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Author Ross Black (3 months)
What the name at 2:53?

Author XxSWFan92 (2 months)
somebody tell me what movies these are!!

Author Joshua Visser (17 days)
it is not a bunch of movies its homemade cllips from taylormadeclips
"xxswfan92" come on monkey larson said so the song is called black sheep by
metric lyrics quite a cool one too

Author Ellen Philpotts-Page (2 months)
The song is from the movie: Scott Pilgram. LOL!

Author Nickiller100 (1 month)
What's the one at 0:18-0:19?!

Author NOGOODNAME (2 months)
Who the fuck are you calling weird

Author Juan Maldonado (1 month)
shoulda changed it to expansion is 4 wierdos who need a life

Author 2ThumbsUp4You (3 months)
I may be weird, but I am the one with the erection. My goal has been

Author madguy881 (5 months)
still, guys like boobs

Author trumpetsownu94 (9 months)
what's the one at 1:34?

Author jake maxon (1 year)
Wats the name of song plez

Author Zachbang Antigroup (1 year)

Author Collin McNaught (1 year)
I've seen it before, can't remember it.

Author luigi wolf (1 year)

Author Omarr Jones (1 year)
A dxvfdvh tr d

Author Darkrai12102 (1 year)
0:55 best but deleted from youtube

Author SlayerUltimte (8 months)
waht vid. at 00:19

Author luigi wolf (1 year)
What's the song?

Author thelegendofhaagendaz (1 year)
Do you happen to know the name of the girl on the left at 1:34?

Author Monkey Larson (1 year)
type taylormadeclips into your favorite web browser.

Author Christian Jacobsen (1 year)

Author Jonathan LaBash (1 year)
The Clash @ Demonhead it's from Scott Pilgram Vs. The World.

Author thomas larkin (1 year)
that was freakin beatiful

Author Monkey Larson (1 year)
I used the short clips that were made available for free at
Taylormadeclips. For the most part, there is nothing in this video that you
will not find there.

Author agustin gauto (1 year)
more vids like this

Author Kobe Cortez (5 months)
Im so obsesed I also like the 2:34

Author Scott Pilgrim (1 year)
this bring back bad memories

Author PartyHardGameHarder (9 months)
Wtf is this shit... How did I even get here

Author Monkey Larson (1 year)
The Magical Transformation Paint

Author SarisoftheOmegaX3 (1 year)
yeah lol

Author TheCypherZero (1 year)
whats the one at 1:30?

Author Monkey Larson (1 year)
Black Sheep by Metric

Author Gainervids (10 months)

Author Powerdown5 (1 year)
anyone know where I can find Tory Lane Breast Expansion clip for free. (not
including Taylormadeclips site)

Author kinkster80 (1 year)
I love being a weirdo! Lol

Author TheCypherZero (1 year)
would you happen to have the file of it? and if so would u send me the link?

Author Jeremy Comstock (1 year)
Hey, what was the one at 1:24? Also, a suggestion: if you have the time
maybe you could like, put a list of them in the description with the times

Author connoe craddock (1 year)
what is the song at 0;36?

Author kungfuu poop (8 months)

Author legoking97 (1 year)

Author diamond meth (1 year)

Author ILuveBigBoobs (1 year)
Boner 10ft

Author bigdeuce9L4L (11 months)
Weirdos 4 life!!

Author mckyn eld (1 year)
and 2:17

Author Monkey Larson (1 year)
All videos are available at taylormadeclips. That one in particular was
called Riley`s Getting FAT FOR YOU!

Author Umberxaster (1 year)
lol Glad im not alone

Author SarisoftheOmegaX3 (1 year)
nooo that couldent POSSIBLY be it.

Author Kenzie Paige (1 year)
Black sheep - Metric is the song

Author macgregor Lachapelle (7 months)

Author Kobe Cortez (5 months)
1:30 who likes hot fat chicks sitting down at a party I DO I DONT CARE

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