Sims 2 Teen Pregnancy Story


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Author Josie Pike (2 months)
Wait... why was this a bad idea..?

Author Everything Gwen (2 months)
What's the name of the last song? And this was so cute

Author Cianne Clements (1 month)
I love britney 

Author Mia R (9 days)
terrible story

he's all like "what is it baby" and 5 seconds later he says "I'M LEAVING IM

Author Nyshonna Hairston (14 days)
Wow she said it was a bad a idea buttttttttt it was gooooood. ;)

Author Alyssa Brand (18 days)
Ahem, 'worried' not 'warried"

Author Catherine Turnwald (1 month)
I like it

Author Sarah Card (28 days)
I like it, even though it has a sad story line sometimes

Author Austin Carter (29 days)
that story was amazing I wish I could make such a good sims film well done

Author Wolf Packers (1 month)
What happened to the cat

Author cutepanda49 (4 months)
First song please 

Author Ladyandthetrampgrl26 (1 month)
The Avril Lavigne at the end just brightened my mood

Author Staci Mohr (1 month)
We're was the kitty

Author Calleen Rippey (1 month)
Why did he leave his girlfriend? and Why did he said he doesn't love her!?

Author Purple Nessi (5 months)
What was the second song?

Author Alyssa Brand (18 days)
Just letting you know 15:00 pm... No, we don't need the pm or the : just no
it's 24 hour time you using there

Author Gmod2012lo1 (1 month)

Author Emily Mischiek (5 months)
What happened to the cat

Author Mỹ Anh Nguyễn (2 months)
that good

Author audrey youngson (2 months)
Bill is the bomb.. I thought he was gonna change his mind like mike. Cause
when he said "I'm so nervous" I thought that was before labor and that he
was gonna leave the house

Author Kayleigh Beron (5 months)
Plot twist: BILL WAS MIKE IN A WIG!!!!!

Author LaQuinda Simpsom (2 months)
that was enjoyble

Author josh williams (22 hours)
omg the moms ass at 3:43 loool

Author Carys Johnson (3 months)
Awww that was so cute (:

Author Avri Watson (2 months)
I loved it

Author danielle jacobs (4 days)
omg i love it and I LOVE TARA and I LOVE KAYLA i HATE MIKE I LOVE Bill

Author Jamie Ducie (10 days)

Author lakayla harrison (5 days)
Omg I love this very good job just for this give me your address and I will
send 2 bucks for this thnx love l.h

Author Jonny BatistaVEVO (16 days)
Its Beautiful. 

Author Kayla Ralph (6 days)
my name is kayla

Author Kamila Żelazko (7 days)
What are named songs in movie?

Author courtney ray (8 days)
i really like this movie
well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Liz Carey (13 days)
What are the songs?

Author Anika sami (20 days)
didnt the kid have a baby she was a teen

Author Tornado girl (13 days)
Awesome a happy ending

Author Mariah Davis (19 days)
Poor Kayla 

Author Angelia Tomenbang (20 days)

Author Jada Allen (25 days)
Who Marrys someone,and get prego the first night of needs to
close her legs,and daughter needs to be slapped lol no offense. Nice story

Author Shelby Hodges (24 days)

Author Sandy Cheeks (28 days)

Author josh williams (22 hours)
3:16 "HELLOWEEN" omg i cant stop laughing and 15:00? really? lol im so done
with australia

Author SimplySimming X (23 days)
I love it!!! So sweet 

Author Shyanne H. (21 day)
what was the new baby's name. you didn't tell or show

Author Alexandria Brown (23 days)
It was great 

Author Patty Garcia (1 month)
That was awesome 

Author Stream Fall (28 days)
That "Mike" Guy is a JERK!

Author Holly Butler (1 month)
nothing bad happened what was the point

Author Animals4life (1 month)
That Tara kid is really spoiled 

Author Kayla Kubisky (1 month)
I love this so much💕😘💕😘

Author Mya Salazar (1 month)
it was a good video

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