Sims 2 Teen Pregnancy Story


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Author Purple Nessi (5 days)
What was the second song?

Author Emily Mischiek (9 days)
What happened to the cat

Author Felicia t (14 days)
I never knew this would happen in sims 2 but at my school i had classmate
friend's one told me that sims had this bunny when the social was down when
we were kids and then i was probaly a kid when i first got my sims 2 games
one is a extion pack and i could only play it on my dads laptop but then
the laptop broke and my dad got a new laptop but the games wount work on it
since it's windows 7.Know i wish i can play sims 2 agin and try this and my
dad said the sims 2 might work on the windows xp we have but he needs to
get a new power switch for it since the power switch would not work.

Author Kayleigh Beron (19 days)
Plot twist: BILL WAS MIKE IN A WIG!!!!!

Author Avalon Young (22 days)
I want more

Author Chloe Jackson (2 months)
That was good, but it didn't look like she was a teen when she got pregnant
the first time. Whatever. Good none of the less!

Author Rob Shuster (28 days)
Like it :)

Author Davina Marie (3 months)
I love this

Author ellie durkan (2 months)
That was really good

Author Penguin Simmer (3 months)
Ahh the happy times of those different faces and graffix.
You think I should go back to sims 2 for a couple hours instead of 3?

Author Macie French (2 months)
This is really really good 😊

Author lola giangrande (6 hours)
I really love this :)

Author Rainna Beatty (3 days)
So cute I LOVE IT

Author Yvonne Register (3 days)
I love the little kid 

Author Sollux Captor (5 days)
Such a sweet story maybe sad, But the first guy... well I was told "You'll
never marry the first person you date" xD Eh, Anyways I wonder did the
Child tara Know about the Fuck Ass Who ditched em?

Author HANNAH CRIM (4 days)
I xon't think babies are born in 5 months... 

Author shanice arrieta (5 days)
I love it

Author Dwayne Freeman (5 days)

Author Amber Robb (9 days)
Love it! :-) 

Author lily given (9 days)
omg this is the most beutiful thing ive ever seen before i almost made me
cry please do more they are just amazing and they feel real.xx

Author Jadawada13 (11 days)
Sims 2 is way more realistic than sims 3 

Author Kate Kerrigan (11 days)
A series called unexpected is really good u guys should watch it

Author wendy newman (9 days)
oh that is soo sad glad it has a happy ending but...

Author Lightning DragonGamer (13 days)
Wow nice teen pregnancy story I like the creativity and it almost reflects
how life really is

Author lauren johnson (13 days)
i loved it!!!!! i really want to see more of this so much!

Author Silver Shocks Crew (10 days)
I love Everytime

Author kareem Womack (13 days)
this is great

Author Cameron Lee (11 days)
Is it bad that I almost cries

Author Robyn Lee (12 days)
Aww :-)

Author Paige Edwards (1 month)
What's the second song pleaseeeeee! D:

Author Cody Jones (1 month)
that was a good story

Author LaRhonda Tribble-Cobb (17 days)
That was the best thing ever

Author Brooke Harrison (3 months)
Never mind that last comment

Author Krystal Kat (26 days)
Wow! That was really great! But I was wondering where the kitten was the
whole time lol

Author Sierra B (1 month)
What happened to the kitten

Author Viki irwin (3 months)

Author Kiki Klassy (1 month)

Author Jenna O'Neill (26 days)
Good job that was great. I know this may sound really bad but tara should
have maybe have ran away or killed the baby. MY OPINION dont hate im just

Author Bree Green (1 month)
That was so heartwarming

Author Magda Michaëlsson (19 days)
I want the sims 2 now... 

Author Emani hyde (1 month)
OMG I love it 

Author Ella Milligan (2 months)
I love this it was really good

Author HardPlateGaming (21 day)
what the heck 

Author alex pain (1 month)
when shes a adult she looks like my pregnant teacher Mrs.Jienkins

Author lpsmlpfimlover345 (2 months)

Author ginger Chapman (2 months)
OMG I love it !!!!

Author Kawana Wayne (1 month)
Good work on this! Very creative! :)

Author melanie tiong (1 month)
i love it 

Author grace bridgman (1 month)
That was good

Author BarbieQueen1216 (2 months)
That was so cute!!

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