can stand?

Author cindy ram (1 year)
Where could one move, to be safe, as I live in Florida, which will be under

Author Jason Judd (1 year)
weird norweigan.....

Author georgeweatherby (1 year)
it happens too often to be coincidence ... have you been able to confirm
for yourself that there was a drill in place? you'd think the runners and
spectators at the Boston Marathon would have objected? lots going on with
that scenario, in my estimation ... be glad to send you links if you
haven't already come across them.

Author Debra Oneil (1 year)
question: how long before the coincident s of excercises in disaster areas,
were the drills booked?

Author Yolo Solo (2 years)
No they aren't pumping it into the water table but they could easily leech
into it. Also the fracking done today is very different from the good ole
days. You gotta take bits and peices he is speculating mostly. So shut it.
Pretty please.

Author James Mappy (1 year)
When naming the Oil Rig - do you think they might've incorporated their
goals in settling on a name? I do. "Deepwater (on the) Horizon"

Author wer4people (1 year)
This video should have 100 million views! Excellent work - thanks for your
labor and sacrifice to get the truth out to the people aka sheeple. A
revolution would be expected if they hadn't achieved making everyone so
overworked and unhealthy - the sheeple will go like lambs to the slaughter
I'm afraid!

Author georgeweatherby (1 year)
Inert gases, such as a, helium, do not burn or explode, yet if present in
high concentrations can result in low oxygen levels, people entering the
area can lose consciousness or die from asphyxiation. An additional factor
is that the helium in Texas is underground and therefore subject to
pressure, which changes the equation.

Author serpentarius51 (2 years)
idahopicker is reporting quakes around the La sinkhole.This is current
data. You might be interested to take a look. Your vid is well done, and
glad that someone is watching New Madrid.

Author Natalie Austin (1 year)
This video was done by....THE2010COUNTDOWNBACKUP by HENNING KEMNER. He has
many great video's.

Author Tim V (1 year)
Fraking? or drilling Geothermal wells?....

Author bmcclure0561dad (1 year)
So we get rid of pot smoking California, and the east coast liberals
including D.C. and have a massive inland sea with ports all along it for
shipping and transportation. Its a win win for the U.S.A.

Author jwnlwplus4 (2 years)
I work as a MGR. at a store I ordered A helium tank they told me there was
a shortage weeks or months before i get the tank

Author Debby Bruck (1 year)
Can you predict how long before all of this takes place? With such an
enormous explosion and implosion, it would seem no place in the entire
United States will be safe. What about South America? The reverberations,
tsunamis, earth movements, smoke, fire and particles to spew into the
atmosphere would certainly cover the entire world.

Author David Green (1 year)
Helium is a noble gas,...too stable to burn. Texas is not going to spark
the world's reserve of helium,..however would a fracture in the earth's
crust help this lighter than air gas to escape, and thus create a sinkhole
under those conditions with the same results? YEPPERS> sure thing Doc.

Author jmecrg (1 year)
can i see the info about the cavern is rising ?

Author RogueReplicant (1 year)
Move to high ground. Or don't move, but build/buy a boat home.

Author theicediamond7 (1 year)
he never said that the helium would blow up he said the reserve would be
blown up

Author Jesse Eagle (1 year)
Only i Mexico GDI Wake up

Author JamieG83 (1 year)
I agree that fracking is very bad and could cause severe problems in the
future. However Helium is not only completely inert and non flammable, but
actually a flame retardant. That's why they use it in blimps. It was
alarming to hear about the large scale storage of combustible fuels
underground though!

Author dunnman52 (1 year)
Alaska is the biggest state not Texas lol

Author thedood73 (1 year)
it true dude. Running a bomb drill right at the same time. the usual
blueprint for a false flag govt. op so anything suspicious can be said to
be part of the drill,makes it easy to cover their tracks...

Author Karin Moru (1 year) did the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Author RogueReplicant (1 year)
Exactly, but when reaching out to others it's important to be clear &
concise. Nothing turns people off more quickly than a snobbish know-it-all
rambling on about esoteric & academic mumbo jumbo.

Author Kristie Hansen (1 year)
i think the gas is being used by HAARP, the HAARP array uses mass amounts
of power and gas is the fuel. that is why our gas bills have not gone down
in price. the documentry on HAARP the inventer claims proudly that the u.s.
had a large supply of gas and needed a use for it' so HAARP was invented.
you should see the atom bomb video the socking video shows all the bombs
the u.s. exploded under ground. if 1000 atom bombs exploding under nev,
utah, and arizona has not ruptured yellowstone

Author georgeweatherby (1 year)
I agree completely!

Author thedood73 (1 year)
why don't you google it and check it out for yourself....its old news dude
even the MSM have mentioned it. while you're at it look into Agenda 21 and
water wars. you got a lotta catching up to do...thats what happens when you
don't do your homework dude...

Author georgeweatherby (1 year)
thank you for your comment and link to the article ... no matter what your
take, this is a precarious situation and if the potential is realized much
more than Louisiana and the gulf of Mexico will be affected. I can only
urge people to heed whatever information is available.

Author TheDisplacedGuy (1 year)
First of all - Where did you learn all of this? If you don't mind what are
your qualifications for knowing some of this complex stuff? Second, thank
you for the information. Do you still believe we are at risk? I live in
Florida!? Would a boat save us when this happens, will it be a slow process
over days or all at once?

Author Kristie Hansen (1 year)
thanks for keeping us informed, you have really accumilated a lot of
information. if you have not checked out nuclear detonation timeline 1945
to 2008 check it out it's great. i can't belive california has not sunk or
yellowstone has not erupted after seeing all the atomic explosions set off
by our government. what a crazy country.

Author RogueReplicant (1 year)
I've tried 2 wake up my family, every way I can, but they WILL NOT LISTEN.
They think I'm a "conspiracy nut" who makes up "evidence" to feel
"special". WTF? And when I SHOW them evidence or where 2 find it, they
won't spend even 1 min. to analyze it. So I am committed to saving my own
ass. U should do the same.

Author Sarah Knox (1 year)
Thank you for the compilation as it is helping me to wrap up part of my
research. I appreciate you. Blessings.

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