Sims 2 Teen Pregnancy Story


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Author youssef kandil (6 months)
what is the name of the second song plz

Author Kayleigh Beron (3 months)
Plot twist: BILL WAS MIKE IN A WIG!!!!!

Author cutepanda49 (2 months)
First song please 

Author Purple Nessi (3 months)
What was the second song?

Author Gmod2012lo1 (2 days)

Author Mỹ Anh Nguyễn (9 days)
that good

Author audrey youngson (11 days)
Bill is the bomb.. I thought he was gonna change his mind like mike. Cause
when he said "I'm so nervous" I thought that was before labor and that he
was gonna leave the house

Author Chloe Jackson (5 months)
That was good, but it didn't look like she was a teen when she got pregnant
the first time. Whatever. Good none of the less!

Author Avri Watson (23 days)
I loved it

Author Dreama Perez (1 month)
Why did I cry??

Author Niomi Sanchez (1 month)
What's the name of the last song? And this was so cute

Author Avalon Young (3 months)
I want more

Author Felicia t (3 months)
I never knew this would happen in sims 2 but at my school i had classmate
friend's one told me that sims had this bunny when the social was down when
we were kids and then i was probaly a kid when i first got my sims 2 games
one is a extion pack and i could only play it on my dads laptop but then
the laptop broke and my dad got a new laptop but the games wount work on it
since it's windows 7.Know i wish i can play sims 2 agin and try this and my
dad said the sims 2 might work on the windows xp we have but he needs to
get a new power switch for it since the power switch would not work.

Author Davina Marie (6 months)
I love this

Author OLIVIA REIS (1 month)
Plz make a second of this!!!

Author ellie durkan (6 months)
That was really good

Author Jennifer Wilcox (6 months)
That was really good 😄

Author olivia carter (1 month)
why did the frist boy even have a baby with her if he never loved her?

Author Courtney Sampson (6 months)
the dialogue went to fast sometimes

Author Macie French (5 months)
This is really really good 😊

Author Emily Mischiek (3 months)
What happened to the cat

Author Jennifer Wilcox (6 months)
Ahh the happy times of those different faces and graffix.
You think I should go back to sims 2 for a couple hours instead of 3?

Author Rob Shuster (4 months)
Like it :)

Author Alma Rangel (7 months)
did nobody else think about what happend to the cat?

Author Carys Johnson (1 month)
Awww that was so cute (:

Author Donajia Scoggins (8 months)
I loved it

Author LaQuinda Simpsom (25 days)
that was enjoyble

Author margaret gresham (6 months)
what happened to the kitten

Author HANNAH CRIM (3 months)
I xon't think babies are born in 5 months... 

Author Ashleigh La Salle (6 hours)
Oh that was GREAT. I mean it started out bad because she was left with a
baby all alone, but she had a good little girl, got married, and she had
another baby. This is a true thumbs up.

Author Paris Wilson (2 days)
I liked it

Author Pink Sim Bear (5 hours)
OMG! I love stories with good endings! 🎀🎀

Author EliseAditi (4 days)
Really good, well done!

Author Wilbert Mayo (2 days)
Omg this is so likable so I liked it

Author KaylaSweetxxx (7 days)
:D My name is Kayla! AAAAH. I will not get pregnant when I'm a teenager

Author The everything Show (10 days)
Awwwwww that was soooo cute

Author Sarena Powers (10 days)
I nearly cried. Best sims 2 teen pregnant story i have seen

Author Keely Reese (10 days)
Sweet ☺️

Author Aoife McBride (7 days)
What was wrong with the woman's first daughter?

Author ||GingersnapNinja|| (10 days)

Author Brent Sibley Jr (18 days)
Great story

Author Paige Edwards (4 months)
What's the second song pleaseeeeee! D:

Author Cody Jones (5 months)
that was a good story

Author Brooke Harrison (6 months)
Never mind that last comment

Author Anime Rainbows (7 months)
Did ya hear that folks? Bill was warried.

Author nefertari burns (27 days)
A good Video gets subscribed by , me !

Author demi sanderson (13 days)

Author Arianna Style (24 days)
The second song it s so cute

Author LaShawn26 (20 days)

Author Victoria Stock (11 days)
Make a sequel and show what happens to the first dad

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