Sims 2 Teen Pregnancy Story


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Author Wolf Packers (4 months)
What happened to the cat

Author waverley carr (21 day)
Wow premature baby O_O

Author Emma King (1 month)
I love the sims 2 better than any other sims game. I just wish that ts2 was
still compatible with my computer. :( 

Author Geralyn White (1 month)
sad funny cool sweet

Author MinecraftWithQwerty8 (2 months)
This is a realy REALY well writen story. The suspense was awesome. The
story was spot on. It is a masterpiece!

Author carlmico anunciacion (1 month)
Him so many more like the first thing about that would make sure what are
we will you get my heart to be on your welcome home now to see how you know

Author ruby crystal (1 month)
you would have written the script on paper then correct your wrong words
then make the video adding the words .holup.

Author GamerGirl (3 months)
1:38 I have that outfit (Yes I know it came with inteen)

Author Caitlyn Coleman (1 month)
Every time i watch this video, you know that when "Everytime" by Britney
Spears comes on, nothing good is gonna happen.

Author Grace Keyton (1 month)
This is not realistic or anything at all 

Author Keira Skelding (1 month)
That was so well written but there was some spelling mistakes in it but
apart from that it was amazing

Author Martel Williams (3 months)
That was very very happy ending

Author Morgan Jones (1 month)
It also was a great ending but i think this person needs to work on his

Author MeraynaReyes (26 days)
In kind of sad for some reason 

Author cher lloyed (1 month)
Phew i thought bad stuff was gonna happen

Author Austin Carter (4 months)
that story was amazing I wish I could make such a good sims film well done

Author Z uleika Taveras (17 days)
It's a happy story yay

Author Tiffany Minor (2 months)
U need to make part two showing how one day when she got off of school her
mom the baby and step dad were gone she called police well Jolla at me for
more if u like 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Author Nyshonna Hairston (3 months)
Wow she said it was a bad a idea buttttttttt it was gooooood. ;)

Author ThatPanda Lovv (3 months)
Ahem, 'worried' not 'warried"

Author Sarah Card (4 months)
I like it, even though it has a sad story line sometimes

Author ruby crystal (1 month)
you have sims pets expansions pack and i think you have seasons is that

Author Mia R (3 months)
terrible story

he's all like "what is it baby" and 5 seconds later he says "I'M LEAVING IM

Author jaelyn omeara (1 month)
Why did he leave she didn't do anything

Author shassie98 (1 month)
I LOVE this sim story I watch it over and over

Author Jaisaiyah Scott (1 month)
Im 9 how i get to this btw this was a sad/good story

Author Danny Baskin (1 month)
it was very boring

Author Cory Jenkins (1 month)
Can u make another one I like it

Author Natalie Pitzer (2 months)
Just making out can't get a girl pregnant

Author Martel Williams (3 months)
That was very very happy ending

Author Karla Espinal (1 month)
So nice I love it!

Author Addison Silverwood SSO (2 months)
What did Tara have to tell Kayla? o_o

Author Greg Kendall (2 months)
It was kinda sad I ALMOST cryed

Author Morgan Jones (1 month)
So i liked it but what ever happened to the cat.

Author Josie Pike Loves Lilly (5 months)
Wait... why was this a bad idea..?

Author Alexjk05 (2 months)
amazing thing well done

Author Megpoid Gumi (3 months)
3:16 "HELLOWEEN" omg i cant stop laughing and 15:00? really? lol im so done
with australia

Author AprilSimer Productions (1 month)
Wedding when ur a teen wtf

Author Shay E (2 months)
This is the best sims story everrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Josie Horn (2 months)
Omg I keep hearing that song but I don't know what it is called

Author lakayla harrison (3 months)
Omg I love this very good job just for this give me your address and I will
send 2 bucks for this thnx love l.h

Author Sasha Justin Flynn (3 months)
The way the baby changes his nappy is scary! Really nice story though!

Author AnaMaria Alvarez (1 month)
What sims game is this ?

Author Jennifer Dong (2 months)
What happen when the baby grow up

Author Kelly Anderson (2 months)
oh my zalgo
I thought that for a second there the lil girl was gonna go looking for

Author kiana Green (2 months)
A www sooo sad I nearly cried lol

Author Summer Lankshear (2 months)
lovely video, be sure next time to check spelling though!

Author danielle jacobs (3 months)
omg i love it and I LOVE TARA and I LOVE KAYLA i HATE MIKE I LOVE Bill

Author Thomas evans (1 month)
Well he's bipolar 

Author cutepanda49 (7 months)
First song please 

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